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Tech Blogger Says Kids Today Would Rather Reach For An iPad Mini Than 3DS


Technology blogger John Gruber from the popular blog Daring Fireball says that most kids today would reach for an iPad Mini rather than a Nintendo 3DS if the devices were put next to each other. Gruber believes that if Nintendo doesn’t eventually make video games for iOS then the company is no longer going to remain relevant to children growing up.

“A kid asking “What’s a Nintendo?” may sound preposterous to the ears of an adult weaned on Mario and Zelda, but trust me, put an iPad Mini and a 3DS on a table next to each other, and most kids today will reach, if not jump, for the iPad. If you don’t see that as an existential threat for Nintendo, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind. A Nintendo that doesn’t make games for iOS is a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids; a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids is a Nintendo with no future.”

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154 thoughts on “Tech Blogger Says Kids Today Would Rather Reach For An iPad Mini Than 3DS”

    1. Lets see here, MH4 is gonna make the 3/2ds print money faster than sonic’s speed, and the worldwide release of pokemon is gonna make these ios game a piece of garbage.

      They know this, so they are making as many shitty articles as possible to try t ”damage control” the sales.

      1. Hahaha, no, iOS games are already a piece of garbage. I will never trust iPhone/iPad games again. They suck so much balls.

    1. Yeah, any kid who doesn’t know what a Nintendo is, doesn’t because their parents don’t want them to.

      Kids imitate others around them, if their parents are like that idiot who wrote that piece last week (the guy who loved Nintendo enough to not have any Nintendo systems in his house), and their kid sees them use an iPad, they’ll want an iPad. That will then spread throughout any friends of that kid. Simple as that.

      Those kids are about to get the Pokemon treatment next month though. Pokemon has that same must have effect on children, and I think that’s why there’s been so many of these pieces lately. Once Pokemon is out, that’s it, there will be no more just cause for these opinion pieces, so it’s time to stick the boot in while they have a minuscule reason for doing so.

      1. I have to chime in here. I’m personally a Nintendo fanboy, have nearly every Nintendo system ever made, play my 3DS more than I play my iPad, and my 5 and 3 year old can identify Link in every Zelda from the original LoZ through SS. They know Samus isn’t called Metriod, they can tell the difference between between the music of Galaxy 1 & 2, and know that Link isn’t Zelda…

        Yet neither of them have ever snuck my 3DS away to play a game. Just my smart phone and iPad. They have problems with the buttons on my other systems, and it’s just purely simpler to fling a bird than it is to save a princess.

        That said, my kids do see me using the iPad more: for work, reading, Youtubing, Web surfing, Skype, emailing, music, photos, Netflix, social media, entertainment, and yes, even occasional gaming. While buttons seem more precise and responsive than touch controls, I doubt kids in general discern the differences as touch is simply easier. A game is a game after all, (to a kid) so why not go for the one that’s easier to play?

      2. Ive had Apple products, Kindle Fire, Android Tablets, phones, etc. My Kids still Love Nintendo Products the best, why? well its easy, they know that real video games are made by Nintendo and the rest are just to poke around for a few minutes and they download like 10 games every day on tablets o my phone, and guess who plays them all? no one! xD i just go ahead and delete them after a few days

  1. Another cheap, shock tactics article designed to get anger views. Please, please, please stop posting so much shit to this blog.

  2. Them Opinions.

    The last time i went to a electronic shop i saw a shit ton of kids asking for Video games so…can someone explain that?

  3. They ask for an ipad.
    Parent buy ipad.
    Kids use ipad.
    Kids gets bored of ipad.
    Kids that got ipads watch other kids with 3ds.
    Kids wants 3ds too.
    Kids ask parents for 3ds too.
    Parents don’t buy.
    Kids turn into O.G Simpson.

  4. It’s true. Whenever I walk around my local mall trying to get a StreetPass a see a TON of kids with an iPhone/Pad/Other Smart device. I’m lucky if I even get one StreetPass.

    1. But of coarse Nintendo shouldn’t make IOS games, unless they’re new IP exclusively designed for those devices. That could work well.

      1. In NYC, its the opposites kids have 3DS and some Vitas. There is the occasional kid playing the moms phone, but its pretty rare now. Two years ago is was more phones and tablets and 5 years ago it was nothing but DSes and some PSPs.

        I don’t always get streetpasses from people on the train or in the streets. They may have them turned off.

        1. Northern Ireland… yeah a lot of people over here abuse the shit out of their Smartphones and what not but everytime I see a 3DS or a Vita they look brand new… it’s weird man

            1. It’s funny cause they say the Wii U is a dud. Really? Look at the Vita, it has NO GAMES. I’m surprised people even bought it to begin with. No one talks shit about it cause it has “games coming, but not yet” while Wii U has some of the most anticipated games yet still gets shit. The Vita is great in specs but sucks in games, which is why I NEVER see one in public.

    2. At least around here, parents rarely let their kids take gaming consoles to school (und thus after that to the mall) but ofc thwy always got their phones. Still they do have and love their 3ds…

  5. Who cares what they reach for? The first thing I reach for in the morning is the alarm clock, doesn’t mean I prefer it over the 3DS standing next to it.:/

  6. ░▄░░▄▄▄▀▀▀█▀▄▄▄░░▄

  7. I have an iPad Mini but yet I still play with my 3DS and PSVita. These people now a days always seem to hate on Nintendo because they are the oldest out of the big 3.

    1. im connected to 5 devices right now as we speak (Wii U…gamepad) (3DS) (Android phone) (galaxy tab, brand new btw but doesnt work) áñd( watching cable) girlfriend on (laptop) the more tech the merrier i am. if u cosoladate to just one device ur missing out, just as if ur loyal to only one console,thats why eventually going to have a ps4/vita combo.

    1. So do you want hardware that will last you for many years… or hardware that will last you 9 months until the next version comes out… Your right it is hard

      (Don’t worry, I’m not trolling you by the way :) )

  8. I placed my iPad mini and 3DSxl on the table… And my three cousins began fighting over the 3DS… Sir your Argument is invalid…

          1. this isnt a troll attempt you dumb ass. its a point and people on here do this kind of thing too, just without guns.

            threaten people over video games and your trying to damage control it, your pathetic.try to damage conrtoll everything, even this now.

                1. i have watch that video.. if it watch by someone you would not say it is meant to threat anyone. unless you were butthurt. i don’t know why it was taken down. but blackbond’s video was edited to make someone bad specially the nintendo fans. that’s another low for a nintendo hater.

      1. He actually is a Sony fan that got angry also that dosnt mean Nintendo fans are guns crazy it means Americans in general are lol.

        1. just to show how much of corporate slave some nintendo fans really are. no ive never seen people threat people over videogames like nintendo fans do. its pathetic. this guy is a nintendo fan, a corporate save. stop trying to put this on something else.

            1. your 30 loser and you damage control, even this and like play inspector gadget on here. you think you would be supporting a family or something.

              if anybody lives in the basement its you.

                    1. well how you buy what voice of retard tells you. hes a 30 year old playing inspector gadget all day and he sucks at it too, when he should be supporting a family or something.

                      yet you buy into someone and the only person who calls anybody iceazeama who says anything bad about nintendo.

      2. that does seem pritty stupid though your pritty stupid for judging a fanbase based on a few immature idiots, how does the saying go? “Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch” love that phrase if people knew that there would be less fighting like some uk people hate amarica because a few bad people. i don’t associate myself with idiots…

        1. “no not the whole fanbase retard, just some, really pathetic people.”

          what did i just say retard, jeeze you guys never make any good points, just damage control everything.

    1. At my work, the most kids got a ds or a 3ds, from the 34 kids two got a ipod mini, and seventeen got a ds or 3ds…i don’t now what the fuck they talking about..

    2. Kids, yeah cool ok great…. but what about the rest of us? I’m 21, love the 3DS and Nintendo etc, I’ll always support, so what’s the deal…

    3. But don’t they see they built the 2ds to be an iPad mini in a away, I mean there’s apps on the eshop for them to get, it won’t crack and break, parents won’t worry, it has the same design and parent won’t have to give there smartphone to their kid, 2ds is more of an iPad and Wii u ever will be.

    4. Parents are even more inresponsible this age. They don’t teach thief kids value of the objects and how easy is for kid with ipads and cell phones to be targets of crimes.

        1. @Blerp2..Calm down. I’m merely referring to sales, as it seems to be the bases of this tech bloggers argument. The 3DS is selling fine! However, the Vita isn’t selling so well. So it would seem more logical for this tech blogger to use Sony as his example instead of Nintendo!

    5. Its sad that kids get Ipads these days. Kids will break them and frankly dont deserve having one. When we were kids we got Lego not Ipads. But it just goes to show Kids these days are spoiled and pathetic. But Nintendo will always have a future.

      1. We need to educate them. I would gladly buy a kid of mine a ipad but only if he earned it. Ipads this days are the new TV babysitter.

      1. This are just desperate adds because their sells are lowering by alot and the 2ds is treating all entertainment devices.

    6. Can people PLEASE shut up about Nintendo making their games on iOS devices? It will never happen. Nintendo said that they don’t want to do that!

    7. man i’m tired of this shit….
      of course they would rather reach out for smartphone/tablet because it’s the new hot item of this generation of children (mainly because they are advertised as hell). Of course this is a threat nintendo should acknowledge and counter with their own advertisement….

    8. If you put a 3DS and an IPad next to each other on a table most kids will pick the 3DS, not the IPad. Nintendo doesn’t need IOS to live.

    9. The point is that mobile smart phone games are simple and easy touch games, perfect for 2-5 year olds, parents buy to distract their toddlers. Nintendo needs to make inexpensive touch games like this to attract this extra young audience.

    10. My personal experience is the opposite.

      I have young cousins, and at family gatherings the children may be playing on someones iDevice. But as soon as I get my 3DS out, the iDevices are dropped and forgotten about immediately and the kids come running to try and take my 3DS away from me.

      It’s actually quite annoying how popular the damn thing is.

      1. I have the same problem with my nephew. I had to buy him one for himself but it was good trade of cuz he lend me his games and he have a great taste in games for someone so young.

    11. I really don’t come to this website for this horseshit. If I had ever heard of this guy or whatever the fuck he writes for, then maybe, just maybe.

      BTW every niece and nephew, young cousin, whatever I talk to knows and loves Mario, almost absent of any reason why, so I would immediately call bullshit on this.

      1. +1, this shit is irrelevant. All other Nintendo sites don’t report bullshit like this, yet this site does on a daily basis.

    12. I believe a child will get a better experience with a handheld video game system over a tablet just because I personally believe a 6 year old shouldn’t have a smartphone, Ipod, Ipad because they don’t need it.

    13. I see dozens of kids every day wearing Mario, Donkey Kong, and Sonic shirts. I doubt they’ll forget where they can play all three of them.

    14. Maybe that could be true for american kids, but kids in Japan don’t even care for iOS shit, all they want is their pokemon.

    15. well my kid is not going to be raised with an ipad.. if that’s the way the world is developing nowadays then so be it but i don’t see why i should be a part of it.. or why nintendo should
      their games will still stand out regardless

    16. No they won’t, Believe me. I work as a salesman and the kids are all over the 3ds but get told by some parents that they have to wait because of the age limit 7 years.

      And what parent think it’s hard to choose between a 129$ handheld gaming console or a 410$ ipad mini when kid mostly want’s to play games anyway. It’s a no brainer.

      And for a weird reason most Apple products as mac, ipad and ipod where I work get sold to 14 year old girls and some few people over 40.

    17. If we’re talking toddlers, then yes, this could be true. They would choose it because it’s what their parents handed them to get them to stop screaming. Any kid old enough to have his own handheld would not have an iPad mini.

        1. It’s kind of like IGN starting off as and then slowly but surely slapping the people who made them what they were in the face…

    18. No mention of Android? Wanna bet he owns stock in Apple?

      Touch screen controls for videogames Suck, unless it is something like Angry Birds. Can you imagine playing Mario Galaxy Mobile using only touch conyrols? No Thank You.

      A game like MH4 would be freaking impossible.

      Sure, iOS and Android devices can support gamepads and other gaming controls … But when you add a D pad, buttons, analog sticks, etc to a touch screen device for gaming … You end up with a 3DS or Vita. (or Shield, I guess, but really …)

      1. sinclare spectrum 128k floppy drive





    19. sinclare spectrum 128k floppy drive

      he also said psp was the biggest ever selling gaming handheld





    20. Did it say what age range are those kids? Younger kids would tend to reach for an iPad because the controls are easy, the games are short and they could watch youtube for their cartoons. Its not too complicated for them. However, give them longer time and have them play a 3DS more often and they will shift into playing that more. Because they won’t get bored with different stuff to play, challenges and in depth experience.

      1. Plus the parents bought the iPad not only for the kids for themselves as well. Then they get really cheap apps/games , some even free for parents made the decision for the kids.

    21. …what the hell? How does he know this? Did he set up some controlled experiment where an iPad and a 3ds were placed before a child and the results yeilded that the majority of the children chose an iPad? Or did he just pull out this so called fact straight from his ass?
      The latter I would presume. Idiots.

    22. ipad and android games are too repetitive and the gameplay are as shallow as the brains of the people who prefer them instead of REAL games… i’d rather play the first gameboy games instead of those games

    23. I would not buy my kids shit that’s logo is 95% of the price tag.

      But as for tablets go, especially on android, they’re cheap alternative for the short concentration kids have today.

    24. Well perhaps the 2ds will change this as they no longer have to wait until they are 7. Phone games are great in that they are cheap/free and abundant, however the quality simply isn’t there, if you want a proper title to entertain you long term you will reach for a console/portable console. Kids growing up on ipads will likely stay in that game market instead of branching off, you couldn’t really call them gamers. They’re just the yoloswag generation. Most of us will actually raise kids on proper gaming systems with a wealth of immersive titles.

    25. Oh. Look. Another person just saying Nintendo should make games for iPad. It doesn’t matter if 30 kids reach for a Nintendo app on an iPad, and only one wants a 3DS game, they’d still get the same money for both.

    26. Tablet gaming sucks :/ the games are so easy and simple it’s as if it was made especially for mentally impaired people. Not to mention the controls suck as well. Nintendo has the great stories and titles nobody else has or can copy. If kids choose tablet gaming over traditional gaming then there really is something wrong with these children.

    27. If the kids want something to do for minutes, they’ll reach for the iPad. If they want something to do for hours, they’ll reach for the 3DS. These devices are not in direct competition, despite what the ignorant bloggers are saying

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