The Wonderful 101 producer Hideki Kamiya has revealed that the well-received Wii U game almost started out as a Wii game. Kamiya says that when they first came up with the unique concept the Wii U system hadn’t even been announced, so the game was originally destined for the original Wii. However, Kamiya says the game wasn’t necessarily for any particular platform, but when they approached Nintendo they decided Wii was the best fit.

“Initially, it was based on the idea of using these Nintendo characters. At the time Wii U hadn’t been announced yet and there was no knowledge of it. I can’t say with certainty, but I believe this was something that we think of potentially for Wii. And so it was put on hold. Then, one year later, when we came back with the idea of creating this as a superhero game… At that time it wasn’t necessarily based on any specific platform. But when we took it to Nintendo, the discussions went from there, and we decided to put it on Wii.”

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          • That would be kinda cool, but using the touch screen will be a lot easier to draw the shapes needed. The gamepad also allows a lot more of relaxed game play.

            Also, that control type may be available.


                  • Yes, the 3D for the 3DS is a bit… gimmick-y. But it works well (when the companies know how to do it correctly, that is.).

                    But the gamepad isn’t a gimmick. It’s a feature. If you’ve played any game that uses it well, you’d understand. Games like:
                    Nintendo Land
                    Apparently ZombiU, but I’ve never played it
                    Rayman Legends
                    and more.

                    And there’s even MORE games where the gamepad isn’t necessary, but still makes everything so much easier. (Like Scribblenauts, for example)


                    • @Rafael,

                      So… what you’re saying is that if somethings bad…. nothing good can come from it?

                      So you think that there are NO good games for the 3DS, just because of the 3D?

                      That’s like saying that every game for a console is terrible, just because the control is uncomfortable.


                    • If the 3DS had a feature that all games try to use just because it’s there, yeah, it would suck. All games want to use the GamePad to justify being on Wii U, yet, it’s completly irrelevant, so there’s no way to justify it. No game Nintendo can put out for the GamePad would convince me to use it.

                      It’s just like the early Wii and DS games that used motion controls and touch screen as gimmicks.


                    • Erm, I think you are mistaking “gimmicks” with “gameplay features”.

                      Despite whatever crap companies put into gaming consoles, there will always be someone that will take the crappy-features and make a game that makes the features fantastic. To me, it’s less of what the features are… and more of what people do with them.


                • Yeah, 2DS is hot. Now all we need is a Wii U without the GamePad

                  Nintendo made some big mistakes and getting back to where they were before these mistakes is nice, but still isn’t new. That considering they’d even be able to get back, which is not probable.

                  The Nintendo from DS and Wii era looks dead


                  • The Wii U w/o the Gamepad? Like it or not son but the Gamepad is the best thing out right now in the gaming world. Maybe when you are older and are no longer impressed by marketing and gullible to hearsay you will realize what a fool you have been. Don’t sweat it though kid, life moves fast when you’re young and sometimes you get caught up in things and you make mistakes.


                    • I’m probably older than you, I’m 29. Wii Motion Controls were great, and no marketing saying they were dumb or gimmicky destroyed that, I fought for them to be recognized as a revolution.

                      GamePad is not, it’s irrelevant and showcases exactly what has been wrong with Nintendo. Try new, original and excentric stuff, but don’t care for relevance, imagine people will buy it just cause it’s new


                    • 2 thumb sticks, 2 shoulder buttons, 2 trigger buttons, dpad, x,y,a,b start and select, home, tv, and power buttons,.

                      Mic jack with volume control
                      video camera
                      nfc reader
                      and a 6″ touch screen capable of off tv gameplay all inside the most comfortable controller ever built.

                      Please explain how the Gamepad is so horrible to you.


                    • It’s completly irrelevant. If PlayStation puts a ball in the middle of the control and several games start using it, will you like it? You’re playing Uncharted and then Drake has to roll a ball to solve a puzzle, you’ll get Little Deviants Ball Edition, Kratos get a new power where he can throw his enemies like bowling balls.

                      If you have a Touch Screen in the middle of the joystick, you have to use it. If you don’t use it, you might as well not have it. When Wii gave us motion control over regular control, they had a very clear message: “This is not just different, it’s better”. It was not just hype from a new thing, it was evolution.

                      If Nintendo kept evolving the DS concept instead of going back to GameCube mentality maybe they wouldn’t lose their market share to DS type games on smartphones and tablets


                    • But you said you liked the DS touch screen! How is the DS touch screen not irrelevant, but the Wii U gamepad is?

                      In regard to the “track-ball” on a PS4 controller, yes, I would enjoy those games.

                      “It’s all about the game.” – Ernie Calhoun

                      It doesn’t matter how stupid or idiotic it looks. It’s about if enough games can give you a pleasurable experience, it’s a good feature. Heck, even if only one game can give you an AMAZING experience, it’s worth it.


                    • Actually sounds like fun, track balls are great, I wish one of them would put it in their controller. What you must understand is that the touch screen isn’t only used for gimmicks in games, it serves a purpose on many different fronts. Internet or Menu selection to name a couple. The games that do use it though for gimmicks actually do a good job and make it fun., but the games that incorporate the gamepad completely like Zombie U or 101 are brilliant, maybe one day you will be able to afford one and give it a try, you are missing out, big time.


                    • It’s not about how the games use it, it’s about the console’s concept, philosophy, and entertainment in general. If you don’t understand why the GamePad is hurting the Wii U to the point of not selling, you have no idea what games are about.


  1. this game comes with pull ups for the nintenbabies. not because it looks childish but because its also to complex for the corporate slaves minds. go back to playing you mario and zelda and get nothing else, thats what you stick up for.


  2. I thought it came out this week in the US, but it’s technically next week (I think?… Sunday?)

    Can’t wait to buy it! One of the only Demo’s I actually enjoyed.


  3. Good game. Dont give shit about sales, if people are stupid and only buy games from 1 brand its their loss.

    P.S FUCK YOU Brand/System nazi shits, while you all are complainin, i am laughin and playin with all the systems.


  4. Gamepad not innovative/gimmicky? have you people seen the touchpad on the PS4 controller or you would rather be blind that Sony is once again coping what Nintendo brought to market first on the home console market? So quick to judge Nintendo but fail to point out the shortcomings of the competitors… smh


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