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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Best-Selling Platform In US In August, Pikmin 3 Entered At 10


The NPD figures for the month of August are now officially in. The Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling dedicated video game platform last month. Nintendo didn’t release any numbers, but it sold better than the Xbox 360 which sold 96,000 units. There weren’t any numbers for the Wii U as perusal, but figures weren’t expected to be high, judging that the best-selling console only sold 96K. Good news for Pikmin 3 as the game made it in the top ten best-selling games in the United States in August, leaping in at number ten.

“Video game sales grew a modest 1% over August 2012 as growth in software and accessories offset soft hardware sales as we near the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. Excluding January 2013, which was up due to an extra reporting week versus January 2012, the last time overall retail video game sales (hardware, software, and accessories) were up year over year was October 2011.”

“Video game retail software sales had their first positive month, up 23 percent, since November 2011. This was driven by the shift of Madden into the August data month and other launches such as Saints Row IV, Disney Infinity and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. In fact, eight of the top ten games this month were launched in August.” He also noted that “collectively, August 2013 launches made up an astounding 58 percent of overall dollar sales for the month and 41 percent of units sales.”

– NPD analyst Liam Callahan

281 thoughts on “NPD: Nintendo 3DS Best-Selling Platform In US In August, Pikmin 3 Entered At 10”

    1. Hardware sales for the month of August were admittedly pretty bad. Still, it’s good news for the Nintendo 3DS! Shame we haven’t got an actual sales number.

          1. “They’re already burning money” and they’re also breaking even for every Wii U sold with a game. Not to mention the 3DS is still selling. They’re probably gaining a small profit with all this happening.

            1. The Wii U needs 2 first games to be bought with it to be profitable! Also the 3DS is STILL being sold at a loss. Nintendo is burning cash and there’s no denying it.

                1. I’m not sure the Wii U needing one game to be profitable or break even was ever confirmed. I remember conflicting reports about it when it was mentioned.

                  But the 3DS has definitely been profitable for a long long time now.

                  Still, don’t argue with the trolls, you’ll get nowhere.

            2. No. Because of the price drop it’ll need to be TWO games to become profitable. Nintendo really shouldn’t have dropped the price, it’ll hurt them more than having the premium Wii U at $349. Also, because Nintendo Land is a pack in, people are less likely going to purchase games right away.

            1. Worst sales week in NA for PS3 has 50 000 (week after it jumped to 600 000). Wii U sold under 35k for 10 straight weeks in NA early this year.

              NOBODY WANTS A WII U!

                1. Lol same here. Sales for Wii U are going to continue to sink because Nintendo doesn’t know what there doing. No online in important games rehashes etc there living In clouds right now

                    1. great to hear. I hope you’re able to playthrough sotc sometime in the near future. it’s an experience like no other.

                1. Yeh, well…………………….

                  Yo moma is so fat, when I was on top of her last night I burnt my ass off of the lightbulb! ZING!!!!

                2. But you just said people were buying it. Might not be alot, but that are. There’s what, 4 million of us who bought it so far? Is silly to say nobody wants one.

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      1. If it doesn’t pick up with the games set to come out for it (Like Smash Bros, X, Mario Kart etc). It pretty much is doomed.

            1. Killzone, Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted, WipeOut, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, MGS HD Collection, Unit 13, Dragon’s Crown, LBP Vita. Not to mention all the indie games.

              Just remember, Mario and Queers of War will always suck and I’M STILL THE MAN!

                  1. Why you always insult people that are just trolling the trolls? I think the vita is a great system that Sony dosnt care it is out but I do not go to a Nintendo site do try and sell it same has when I go to a Sony site.

                      1. Well I’m not good but I try.
                        What I mean is I don’t usually bring other console to this site topics unless a troll bring it up same has I don’t bring Nintendo things on other sites.

                        1. Well when this person “who is not English” tries to act smart and make fun of other peoples intelligence, I’m more so doing it to let him now how it feels.

              1. Killzone Mercenary
                The Walking Dead
                Sweet Fuse: At your side
                Rayman Legends
                Borderlands 2 (Still to come out)
                Minecraft (Still to come out)
                Shantae (Still to come out)
                Dragons Crown
                Atelier Meruru Plus

                Just to name a few.

                And it already joins games such as:

                Persona 4
                Ragnarok Odyssey
                Muramasa Rebirth
                Soul Sacrifice
                New LIttle kings story

                1. I think it is a solid list of games and I try to like it but it dosnt feal it has better games that the PSP. True concerns for me not trolling on this reply.

                  1. Well no shit it doesnt have a better line up yet, it hasn’t had as much time to get an established list like the PSP has.

                    1. I recommend Muramasa Rebirth if you haven’t play Muramasa Demon Blade on Nintendo Wii. As far I know it is the same game except you can map your buttons and choose your difficulty after you start up your chapter on the Vita version while on the Wii version you pick the difficulty and you stick with it. I don’t think you can change your difficulty on the Wii as far I can remember.

                      Yes I have beaten Muramasa Demon Blade with everything but I haven’t beaten Muramasa Rebirth yet. I am on fifth chapter on the “female” story as far I can remember. (I haven’t play it for a while.)

                      I enjoying Dragon’s Crown so far on the PS3 but I recommend it with local friends than playing by yourself or online players. It is basically like Golden Axe except its got RPG element to it.

                        1. That guy is such an embarrassment. He actually thinks being “elite” and “hardcore” at games is something to be proud of … I wonder if he realizes game are just meant for entertainment and having fun …. not being a douche …

                        2. Troll Whisperer is Tony… I think?

                          He changes his name because he gets embarrassed and wants a new start. Too bad his piss-poor English exposes him every time.

                        3. ill add a few more, you know, for the none believers

                          Borderlands 2 (Vita)
                          Y’s Memories of Celceta
                          Batman Arkahm Origins Blackgate
                          Final Fantasy X
                          Final Fantasy X-2
                          Dynasty of Spirits
                          Lone Survivor
                          Frozen Synapse
                          Switch Galaxy Ultry
                          Rainbow Skies
                          Invizimals: The Alliance
                          Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
                          History: Legends of War
                          Phantasy Star Online 2
                          Malicious Rebirth
                          Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
                          Deathmatch Village
                          Rainbow Moon
                          LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
                          Starlight Inception
                          Gods Eater 2

                          not to mention all the sports, and lego games coming out for it. (and the TGS games that were announced for Japan which not all, but at least some will be coming west.)

                          I Still dont get this whole “Vita has no games” things.

                          1. Apparently there are no original games and only PS3 ports >_> In other words, just desperate fanboys trying to make it look bad.

                    1. I know. It’s just that I only seen one person with a Vita. That person was my friend. As for me, I think the Vita is really cool; thought about getting one myself and still might will. Were I live, it’s likely that you will see someone play games on the 3DS, but no one with a Vita.

                      1. If you buy a PS Vita I GURANTEE you will be satisfied. It’s a great system despite what Nintentrolls and Micro$haft fragheads tell you.

                        1. And with the connectivity between the PS4, it only gets better! I can’t wait for more announcements that are still to come from Sony!

                            1. You have read the articles that said Sony has clearly stated if you design a game for PS4 it will be compatible with Vita unless it needs the PS eye right?

                                1. The PS4 has remote play functionality built into the hardware. PS3/Vita PS3/PSP connectivity was all brought about with software updates and poor design. Those required specific coding.

                                  With the PS4/Vita remote play, devs do not have to do anything other than make a Vita control scheme because the PS4 hardware will do all the other work and stream everything right to the Vita.

                          1. Oh right, I remember you telling me that. Well, from my experience high school is the worst place to be at. I don’t know how or why this happened but every high school is filled with idiots. I think I know why but we can’t really prove it though.

                              1. I don’t know… But there always seems to be “anonymous” in here damage controlling and white knighting Nintendo and down playing other companies.

                          1. You talking about the Vita? I have around 65+ games for it. How doesn’t it have any games? It’s library shits on the Wii U. Then again, that isn’t hard.

                              1. Do I have to list them all? ;~;

                                Killzone Mercenary
                                Persona 4
                                The Walking Dead
                                Urban Trial Freestyle
                                Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
                                Uncharted GA
                                Gravity Rush
                                Soul Sacrifice
                                Atelier Totori
                                Sonic All Star Racing
                                Ragnarok Odyssey
                                Tales From Space Mutant Blobs Attack
                                Unit 13
                                AC3 Liberation
                                Muramasa Rebirth
                                New Little Kings Story
                                Phantasy Star Online 2

                                Just to name a few

                                1. PSO2! Should I get the Japanese copy? I was worried that they might start banning US IP addresses so I didn’t get it.

                                  This is my Vita list and I just mostly a 3DS player. Sorry if I offence you.

                                  Gravity Rush
                                  Wipeout 2048
                                  Motorstorm RC
                                  TOM Blitz (free-to-play)
                                  ZEN Pinball 2 (gotta love cross buy)
                                  Touch My Katamari
                                  Playstation All-Stars (not great in my opinion)
                                  Hatsune Miku Project DIVA -f
                                  Muramasa Rebirth

                                  I been thinking of getting Dragon’s Crown for Vita but I don’t really want to buy it since I already have it for PS3.

                                  1. Do you have PS Plus? Chances are Dragons Crown may eventually end up on that :P

                                    Hatsune Miku!!!! That’s a game I still have to get ;~;

                                    I know they’re making an English copy of PSO2, but I chose JP copy because I want to become fluent in Japanese (I’m not quite there yet ;) )

                                  2. Yea I want to know Japanese but I’m not very good at English in generally even it is my first language. I want to know Japanese just for anime and video games. I want to know French since French is an official language in my country. I thought this will open up a lot of job opportunities for me. I can’t remember why I want to know German. Only thing I can think of is that I like Rammstein but I think there is more than that.

                                    And no I did not get Plus. The reason I didn’t join because I only interested in couple of games. I understand you pay every three months or a year with a bunch of discounts and freebies. I don’t want to wait to find out what the free games are or they are “surprises” since I remember having plus I got fighter games for free every single month during my three months plus membership. The sad part is that I don’t even like fighter except for SSB series if that count.

                                    But the good news that come out of my plus membership is that I got a free avatars and bought some games with discounts. I hope you understand my reason for not joining plus membership.

                                    1. Learning languages/different cultures …. lets just say this. A person I knew from University visited China for 3 or months and did some work experience. Because she understood the Chinese culture and language she landed 200k a year job here that deals a lot with China (Of course she had a degree, but this put her above the rest). As our economies become more integrated with the global economy, companies are in dire need of people who understand other cultures and speak different languages.

                                    2. Yea I wish I could be like her now. I don’t want to only understand English and also I want to know more languages to make my life a bit easier. I don’t how many times the French speaking people give us a look for speaking in English and I don’t how many times I want watch some anime or play some video games but I don’t understand what the heck they are saying. Sure I could find a subtitles on the net but that’s not the point.

                            1. Basically a Gameboy Player or Super Gameboy version for Sony without the attachment. Good news is that it is like a PS Vita except its doesn’t play all Vita games. (Yea it is a shame.) You can use L3 and R3 touch for touch screen but I can’t see that working well though. I like the fact that you can use two controllers for PS1 games.

                            2. For every Vita that Sony sells, they lose money but they make a profit in games. The PS Vita TV is cheaper, it doesnt have an OLED screen, 3G, a battery, and most of what the VITA has so it makes it cheaper to manufacture and at around $99 itll probably sell itself,

                              what developers are looking for is for people to buy the console, regardless or what it is, as long as it has a big base they will develop for it. i know you asked Jellybean, but personally Ill be importing one for Screen Capturing purposes.

                              and yes, its a great idea.

                              1. I don’t think he asked me actually :S I never got the notification. I know I’ll be picking one up for sure. Try Play Asia, they’ll have pre orders up soon, already pre sold out in Japan!

                                1. Sorry, i just assumed. Ive been checking, but it seems they wont be available till November 14th. I do have 2 concerns though, I wish it was Black cause i cant keep Whites white. My place tends to get dusty. 2nd: the whole SEN Accounts only having 2 Home consoles and 2 handhelds associated with one account. With 2 PS3’s, a Vita, and a PSP tied to my account, i have a feeling ill have to delete my PSP off it.

                    2. Because Vita doesn’t even come close to being counted as a handheld since it has no original/fun games. Most of their games are on PS3 too so what the hell is the point buying a system loaded with multiplats promoting Cross-Play and its overuse of unnecessary high tech gimmicks (like the last PSP) that isn’t enough to move it to best 3DS.

                      Sorry but not even its price drop, new model and that dumbass Vita TV, which eliminates the reason of buying a Vita, isn’t gonna save its already sunken ship.

                      1. “Because Vita doesn’t even come close to being counted as a handheld since it has no original/fun games.”

                        Still gets more 3rd party games than Wii U ;)

                        It has plenty of original/fun games, and you would find plenty, but then again, you’re a blind nintendrone on a bandwagon. LIke seriously, how can you say it has no original/fun games when it is clear you do not own one and probably will never own one?

                        1. no offense the vita still kinda sucks…….. it has great potential though and i think down the road it is worth a buy. the wii u seems to have no potential, that gamepad is a waste.good job nintendo!!!!! the wii u needs to fail, nintendo wont pull that gimmick bullshit then anymore. exchanged a worthless piece of shit, for a weak console. no 3rd parties and gimmicks.

                          1. As much as I love the gamepad, I would like to see Nintendo take it up to the other 2 companies and try and out muscle them while still having unique controllers.

                        1. I knew it! In order for us to summon jellybean946 and Simply G from other world is to start a ritual! Maybe I should do the “I hate the Vita” ritual more often! :P

                          Yo! You don’t mind adding me to your friend list on PS3 or Vita?

                              1. It’s not nice to tell people to kill themselves, make intolerant after intolerant remark, and attack anyone who doesn’t blindly follow Nintendo!

                              1. It’s sad knowing you’re a little punk who teams up with douche bags like Jellybean, Aeolus, Neutron, and Adarazz to bully N-Dub Nation. What did he ever do to YOU, Anubis? What?

                                1. Created several alts, became a perverted freak, attacks anyone who doesn’t blidnly follow Nintendo, should I keep listing?

                                    1. You know what will make me buy a vita and millions more? Last guardian exclusive on vita but when you know Sony got such great games on hold I tend to lose a bit of hope.

                                      1. They’re teasing some big games, I’m assuming once the PS4 comes out a lot more games will finally be announced :D

                                      2. If Last Guardian became a Vita exclusive people would probably be pissed because they were expecting to have a new SotC/Ico-like experience on their PS3/PS4.

                                          1. fuck off! get off my dick and go play sony’s glitch interactive movies that make up their exclusive line up!

                                            1. I’m not on your dick. I’m on Kaz’s. Well I just got Killzone Merecnary, so yes, I will go enjoy it!

                                          2. Dude, please stop, throwing random and pervert comments at other people isn’t getting you anywhere, it just makes you look like a pedophile

                                  1. I know right? And it really fucks my smartphone up. It can’t read more than a few comments deep, so I have to scroll through dead space. D:
                                    It can be entertaining some days…

                          1. VGChartz shows that 170,000 Pikmin units were sold so far in the US. If it’s true, it’s a very decent number.

                            2013 holidays are around the corner and I hope the Wii U sales increase and make the system attractive.

                            I still want to see how good Xbox1 and PS4 will do.

                            1. By Christmas, Wii U will be fine again.

                              As for Xbox “Done”, I hardly believe its gonna survive well in its first week. Not with that stupid ass NSA Kinect camera beefing the console at $500 PS3-esque pricing. PS4 however will be a threat to Wii U. And Vita, fuck that shit. Its already finished. Out for two years and its still deemed as much of a flop as PS Move which only sold 15 million in 4 years with very few games that uses it but still didnt sell much copies anyway.

                              1. “NSA Kinect”

                                If you’re that worried about the NSA, you may want to hop off the internet in general. In fact, just stop using electronics.

                                “And Vita, fuck that shit. Its already finished”

                                *sigh* …..

                                1. I think Vita TV is a little interesting. However the product is more to increase Vita software leaving very few reasons to need a Vita. I also do think it is cool to have your PS4 hooked up on one tv and can play from another. But damn, $400 for PS4, $60 for a game, extra to get the off tv experience Wii U can do, interent fee and Vita Tv ( a Roku that plays Ps4 games). That’s a lot of money. I bet the people who buys it, 45% of them won’t use those features to it’s full potential for long.

                                  1. I think getting the “regular” Vita is still a better deal. But the Vita TV is in fact very surprising and may have a relative success.

                              2. Indeed the future of PS4 is way brighter than the XBox One one, although we need to consider that the mind share of the brand “Xbox” is really strong in certain places like in the US – the biggest gaming market in the world. I still believe Xbox One will do ok, specially in NA and UK. But definitely the PS4 is better positioned globally and likely will be the most sold console during the 8th generation.

                            2. Straight from the email that I got from Nintendo: “Pikmin™ 3 for Wii U™ launched on Aug. 4 and sold more than 115,000 combined physical and digital units.”

                              Hopefully the price cut and lineup for this holiday season will increase sales for the Wii U and its software.

                              As for the Xbox One and PS4, they seem to be doing well so far. According to Shuhei Yoshida and Jack Tretton, the PS4 has “millions” of pre-orders. Obviously not all of those are a guaranteed sale, but it should still be interesting how things turn out. As for Xbox One, pre-orders are sold out, but no figures really being talked about.

                              This holiday season will be interesting indeed for the gaming industry. I’m eagerly anticipating the results.

                              1. When did you get that, Simply G?

                                115,000 is a good number, given the Wii U install base in the US.

                                As I said above, I think PS4 will do better than XBox One globally, and the $ 100.00 difference will give a nice advantage to Sony’s console.

                                I’m excited for this holiday season, too. I’m grabbing a PS4, and alongside my Wii U and my 3DS, it will entertain me for several months.

                                I’m planning to get a Vita too on Black Friday, as you recommended me some weeks ago.

                                    1. You been in a coma-state for the last few months, by the way you missed Zelda…it was awesome :). Maybe next time though.

                          2. Sony drones, 3DS is out selling everything. They damage control by saying the DS outsold it lol. 3DS is outselling all in a recovering economy. Come Sunday in Japan, the Vita will be used as a door stop as shops sellout of 3DSs hahahaha.

                            1. Oh wait until PKMN X/Y comes next month. Its gonna be Open Season on Vita for 3DS & an early Christmas for Nintendo when the game hits and sells both the game/system by eons that it’ll make COD look like a cheap, vitamin drug for kids.

                                1. Mario, DK and Zelda cometh. Third parties sell Sony consoles, the WiiU has been given a pass by Sony in Japan, watch this space. Christmas shall be nice.

                                  1. I think Gamer forgot to put in his credentials ….

                                    Sony is targeting the western markets, they’re confident enough with the Japanese market, they want to attack Microsofts heartland first.

                            2. I’ll still be using my Vita, so will many others as well as using there 3DS with Pokemon. We aren’t losers like you.

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                          4. Since reading about Wii U WW HD selling out with the pre order bundle (Sony drones wanna play dumb in acting like Wii U bundle WWHD pre orders arent selling out) I’m sure Wii U will be fine this holiday season.

                            1. Well, it’s still available online to pre-order, but yeah it seems to be selling a decent number of pre-sales.

                              I wanted to upgrade but there really is no point. D;

                              I’ll just be getting WWHD when it drops next month.

                          5. Man, Pikmin 3 needs more recognition. I thought that would be the game to save the Wii U. But I suppose it needs more than just one major game to bring the sales up.

                            1. I believe SM 3D World, DKCTF and Mario Kart 8 will be the ones to raise Wii U sales. Of course, I know how strong is the Smash Bros franchise, but highly I doubt that the next entry will make the Wii U really pick up. :(

                              TW101 is still a mystery, in my opinion.

                          6. I think Pikmin is selling good, not “the game that will save the Wii U” but it is doing well. The Wii U needs more major games, a good Mario title and maybe a Donkey Kong. I am still waiting for good news, but so far… still waiting,,, still waiting…

                            1. I don’t know why they believe Pikmin 3 is a massive system seller. It’s a niche title only Nintendo fans would really know about. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, they’re the system sellers.

                            2. Truth be told, Nintendo gamers buy the hardware to play the first party software. I’ve been convincing myself about that. Indeed, the industry has been aware of that for ages, and that’s why so many great games are skipping the Wii U. For instance, I confess I’m tired of EA’s litany, but ultimately we need to deal with things like that. Now I’ll make my point: there are almost no thirty party games to fill the existent gaps between the Nintendo first party titles; that’s why most of times we feel like a ship derelict to the whim of the wind…

                              1. Good point. But I don’t know if this is the worst problem for Nintendo. I think there is also a kind of anti-marketing surrounding Nintendo. Statements like “Nintendo is for kids” or “the hardware is weak” also contributes to the image of the company. You know, lies repeated becomes truth.

                                1. Exactly. This kind of anti-propaganda infected even the most hardcore Nintendo gamers. See what the average of us think about the Wii.

                                  In my opinion, the Wii has its place and importance in the video game history. After SNES, is my favorite Nintendo console. On it, I can play Wii games, Gamecube games, a lot of 80’s and 90’s classic games from several platforms, etc, and it introduced the motion controls, which I really like – although I know a lot of people doesn’t.

                                  Even being a great machine, all the bashing on Wii made several Nintendo fans hate that little piece of wonder.

                                  Finally, the anti-marketing towards Nintendo really bothers me. Websites like IGN today are so biased that turns out really hard to find a decent place to get updated with regard the gaming industry. Polygon and Joystiq used to be better on Nintendo, but I feel they are also getting worse as time passes.

                                    1. They really are.

                                      On the one hand, that western mentality towards guns, bullets, blood and gore is responsible for that. But, on the other hand, we cannot rule out any of those strategic mistakes Nintendo has been doing lately.

                                      People tend to think that horsepower stands just for graphics. It is not true. Better hardware specs allow to better AI, shorter loading times, longer games, and so on.

                                      Although I really enjoy my Wii U, Nintendo should have been able to power up that hardware. OK, that would make it a bit more expensive, but it would guarantee a longer lifespan and more adoption by the third parties, establishing the system better and deeper, increasing the Nintendo both market and mind shares.

                                      Nintendo will be there for the next generation. I’m sure of that. But they will have to sweat a lot to convince that the next home console will be on par of the competitors home consoles.

                                      1. I think it would have matter if the wiiu was more powerful third party’s would still be doin what they are doin against Nintendo also I think square enix is goin to have a harsh new gen wake up call.

                                  1. This is so true, man! You said everything!
                                    The Wii is also my second favorite console of all time. I loved the motion controls, that was the main reason I bought the Wii in 2007. The pointer of the Wiimote for me is the best way to play FPS games. People also say that the Wii has no games, which is a lie. I was talking about it some days ago here with Tyler, and he made a huge list of good games on the Wii.
                                    Unfortunately the console was misunderstood and it is also affecting the Wii U.

                                    I used to visit Gamespot but I don’t trust them anymore, at least when they’re talking about Nintendo.

                                    It would be great if the Wiii U becomes a success. I still hope.

                                    1. The Wii gaming library is nothing but AMAZING!

                                      In fact, there is a great misconception towards the Wii. It is such a pity…

                                      I love motion controls. They made me love gaming again. In reality, the Wii gave me back all the joy I used to have during the NES/SNES era.

                                      I also love how we can play FPS games using Wii Remote & Nunchuck. So delightful!

                                      1. Yes, same with me. The NES/SNES era was unique!

                                        I can see by your picture that you like the old days! This brings me good memories!

                                        1. It was, indeed! My avatar picture depicts my favorite wholeheartedly franchise ever.

                                          I have fond memories about those glorious days… :)

                                          1. For me Mario, Mega Man and Castlevania are my three favorites of all time.
                                            Mega Man is great, very challenging game! I still remember the time when Mega Man 3 was released!
                                            I like Castlevania only until Castlevania 4 for the SNES. I didn’t like the way it took after that.

                                            1. That was the golden era for Capcom, Nintendo and Konami.

                                              They used to deliver so much using so little – when it comes to hardware power, no way to compare what we have today to what we had those days.

                                              And even with limited resources, the gaming experience was so amazing… I miss that era…

                                              All Mega Man games are gems. The 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th were superb! Recently, Inafune said that Capcom put a lot of pressure to the team to release Mega Man 3, and that the game was somehow rushed… Fantastic, right? I wonder how the polished game could be…

                                              I liked Castlevania 1 and 3! So nice gameplays, so nice storylines!

                                      2. Man, your opinion of the Wii sure is different from mine. I’ll give you that.
                                        For me, I DESPISE the motion controls. It pretty much ruined it for me for the last 6+ years. With only a few exceptions of games that the motions controls worked perfect in (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, New Play Control Pikmin 1 and 2 etc.).

                                        Fighting games (for example) usually always failed due to the motion controls. And I totally HATED the way certain games (such as golf) made you hold the Wii remote like a real golf club. WHO THE HECK WANTS TO DO THAT WHEN THEY PLAY A GAME? The first time I played the golf game in Wii Sports, it showed me how BAD that was.

                                        1. I understand you… As I said above, I know that lots of people don’t enjoy motion controls…

                                          But Wii Sports broke paradigms. Wii did the same as well.

                                          Most of times there’s a price to pay when you go over the boundaries. Maybe that’s why Wii U is on life support right now.

                                          In the end, it would be such a boring scenario if the three companies (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) delivered the same type of experience. Thankfully we had something different from Nintendo in the 7th and now, in the 8th generation.

                                          Have you tried Lostwinds 1 and 2? Red Steel 1 and 2? For sure they would be included to the list you mentioned. They are wonderful games. There are others which make good use of motion controls, too. Also, the fighting games for Wii supported the Classic Control, which I used to play them. There I agree with you: there are some types of games that require several buttons on a regular joystick.

                          7. So much talk about the Vita and N-Dub Nation…

                            The only thing that matters is that the 3DS could beat the DS when it reaches the end of its existence…

                            1. Hi, Commander!

                              Good morning for you! :)

                              The DS has sold around 155 mil worldwide. That is impressive!

                              As of today, 3DS has sold 33 mil.

                              The DS is almost 9 years on the market, while the 3DS is a little bit more than 3 years. Today, I don’t dare to affirm that the 3DS will overtake the DS, but… Who knows?

                              1. Good morning indeed…

                                It all depends on future titles post Pokemon X/Y and Zelda…

                                And concerning that the 2DS is a part of the 3DS family, it should be taken into account just like the DS/DSi are one and the same…

                                Maybe we see another generation pokemon at the end of its lifecycle?…

                                1. Right, Pokemon and Zelda are big franchises.

                                  We also have to consider all the RPGs that are loved in Japan, the country in which handheld gaming – I mean, the 3DS – is sovereign.

                                  I see a nice future and lot of potential for 3DS, which lifespan will last until 2017 – I’m guessing this, obviously. By that time, maybe it can at least equate DS worldwide sales.

                                  But… Sometimes I’m afraid of Nintendo EAD getting exhausted of ideas eventually… That could greatly impact the 3DS and Wii U management… SM 3D World and all the recent talk about remakes for both – actually, more for the Wii U – are clear signs of that for me… :(

                                  1. I think it’s time for High Command to hand over the flame to Lord Miyamoto’s Legion of successors…

                                    He alone established our empire as the dominant force in gaming, imagine how an entire legion of new Lords that have been molded after his image…

                                      1. Shigeru Miyamoto and Keiji Inafune – altough the latter never worked for Nintendo – are my heroes.

                                        I have high hopes that Miyamoto still has some excellent ideas to bring out to us.

                                        Eiji Aonuma is also an excellent brain. Although I didn’t like SS, he’s the man who made the Zelda series be what it is today.

                                        In fact, I think Nintendo still has good brains. We cannot forget both Retro Studios and Monolith Soft.

                                        But so that everything works, the big guys from Nintendo need to take the right decisions, at the right moment, towards the right direction. I can be wrong, but I see they have lost the way with regard the Wii U, as I see so much effort for the 3DS and so little of it for Wii U…

                                        In addition, let’s not forget all the mistakes they’ve been doing to the Mario franchise lately… :(

                                        1. Personally I think High Commander Aunoma is losing his touch with the Zelda franchise although the new Zelda U will determine whether that’s true or not…

                                          I want to know what High command had in mind when they first created the blueprints for the Wii U…

                                          I really hope that all these games today or merely because they want to test the HD capabilities and because of lack of manpower…

                                          If there are no games that utilizes the Gamepad in such ways that no other than our empire can create then I’d say that the concept of the Wii U has failed…

                                          And should have another price reduction next year…

                                          1. Game and Wario kind of utilizes the Gamepad in a nice way. But its use is so great when it comes to Rayman and TW101. I really love how those games utilize the Gamepad.

                                            Nintendo should use better both the Gamepad itself and the NFC technology, also.

                                            One thing that I have yet to get used is to swap between the TV screen and the Gamepad. It’s so natural on the DS/3DS, but kind of uncorfortable on Wii U…

                                            1. Well I’ll judge myself when I get my hands on my own to see whether it really uses them in the way I imagined it to feel like…

                                              Why is it uncomfortable?…

                                              1. It’s hard to explain, actually…

                                                In the case of the two-screens native home console, I feel that swapping between such two screens kind of unnatural. Swapping between the two screens of a handheld is much smoother.

                                                But why do I think that?

                                                My understanding is that, while in the DS/3DS the two screens are almost coplanar, almost in the same plane – spatially speaking – the Gamepad and the TV screen are not. You need to adjust your focus – physiologically speaking. It turns out to be a little bit uncomfortable to me.

                                                This is my theory, I don’t know if others think or feel the same, though…

                                                1. Maybe you still have not come to adjust to this feature then…

                                                  But of course, it’s up to each individual…

                                                2. Right… But I really would like to listen other’s comments about that…

                                                  Maybe I’m the only one to go through that… But maybe not…

                                                  Well, time to go to bed. Already September 13th, 12:14 am here…

                                                  See you later, Commander! Hope you have a nice Friday!

                                2. HAHAHA This is so funny all the fanboys from all the camps are here fightin while im laughin and ready to play with my 3DS,WiiU,Ps3,PsVita,X360.

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