Zelda Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle Doing Well On Amazon Canada


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD limited edition 32GB Wii U bundle is currently doing well on Amazon Canada. The special Zelda themed bundle is currently placed fourth on the best-sellers in computer and video games. The site says that the hardware package goes on sale on September 20th in Canada and retails for $299.99.

Thanks, GamingLord and Wii U Fan


    1. Well at least its not as bad as megaman fans, Capcom put out legends 1&2 and it didnt do well and now there’s tons of megaman fans who wants legend 3, so where were these fans when 1&2 came out? Why didnt these same fans supported 1&2? People money doesnt grow on trees you know.

      1. You are exactly right, my fellow. Both games sold like shit. You don’t need to even stretch that much, recent games like Megaman Zero and ZX had poor ass sales. So whent he games were being released, even worse, the so called fans weren’t buying it and/or pirating the games.

        Now they all throw their money at mighty no.9 kickstarter trying to say “FUCK U CAPCOM FOR NOT GIVING US GAEMS LOL”… It’s pathetic.

      2. what are you talking about? The same fans did support 1 and 2, which is the reason why a Legends 3 is wanted so badly.

    2. Why? The only reason for me (a Zelda fan) to complain is that I can’t afford it…

      Even though I already have a Wii U. :P

      1. i am just sick and tired of the retarded fan base, so i typed that. I used to be a zelda fan but after seeing the fan base going full retard mode after skyward sword was released, i just gave up. The legend of zelda is still my favorite video game series, but i will no longer call myself a zelda fan due to said reasons.

        1. Wait, what happened with Skyward Sword and the fans? I feel like if there are people complaining about stuff like that, their not the real fans. We are.

        2. They didn’t do it with just Skyward Sword. People complained that Twilight Princess was “too edgy”, Wind Waker was too kiddy, so on and so forth.

          1. For me personally, I didn’t mind it being “edgy”, but I guess I could see people seeing it as a bad thing… Though I hate it when people say that Twilight Princess is the best because it’s “the most realistic”. Still a great game, though.

        3. It’s the Zelda cycle. After the next game comes up, Skyward Sword will be praised a lot.

          By the way, the game was kind of a disappointment, I expected much more from it! Miyamoto said it would be 100 hours to complete, for fuck’s sake! They overhyped the game and it wasn’t THAT great, while still good.

      1. That’s true, okay thank you :) I also want a pro controller as well, i don’t like that Gamepad.

        1. Buy a Ubisoft game on Wii u first and then tell us you don’t like the GamePad. Ubisoft takes the GamePad that Nintendo never even dreamed of and it’s Nintendo’s hardware.

          1. I have small hands, it runs in my family. I saw one on display at gamestop and it was too big for me :/

          2. Yeah. Another thing Ubisoft is sorta good at is their hollywood acting level of optimism like Activision plus 180 BS like EA combined as their BS marketing ploy to fool suckers to buy their INTENTIONALLY gimped Slinter Cell Blacklist with half-assed multiplayer that doesn’t work and their pointlessly delayed Rayman Legends that “Wii U’s version selling more than others” still proved Ubisoft’s stupidity and arrogance of underestimating and screwing Wii U for nothing.

              1. It’s not Ubisoft’s fault Zombi U was an exclusive to Wii U and was a flop they thought Rayman Legends would fail too. It’s dumb Nintendo’s fault by not bringing out real AAA tittles to a new console which was stupid. And Rayman Legends smokes NSMBU. Dumb Nintendo should have thought of something. All it is is NSMBW with off TV mode. Rayman Legends at leadt gets my moneies worth. An adventure game that really uses the GamePad. I’m also getting Splinter Cell!!! Ubisoft shpuld think about Hardware they would actually use it at launch. Nintendo wants to wait two years after launch to use hardware to it’s full potential. That’s stupid!!!

                1. Also you should get mad at dumbtendo for not standing up as why Wii U loses features in 3rd party support. Dumbtendo could fight that but choose not to. Hell dumbtendo has to give up revenue to Nemco for next SSB yet Wii U want get Soul Caliber. That’s Dumbtendo for you.

                  1. you do realize that using phrases such as “dumbtendo” automatically reduces what little credibility you have left on this site to an absolute zero?

                    well you probably don’t.. i guess that’s the problem

            1. Ever played Rayman Legends? Worth the wait.

              It bugs me when people complain about delayed/delaying games… Would you rather wait for a perfect game, or instantly get a buggy-game that plays like crap?

                1. Who cares now? It is not being sold very well on the other console and if it flops they can’t blame the wiiu only. I will be buying it when I get my wiiu same with splinter cell ac4 and watch dog’s and if they flop at least I have my games.

                  1. Agreed. Rayman Legends a game where you CAN’T not have it if you have a Wii U.

                    The only reason for not having it is because of Money.

                    I really can’t think of any other reasons people might not buy it :P

                    1. Well, i wont have it, cuz i plan to buy only one 2d style game, and between rayman and donkey kong, im obviously picking up DK

          3. I have to agree on JTZ’s comment. Ubi right now is showcasing the gamepad more than Nintendo. Zombi U (uses gamepad in so many ways-scanning, inventory, unlocking dors) and Splinter Cell Blacklist (awesome for switching weapons, marking enemies,etc.) is awesome with the gamepad. I haven’t played Rayman yet though. Arkahm City fro Warner bros was ok as well.

            The gamepad is one of my favorite from all the controllers that I used because it has all the buttons of the other controllers, you can use it for off tv, assymetric gameplay, avoiding split screen on tv for local multiplayer and as a tablet-like browser for the internet.

      1. I know right!!! This is one of those moments where you wish you were rich. Whoever is getting both a Wii U and a PS4 will be in gaming heaven this christmas.

      1. If you buy a Wii U buy a Ubisoft game. If you buy NSMBU, your gamepad’s pointless. Only Ubisoft brings out the GamePad’s true potential!!!

        1. Right and gimping Blacklist, delaying Rayman and not offer any other better games like The Crew is their way of saying thank you to Wii U fans for blindly supporting their “Nintendo-optimistic” BS.

          1. Will go ahead don’t buy an Ubisoft tittle. All that’s going to do is decrease what little 3RD party support Wii U has now. If Nintendo brought out some adventure games that really uses the GamePad instead off lack online Nintendo Land, Raymand Legends would have remained an exclusive. Nintendo fans need to blame Nintendo not Ubisoft. After all it was Nintendo who thought 2009 would never come during Wii U’s development.

        1. Plan on doing that too myself. I when 360 this gen and while the games where good I feel scammed everytime I bough a game that have online modes.

        2. If Sony would stop pretending to be Nintendo by knocking off their innovations/games Smash Bros., Wii Remote and do their own things intelligently (not PS3’s way again), I would join them too. $400 PS4 is tempting but I see nothing exciting for me yet when it comes to games. Infamous is PS4’s best and only original shot they got plus Killzone. And no, Call of Duty on anything doesn’t count for shit.

        3. Well it depends on what you like, PS4 is a beast console, but Nintendo AAA games are the best ones, if i were you i would consider a Wii U because the Zelda Wii U upcoming 2014-2015 is going to be the most expensive game on all the history of nintendo, it’s coming big.

      1. In general, all new gen console’s launches are meh to me no matter the platform. Everyone including companies is utterly brainwashed and shoving the whole “Powerful specs and fancy graphics makes the typical FPS-saturated games fun” notion so far up their asses so badly that the old ways which were the golden age of real video games and fun of them are completely overshadowed and dead by blind greed and ignorance.

    1. Xbox “Done” has been nothing since Microfail dare show its face with that DRM BS plus bundling that pathetic & unwanted Kinect that sickos at NSA will be glad to secretly use to pry on people raging online at COD or breaking their beds at night if you know what I mean.

    1. yeah but the most important thing is for that casual shit to fall on its feet, that means wii fit u has to flop in sales, same with wii party. that is the road of recovery for nintendo. if those flop, they wont ever go to make that shit again, and rely on the core. the wii u will be the gamecube instead of the wii.

      thats what im hoping for. a system for the fans, the wii was not a system for the fans it was all for the casual market because thats where the money was.

      1. Personally I liked the Wii. It had nearly all of my favorite Virtual Console games available and had plenty of great Nintendo titles for me to play. Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, Metroid: Other M (yes I enjoyed it for the most part), Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Kirby’s Return To Dreamland, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower, Monster Hunter 3 Tri, Arc Rise Fantasia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a new World, Dragon Quest The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Red Steel 2, Dead Space Extraction, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, New Super Mario Bros. Wii (it’s fun if you go for 100% completion), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition, Madworld, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2, House of the Dead: Overkill, Sonic Colors, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, The Conduit (and kind of the sequel… was okay), Pokemon Rumble, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, Retro City Rampage, Excite Truck, Mario Kart Wii, Zac and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure, Okami (a remake but still good), Nights:Journey Into Dreams, Punch Out!! Wii, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Murumasa: The Demon Blade, and I’m sure there is much more I am forgetting but that is all I can think of right now.

        1. Wow! What a list! And still there are people that say “Wii has no games” or “The Wii is for Kids”. I also enjoyed a lot Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Cursed Mountain. Not forgetting the best version of Resident Evil 4 (with the Wiimote). Also Call of Duty Black Ops and World at War (the best way of playing FPS is with the Wii controls).

            1. Ah yes. I need to pick up those games especially Bully:Scholarship Edition. It’s hard to believe Rockstar actually had games on Wii but it’s true……even if they are PS2 ports.

          1. Yeah I have over 60 Wii games not including the Wiiware and Virtual Console games. People that say that the Wii had no games are ignorant. I still have to pick up Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Cursed Mountain as well as Black Ops and World at War. Would you recommend them?

            1. I don’t have that much Wii games, but I have some good ones of your list. Yes, I recommend those games, I personally liked them. I also liked Medal of Honor: Heroes and House of the Dead 2 and 3 Returns (Every time I think I remember another game).

  1. Wait, Wind Waker….HD? Does that mean Nintendo has released an hd capable console? Cool, I’m gonna preorder that now!

      1. I am not trolling, I just think something like this at launch would have been a good idea. A flagship title with hd in the name, implying this console is not the Wii addon, but a new, hd capable console.

        1. or implying that it’s just an HD remake for the wii

          concerning games HD doesn’t automatically imply high resolutions.. even adding higher resolution textures to a game can mean it’s now “HD”

          it’s not like nintendo hasn’t been mentioning that the wii u is capable of HD resolutions

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  3. Hey guys! I’m a bit confused about the first person mode on this game. I know that they improved the bow and arrow, but is their a way to play the whole game in first person? Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can now play through the game in a first person perspective, and you will have full movement while playing in this mode as well. Hope that helped.

  4. Hopefully this keeps up. Not to be a downer but remember after the Xbone announcement when the Wii U raised 875% on Amazon and everyone flipped out saying Wii U was saved? Now look where we are. Am I saying this wont keep up? No. Iam I sayng it’s possibly it won’t? Checkaroony! (added an Earthbound reference to prove I’m a fan b4 every1 flips on me)

    1. The difference back then was that the Xbox one was a consumer raper and even with out games it has a good sales now the games are coming.

      1. Thinking of another weak ass way to bomb Nintendo Wii U. They can’t say or do shit about 3DS right now. That little fucker is a beast this year and next will be different and better for Nintendo all around. Wait til Smash Bros. comes out. No hate will have any stupid shit to say anymore.

    1. I think nintendo land and wario ware show off some bases what the game bad could do zombiu show some and rayman as well. Zombiu add tension with the game pad scaning and inventory management. Rayman show some obstacle management but nothing to far into depth from what i’ve seen. nintendo land had some hits and miss, but mario chase, luigi’s mansion, dk crash course, pikmin, yoshi, and throwing star game show some basic stuff. When i sawed nsmbu i knew they were going to add only off tv play and thats it. Game and wario best examples are, mona’s game, 9 volts, wario’s arrow, all of the multiplayer mini games, taxi game, and that knug fu game. Game and wario game more depth how ever it should have been more of warioware title with the mini games so they could show even more. Pikmin 3 added more depth to strategy with the gamepad map then i thought i would and i could see more rts games on the wii u. Dk country, mario kart, smash, mario 3d w(so far) will not show depth the game pad because they are not design to really. Zelda wii u, the true mario game, metriod, starfox Fire emblemx smt, kirby(they often try things with him), maybe a 3d dk, kid icarus, and other titles could show what the system could do in the future. i’m happy ubisoft is using the wii u as they should it shows they have intrest in it somewhere but we’ll see down the road for the system later

      1. Yeah but Nintendo Land or Wario Ware aren’t adventure games like Rayman Legends or Splinter Cell. Lets get some real games by Nintendo that is a platformer and uses the GamePad in some adventure. Pikmin 3 is the only Nintendo tittle in an adventure that uses the most out of the GamePad.

        1. true but u left a blank statement that could go anywhere, i know zelda windwaker is going to use the gamepad in a way that benefits it. Though i can’t say for mario 3d world or dk can use the gamepad because we haven’t seen alot of the game, though i doubt dk will use it.

          1. I’m still going to buy Dumbtendo’s WWHD because I want to see how it works with the GamePad. But if anyone is thinking about buying a Wii U, i’m first to say, buy a Ubisoft tittle before a Nintendo tittle.

            1. I think the only ubisoft title thats good is rayman. While zombi u showed some good things it wasn’t that great of game that game deserves nothing because ubisoft rushed that product and ruin the experience. Splinter cell is good but it didn’t do anything that i haven’t seen on the wii u. assassin’s creed didn’t do much either. Also just dance….do i need to explain. Theres only a hand full ubisoft titles that are good but the same goes for nintendo

            2. Maybe that’s because there are more Ubisoft titles out right now than Nintendo titles. Nintendo has like NSMBU with Luigi U DLC, Nintendoland and Wario Ware… and Ubisoft has Assasin’s Creed, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Black list, Cloudberry Kingdom, Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth, and Rabbids Land.

              Just wait… try and tell me to buy Ubisoft over Nintendo when MK8 and SSB4 are released.

    1. Yeah. $300 for Wii U Deluxe with purchase promotion (10% back for anything spent), 32GB, Gamepad and comes bundled with Wind Waker HD code that you can get the game early. And what Xbox One will offer? Mostly multiplatform titles that are already available and cheaper on 360/PS3/PC, no backward compatibility with 360 games/hardware, no Xbox Live past purchase transfers and that fucking useless Kinect camera that everyone is begging dumbass Microsoft to get rid of.

        1. Yeah because Dumbtendo was too much trying to make Wii U more powerful than PS3 ignoring Sony was working on PS4 back then. Tha’s Dumbtendo for you.

            1. It would have been impressive to post a video between a 3 core console and an 8 core console comparison in how PS4’s graphics want kill Wii U’s!

              1. But not by that much, we have barley seen many games that shows off the systems graphic power, but who really cares about graphics if u want graphics ps4 is not for u pc is

                1. Will obviously over 100 million PS4 pre orders says otherwise. So if graphics don’nt mean nothing why is a Sony console outselling Nintendo when comparing Pre orders? And why so many people complain about 3D Mario World not being more like Galaxy?

                  1. 100 million are u high? if people cared for graphics then the vita would be killing the 3ds. Last i checked people aren’t complaining about mario 3d w graphics just its gameplay style, why would want a galaxy 3 i want another mario game that does something different in its terms of style

                    1. 3D Mario World lacks online like other Mario adventure tittles and it uses 1 GamePad like NSMBU, what’s different about it? Graphics sucks, lack off GamePad is a fail. It could have been on the Wii.

                    2. 1. Why would i want to play online with random people wheres the fun in that? Rather have fun with my friends and only few have a wii u. playing with my friends right next to me is better experience with them then it would be online.
                      2. We only seen one trailer of the game and we don’t know how much of the game pad is really involve
                      3. Graphics suck. What do u expect a realistic mario game? And do u have any proof it could have run on wii?

                    3. Plus the only games that require online from nintendo are racing titles, animal crossing and smash

                    1. Still getting the game from what i’ve played its a good game, never said i prefer thoughs types of 3d mario games I just said i doubt its the 3d mario successor do do them all have the same elements of game play that 3d world doesn’t, but 3d world will offer different elements that thoughs types of 3d mario don’t offer

                  2. jtz, the fact that you think PS4’s will sell 100 million at launch proves you have no credibility to your thoughts and projections about video game related matters…that is ridiculous.

                    1. agreed.. he is best left ignored… 95% of what i read from him on here is absolute bullshit but this statement is really the last straw…

                  3. rofl 100 million

                    got some sources to back that bullshit? no you don’t because that’s complete bollocks XD

          1. oh shut up

            they’ve repeatedly stated why they decided to have little built in storage in the wii u and their reasons absolutely make sense

  5. Good news, Wii U needs to sell, Sell, SELL in the next couple of months. From the Zelda Wind Waker Bundle to the Wii U price drop and Christmas, the Wii U will have a great install base….I hope.

  6. And a thousand Sonysoft fantards cried and wet their pants.
    What is it? That nothing could save Wii U and that it was gonna cause Nintendo to go SEGA?
    Yeah, right, let’s see how Spybox and PSSUCKS do with their three exclusives.

    1. PS4 and Xbox One are great consoles, shut the fuck up. Also Sony currently has Knack, Drive Club, Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous Second Son, and The Order: 1886 in development for PS4 at launch/launch window. Nintendo had…………NSMBU and Nintendo Land at launch. Their launch window had no worthwhile games that were first party.

      1. Not that anything MSony has for offer on their launch window interests me.
        We should just wait and see how their launch goes, games get delayed (and canceled), hell, even hardwares get delayed.
        As of now, as far as world wide goes, Microsoft is blewing it. Sony seems to be better prepared for it.
        Another generation where Xbox is only relevant in U.S.

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