Nintendo To Unite Its Wii And Wii U Facebook Pages

wii_facebook_name_change wii_u_facebook_name_change

Following the news that the official Facebook pages for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS will collectively be known as “Nintendo Handheld Gaming”, Nintendo will also unite its Wii and Wii U Facebook pages. “Nintendo Console Gaming” will merge the 981k Wii U Facebook fans with the six million who’ve “Liked” Wii, giving the company another way to attract wide publicity for its latest home console.


  1. Oh no this is gonna just confuse people more. How can they tell a difference now. This is terrible, why cant i understand this situation.

      1. I disgree with you guys.
        Think of it this way: If you knew identical twins, but only saw one of them at a time, you wont know who is who. However, if you had them side by side, then it’s easier to differentiate the two.

        Also, I’m pretty sure Nintendo will do a heavy marketing campaign this holiday. It’s be wise for them to treat this as a 2nd launch.

    1. How can u two say that? U kno james rolf also change name from angry nintendo nerd to angry video game nerd and there wuz no confusion! there will be none here too u dumb xdrone sonyfag

    1. what confusion?¿ there shudnt be any there name was easy as abc its easy as 123!

  2. Oh yes I love thisss!!! DIS is why i love nintendo cuz they are GENIUSES!

    GENUISES!!!!! I am open to more 3ds upgrades or even downgrades comin up in the near future

    can I plz has 3dsi xl lite in future?

    1. You are such a sheep, so why dont you sleep? HEE-HEE-HEE. Sony will blow the world with their Atombombressing. Grafix turismo rulz. What Nintendo has phew a Mario Mart 8 lol. Xbonee is no chance halo is boring no one cares. Final Fantasy XIII is best game evar, looks so good on my full hd tv. Ultra hd here i come for some sweet Video game masturbation session sex style oh yeaaah!!. Fuck yuou allz. Im THE BEST!!!!!

      1. bitch plz y u mad bro? grand theft auto got no dibbs on mario. final fantasy is soo overated its same shit over n over && not like poketmon it dount sell as much like poketmon do ether and we got hd now 2 so take that!!!!!!!!!

    1. oh yes i like the sound of that “Nintendo” tingles..

    1. I’ll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for commenting!

  3. HEE-HEE-HEE This comment section is now mine. This is small step for clowns but big step for ME. HEE-HEE-HEE. Now time to talk to myself HEE-HEE-HEE.

          1. OOh How immature to call me immature. I tooked over this comment section while you were crapping.

  4. no good nintendo. i wonder whats gonna show up when ppl look for wii u and 3ds in the search bar. they should merge both console and handheld accounts and named NINTENDO CO or just NINTENDO and post info about 3ds and Wii u.

      1. well thats the only good thing. that wii ppl will get to know wii u
        but what about the ramdon ppl who got the system go to facebook search wii u to like the page. ??? whats gonna show up??
        i think nintendo needs new ppl on their team. these ideas are getting worse everytime

  5. Yes ! Attract Wii casual gamers on Wii U and make a second generation of casual Nintendo gaming !
    We’re going from bad news to bad news these days.
    Get your shit back together Nintendo, for fuck’s sake.

  6. Good move on Nintendo’s part in my opinion. Wii fans and owners will now know that there is a new console. This is free advertising for Ninty. At the same time, most people don’t really seek out information will get updated about the Wii U through Facebook and that’s about 6 million of them.

  7. So wait, they are changing the Wii and Wii U name to that? Wow interesting but why?. And I wish they changed both of them to different names and more of a name than a describing name..

  8. I’m more surprised that the Wii U page has nearly 1 million likes for getting such terrible press this year.

  9. Has Nintendo lost their marbles? They do understand that half the ppl out there dont even know Wii has a successor right? Doing this adds to the confusion.

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