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Nintendo Direct: Monster Hunter 4 Details, Plus Video

Nintendo of Japan held a special Nintendo Direct today which focussed purely on the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. There were plenty of interesting tidbits of information contained in the presentation. Here’s the main points that were presented by Nintendo, including the ability to dress up cats in the game as Mario and Luigi.

  • Monster Hunter X Super Mario. You can dress up the cats as Mario and Luigi.
  • Link outfit for the main character revealed. This outfit you also get in a collab quest.
  • Iwata talks a bit more about the collab costumes. There will special quests at 7-Eleven and available to download thereafter.
  • Iwata leaves the rest of the presentation to the development team.
  • They are now going to show some multiplayer. Game features online multiplayer now.
  • You have to click on a world map button and choose between the various options of the game.
  • Friends can directly join from the friends list. Of course, you can still create or find rooms.
  • With finding a room, you can pick the skill level and difficulty of quests. They are now going into lobby.
  • There is a full chat function, with which you can communicate with players in the lobby.
  • There are the pre-installed options for you to enter, if you prefer that.
  • We see them duking it out against a gigantic creature. Everyone is trying their own strategy.
  • It seems all pretty seemless, as you can all walk around freely. Chat function always active in the corner.
  • Finishing the monster off is done a quick timey sort of way.
  • Monster Hunter 4 themes are being discussed. It is, according to them, very clearly shown in the opening.
  • The game’s theme is also used in commercials, as it presents everything quite well.
  • There is also new function called an… item sensor? It allows you to find the more important items really.
  • They are talking about that the character can jump now, which allows for more action packed adventures.
  • The game still features a story, which is expanded a bit more in comparison to previous games.
  • You journey to different places, take on quests and they are many NPCs too.
  • Their bit is concluded with an overview of some more crazy monsters.

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct: Monster Hunter 4 Details, Plus Video”

        1. It also did great where I live! I get more street oases from players with monster hunter than nsmb and Mario kart.

    1. I have a few options for you to choose…

      Anyway, this better be released in the west because instant buy for me if it does!

        1. Ehmm no…

          A few friends I have, none belonging to our empire unfortunately…

          One is an Xbot, obviously doesn’t deserve your “service”…

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  2. People may think Nintendo is “Doomed” but Monster Hunter X Super Mario says something different :D

    I wish this came out over here

  3. I knew It. I totally knew that the game was going to have a bit more of a story than the other games. I still am very curious on how well it will be executed but even if it was bad the game will still be fun as ever. Plz be localized.

    1. those graphics are easily ps2, and the good ps2 games, I played the demo for MH3, it’s just that the video was broadcast at 280p

  4. Monster Hunter 4 is supposed to be a game for the Wii U and not just for the 3DS,
    every day more and more you sink, and with it your reputation that you can not get!
    Wii U you must be in the first place, he is currently in dying and destroying your reputation! Again Monster Hunter 4 was supposed to be on the Wii U!!

      1. What about Monster Hunter 1 and 2? They were both released on the PS2 in Japan, we got MH2 on PSP but it had some added features

    1. This game was planed for the 3DS like 1 year before the Wii U was even announced…

      MH4U or something might be released later on for the Wii U or maybe MH5…

    1. Nintendo consoles are built to last. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is online compatible in Japan, their 3DSs are still solid and working.

  5. Now you know why the evil journalists have been hating. A major announcement is with us here :). Monster hunter 4 bringing all those great things to gaming again.

  6. Just got the Japanese 3DS in the mail from EBay…KEEN TO PLAY IT BEFORE ALL YOU SUCKERS ;D
    *goes back to playing Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode while waiting for MH4 to come out IN 4 DAYS*

      1. Why even post this? If you’re jealous just wallow in your little corner, I’ve got mine already pre-ordered, Japanese 3DS’s are the beeest :3

  7. Link for the WIN!!!!!!! My…what a big bow you have! If this doesn’t come out in the states, Capcom will be made the laughing stock of videogame companies!

  8. For those that do not know Japanese.. It has been confirmed in this Monster Hunter 4 themed Nintendo Direct that it will be localized as they’ve stated it themselves in the direct. Though the release date is unknown.

      1. MH3 and MH3U did really good in Europe even if they did better in America, so don’t worry, I know you’ll be getting a localization too, just be patient and you’ll see it happen soon :)

  9. At first I thought “Man I must be smoking a lot of crack right now.” But then it was actually true that there is Monster Hunter X Super Mario. Looks sweet to me. I’m glad to see Capcom push the 3DS to it’s limits. Here’s to hoping this comes to the West.

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  13. Excited for – online multiplayer, always an excellent way to give more content and replayability.

    being able to talk to people without being limited to childish preset words.


    I skipped triG but this is a day one buy for me, I’ve been waiting for them to add multiplayer, we just simply don’t have players on every street like they do in Japan.

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