Famed Platinum Games developer and creator of The Wonderful 101 Hideki Kamiya appears to have gotten himself a Wii U, as his TwitPic shows him unwrapping a brand new console. Perhaps too worn out by the tough questions from press appearances to pick one up earlier, Kamiya can now test his own gamer mettle with The Wonderful 101 and see if it truly is as challenging as people say. Let’s hope the experience of gaming on the system will inspire him once again to want to make that Starfox game. Better late than never, Kamiya.



    • no dont be tricked!! is your avatar just some guy drinking coffee or like stoned of off inhalant…………*snif snif* fun fact did you know that caffeine is one of the most addicting drugs!! meaning that you sir a drug addict no matter what.


    • I asked Kamiya how he enjoyed Nazo no Murasame Jo on his 3DS. He sais that he enjoyed it a little. That statement alone means two things. He knows how frustratingly hard the game is and the flaws it have. Also, it could mean that he’s thinking of improvisations that could be made when making a reboot for the Wii U. Either way, I’m pretty excited for it’s future reveal.


  1. He made this game for people who wear diapers (the nintendo fans). look at all the other games by platinum but look what we have hear a Saturday morning cartoon for the nintenpuppets!! Just perfect for the diapers wearing drones. dont wet yourself i know this is a big step up to carnival games.


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