Nintendo Says It Is Aware Of Demand For A Unified Account System For 3DS And Wii U


Nintendo of America’s head of business development, Dan Adelman, has told Destructiod that the company is fully aware of users complaints regarding a lack of a unified account system for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. However, Adelman confesses that it isn’t his department and that developers behind eShop games haven’t really been vocal about it.

“We don’t have anything new to announce, unfortunately, other than we’ve definitely heard that feedback many times from both inside and outside the company. It’s definitely something that we’re very much aware of. All development for the infrastructure really happens out of Japan, so we’ve kind of communicated this need in the market, and they’re very much aware of it and working towards really just always improving the eShop.”

“In terms of how developers or consumers are impacted by it, I’ve definitely read a lot of frustrations from consumers. I actually haven’t heard it too much from developers — it just doesn’t come up as much in conversation, or if it does come up, it’s usually from a standpoint of them also being a consumer as well as a developer. But I have never heard a developer say, ‘I’m interested in making games for the eShop, but because of this account system, I really don’t feel comfortable doing that.’ That hasn’t seemed to be a barrier at this point.”


      1. giving them the least expensive systems and the best exclusives is not pleasing customers?
        get major nelson’s dick out out your ass!

          1. Same for PS2 when it started but did that stop them? Did it stop 360, PS3 and Wii too? No? Then grow your missing brain part back before retardation infects you again.

        1. amen, the cheapest development cost for publishers and developers, the cheapest system for consumers, the best franchises of all time, the best indie support (recently) the coolest social network ever created. the sweetest controller since gamecube… seriously the gamepad is amazing. Yes i wish it would have a unified account, they need it bad. ive lost a 3ds and with out a police report i can never get my software back but eventually it will happen, hopefully begore its to late.

    1. Can someone help me understand how they are losing their Nintendo Digital purchases?

      I’ve broken, destroyed, transferred, and have never had much trouble getting my eShop games transferred to new hardware.

      What are you guys (Like Simply G) doing to lose your eShop games to the point you can’t get them back? Seriously, I’ve done EVERYTHING to my hardware and have always been able to redownload / restore / transfer my purchases. Either I’ve transferred them, or Nintendo CS has.

      What am I missing?! D:

      1. I’ve stoped buying stuff on eShop because of the lack of an unified account system and the censoring of Binding of Isaac. PSN offers a much better service, so does Xbox LIVE, Steam and Apple. It’s time for Nintendo to catch up

        1. Youre missing out then, its true that they need a unified account but that didnt stop people from buying and enjoying games thats currently on eshop..

          1. True, but it also didn’t stop a lot of people from losing all their digital games at some point. If you don’t mind that risk then go ahead and keep buying. If all would band together and stop buying digital until Nintendo changes to a true account system, better yet a true unified account system then they would change really fast. The wallet votes!

            1. Yeah, I was one of those individuals who lost a crap ton of downloads ($$$$$) from my Wii and 3DS. That’s why I refuse to make purchases on the Wii U and 3DS from the eshop now.

        1. Companies are collective bodies. Its not one guys just saying, ”Hey! Lets screw ourselves up today” Each move is analyzed by marketing experts, not wannabe idiots on the internet. These experts look at the estimated time to do something becase there are many, many factors that can influence a product or move in a company. Risks have to be taken account of, limitations, budget, development time, audience are few of them. Nintendo, unlike sony and microsoft, is a videogame exclusive company, therefore their consoles sorely focus on playing videogames and innovating as adding DVD players and the likes would cost them unnecessary money. Also, Nintendo has a reputation to keep. If Nintendo struggles for whatever reason, they can’t hold on to anything like Sony, for example.

          1. While all of what you said is true, it seems funny that in this instance, Nintendo has gone with the option that gives me zero control over the content I purchased, and must be repurchased for every seprate Nintendo platform I own. We all know and complain of the legendary greed of Apple, Microsoft, and Sony, but I’ve only had to buy digital copies of Angry Birds, Shadow Complex, and FFVII once, and work across the respective companies’ devices universally. Odd that since I’ve bought the same Zelda and Mario games on DSi, Wii, 3DS, and potentially Wii U, Nintendo seems to be in no rush to stop me from buying those games again, as long as I’m willing to pay. Yes, I know that’s how businesses work, by making money, but is the $1 earned from me repurchasing Super Metroid really worth the Goodwill this is costing them with their consumers? Of course not, and they know it, as is demonstrated by their .30 cent program for rereleases on Wii U VC.

            1. I will say that repurchasing software rubs me the wrong way… At least I can get it for a Dollar if bought prior in some cases, but it needs to be in all cases. $1 Nintendo fee, regardless how or when I purchased it. Not the whole pay full price thing.

            2. Were you able to play digital games you bought from your PSP directly on your Vita without having to repurchase it?

            3. Understand, I’m not saying Nintendo shouldn’t have done this already, I’m saying that I usually get angry when Nintendo fans rage because they dont get what they want.

      1. You’re right, Nintendo aren’t that smart enough to make account systems that have been around since the start of last gen. Oh glorious Next Gen Wii U doesn’t need it right?

        1. Wii U is a next gen console, but it doesn’t meet the standard of wannabe expert idiots on the internet, therefore people undermine the console.

          1. RIght, Nintendo is a company, therefore they can do know wrong because they are full of “experts”. People on the internet have no right to criticize my beloved Nintendo (Whom I will sell my soul too) because I assume they are uneducated and have no life, considering many have gone to university and hold several degrees, but they are on the internet, they can’t be right -Silent 2013

            1. I dont know why you suddenly changed your mind and are saying these things. By the way, 2013 is a very busy year

      1. but the thing is: how can they sell the same game twice if the games for each system are different? you can’t find Pushmo in WiiU and you can’t find TokiTori 2 in 3DS because each game is made specifically for each system. it’s not like PSN, as barely every game released for PS3 was also available for PSVita, which i don’t understand, as i would only buy the two systems for their different games.
        i understad that people want an account system for 3DS, but an “unified” account system is a bit illogical as, as i said, each system has their own games, so you can’t play WiiU games on 3DS and viceversa.

          1. What they need is an eshop app for phone so we can check for update and for buying games where ever youre at without going through your wiiu..

            1. What’s even the point of that? You’d rather use a phone to buy a game, then go home to your Wii U and play the game rather than just buying it through the Wii U itself? That’s the most illogical and useless thing I’ve heard someone suggest.

              1. Except it’s not illogical at all, you motherfucking idiot, you buy a game while you’re out, it downloads and installs, you come home and everything is ready, you stupid son of a bitch, was that so hard to think about

              2. How is eshop app illogical? Say I’m at work and want to buy as an example Wind Waker and play it when I get home. I go in, buy it, send it to my Wii U to download and it should be ready by when I get home.

                Please explain how it is illogical?

                1. Well, I think if anything, it’d just be better if you could preorder games on the eShop, much like preordering albums off iTunes. Creating an app for mobile devices seems unnecessary when you could do that.

                  However, if Nintendo were to finally put virtual console games on mobile devices (considering everyone just emulates. Although that might mean no one would buy them lol), then an eShop app could do that and buy games for your 3DS/Wii U.

                  And sorry, Rich. I was very unkind with my reply.

                  1. We aren’t talking about putting games on mobile devices, We’re talking about just putting the eshop on there, you know, like how Steam is on mobile devices?

                    What happens if the game is already out? They need an app and that pre order feature, I think they’re making an app anyway, they’re just taking years with it like they always do.

        1. Not true. I quit reading once you said every game released on the PS3s PSN was playable on Vita. That just shows me you have no clue what you’re talking bout. There are EVEN PS1 classics that you cant play on Vita that are on the PS3 such as Crash Bandicoot and Ape Escape. Your point is a lame attempt to make Nintendo look like they’re fine.

          1. his point stands…. you can buy crash on ps3 but you can’t play it on vita?! and you don’t complain? how is that different from buying a game on Wii U and can’t play it on the 3DS? ….but yet you complain

          2. @orryc87 I live in the UK and I have 3 PS1 Crash Bandicoot games that I bought from the UK PlayStation Store using my PS3 and I’ve downloaded them to my PS Vita and I’m able to play them.

        2. They can sell the same game twice if a person’s system is stolen or breaks. I am one of those individuals who had the misfortune of that happening to my 3DS and Wii. I spent hundreds of dollars on downloads on them and when I report this to Nintendo, what do they do? “We can’t help you.”

          Welp, thanks Ninty… No more support from me until you get your stuff straight. All of my digital purchases were right there and verifiable on my Club Nintendo account since I linked the system, but they told me I would have to repurchase them if I wanted to download them again. Nope… Not going to happen.

          So, my Wii U right now – strictly physical games; which kind of sucks, because there are some digital downloads that I would really like to play.

      1. i guess that, what he’s tyring to say is that, MS and Sony do a lot… like a LOT more things than Nintendo, Ninty just makes game.. that’ts it, the other two… holy shit how many things have done

        1. They are just making games…that they can’t make and only consoles that are the worst on the market, Nintendo sucks

  1. Unified accounts and your account not being teathered to your system permently would solve alot of problems that people have.

  2. I always assumed it’d arrive with the Miiverse update for the 3DS.

    But I guess that depends on whether Miiverse for 3DS is a seperate application like eShop/VC games or whether its built in functionality like the Web Browser and Notepad. If it’s the latter, I assumed the 3DS would receive a huge update which adds Miiverse and an account system.

    We shall see what happens.

      1. ??? It doesn’t have to be built in. Both the Wii U and 3DS have network capabilities and can receive system software updates. It has less to do with the hardware that’s already available and more to do with Nintendo being willing to put work into it on their side.

        1. I meant it needs to function like the browser, notes, and friend list, where you can access it during a paused game. If it was its own application, like the 3DS eShop, it would be a bit useless.

          1. It wouldn’t be completely useless that way, of course it would be limited though. At least the 3DS.

            The Wii U could handle everything else quite well though.

            1. Encryption have to do with hardware to let you know. Other than that, yea I agreed. This is a head of the Business department. This could be a problem. I don’t know how many time that the IT or R&D people prove to the business department that this should be this. Business department turn around, “Nope we are not making money this way.” and that is a problem. They need to take the wisdom of the IT and R&D words in generally.

              That is just my opinion.

              1. Data encryption is already available on the systems with the current hardware and network capabilities. All they really need to do is expand the network.

                Nintendo just complicated it for themselves by not doing this on the systems from the start.

    1. they can’t mess up this kind of thing… they gotta do it right at the first go… too much pressure it is

    2. You seem to be forgetting that most of their wealth now comes from their ridiculously impressive stock portfolio.

    3. How about that big stack of money they have in their money bin? Nintendo can easily invest in a unified network. Sony was a hardware company and figured it out. Nintendo can too.

      It’s called progress.

  3. “Close your eyes baby and lend me your finger
    Together we walk out as one
    No lonely nights, broken promises or fights will
    return anymore”

  4. I just want an account system where you dont lose everything you downloaded if you lose your console (Especially on handheld). Oh and cross-buy VC.

    1. Many want that. Its Bull Shit that their games are tied into console instead of account, i mean whats the point to create that fuckin account when your games arent tied into it. Shit Dude!

    1. Of course they dont care! Too many people are stupid enough to buy games and support that kind of BS treatin, fuck man!

    2. And customers are their goal to win over. Not just developers… After all the customers give them the most money…

    3. Correction: ”We know, but we are focused on something else.” Same thing they said with MK7 patch, price cut, etc.

      Once you understand the way different companies work, you will learn their moves.

      1. Oh, I understand. They just don’t want to clean up a mess they know they have. That’s Nintendo for you. They’re set in their way and don’t like much change.

        These are basic things that are an industry standard now. This shouldn’t have even been brought up after the systems were released, Nintendo should have known to include this in the systems’ capabilities from the start.

        1. Companies are not obliged to tell you everything they are doing. ”Nothing to” ”announce” or ”No plans” can mean that they are working on it and are not ready to announce it or they are not focused on something else. Representatives/Voice actors/etc can’t tell you everything they know because they are probably under a strong NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) They said nothing to announce on a price drop; the price drop came regardless of the fans raging for a cookie.

          Unlike many people think, Nintendo is not deaf to the clamors of its fans, the problem is that a lot of the fans request things that have absolutely no sense or it would cost too much to do it. Think about it like this, What would happen to Smash Bros if Sakurai decided to include every character request on miiverse?. That’s why they have to ignore, plainly because people don’t think about what they ask. Nintendo is in a mess right now, but they are working on fixing it and believe it or not, the Wii U is starting to get advertising and it also has a year advantage to its competitors. Remember, Nintendo is a [b]videogame[/b] company

          In summation, Nintendo don’t do whatever their fans ask them to, simply because Stupidity exists.

        2. “They dont like change”
          I blame Yamauchi and Iwata for this. Yamauchi especially, that guy i heard was super stuck up and did not want any change what so ever when it came to games

      2. Correction: “No ,we just don’t care, and we’re glad there are people who lack enough brains to actually defend our stupid decisions”

        1. Continue raging, they could be working on a metroid game right now and cancel it because it doesnt look good. Read my comment above.

          1. *Sigh* This is probably going to be my second Wii U given away the rate it is going. Nintendo seems to want to make it fail with all there stupid decisions.

              1. Shallow to comprehend but bold to criticize. I’m not saying Nintendo shouldn’t have done this, instead I am tired of Nintendo ”fans” raging because they don’t get what they want. Patience is a virtue of the wise.

                1. Patience results in endless waiting and moving to companies who can deliver the exact same thing but quicker. Nintendo makes it sound harder than it actually is. For a company that has billions and has lots of man power, they’re pretty lazy.

    4. I think they either don’t know how to fix it or can’t. Maybe it’s some problem with how the 3DS and/or Wii U are built; either its software or maybe hardware? I dunno, but they probably do care to an extent.

      Either way, you’d think they would have thought of this before making both the 3DS and Wii U. IDC if they “don’t look at competitors.” That’s partly why Nintendo is failing right now.

      1. There’s no “can’t.” It’s quite basic; something I learned in my second semester of computer networking. Of course setting up a network that large will be a bit more of a task, but creating accounts is easy.

        They can easily convert Club Nintendo accounts into an account that can be used across platforms as your Nintendo Network ID. You can attach your Club Nintendo accounts to your 3DS, Wii, Wii U, etc. and doing so logs your digital purchases. So there’s really no reason they can’t do it other than stubbornness and greed.

        They know, once they unify accounts, people will not have to repurchase any of their downloads when switching consoles. They want to be “different” from the other consoles. And frankly I think Nintendo is a little bit of a technophobe when it comes to progress. They talk about all of this innovation but refuse to accept industry standards. These things can easily be made available to the current systems via a software update. But because they already instituted some archaic and ridiculous system where your account is tied to the hardware…. Yeah…

        They just screwed up, know it, and don’t want to bother going through the trouble of trying to fix it. It’s why I refuse to purchase anything more from their eshop. I lost hundreds of dollars worth of downloads when my systems were no more and because of their hardheaded attitude, I couldn’t get any of those games back. Games logged on my Club Nintendo account that I purchased legitimately.

          1. Most things are easy, just Nintendo are tightasses and people love to defend there idiotic moves. Nintendo will learn though.

          2. There is more than that. Accounts merging is just not that simple. Creating new accounts then oh yea. That is probably why they got Nintendo Network ID rather than Club Nintendo. Club Nintendo is the family account while Nintendo Network ID is not. Nintendo Network ID is supposed to be personal account.

            Simply G is correct that this should be industry standard and Nintendo should do some research or include the account system. I say they should fix it ASAP.

        1. The big issue, is there are two sets of accounts and the names don’t always match up. Or there is multiple family users on system, so they have to merge everyone with one button, otherwise they have track over manually or if they get a bunch of pissed customers calling cause stuff was erased off their system and database when they merge. Also, all of this stuff is tied to the Miiverse and other Nintendo things. Its not as simple as port to a new server. Then take into that even though both Wii U and 3DS run on ARM processors, there OS is fairly different.

          They really have allot of work to do to get it to match up without screwing people by accident. IF they release both systems at the same time, it would be no problem, but that is why they are merging both R&D and consolidating buildings.

          I think they backed themselves into a corner more than anyone is realizing here. But unified accounts are happening and it maybe sooner than people think, but every keep up the good work, I mean keep on bitching.

          And again Dan Aldman seems like the wrong person to ask, he isn’t involved with databases and firmwares. He is the indie guy, which Nintendo have taken many good steps on (better than MS and equal or even a step better to what Sony has done this year).

        2. Creating new account is pretty damn easy but merging accounts is not. Think of permissions on your accounts or groups. It is not simple as “create” a new account on the server and the Nintendo devices connect to it. Sure, you can use “usermod” on user or group to change the permissions. Also Club Nintendo account is a family account and not a personal account. So that is a bit of the problem. Only solution I can think of is that you can choose which games go to which account. But Nintendo state: “All products are non-transferable.” but that can be exception.

          I think you mean Nintendo Network ID and not Club Nintendo account. Nintendo Network ID keep record every single thing you bought on Nintendo Wii U. They should somehow made the Nintendo 3DS hardware to input the Nintendo Network ID and merge. Also the Nintendo 3DS should provide the output. The input and output can be simple as adding the IP address with port number in encryption. Like I said about merging account is not that’s simple. Also encryption take a lot of hardware power and hopefully the Nintendo 3DS can support these encryptions.

          Other than that, I agreed with you that it is industry standard. They should fix it ASAP if they want to make more money or complete with other.

          1. No, I know what I meant. I said what I meant. But I also added that Nintendo already screwed themselves over with the system that’s currently in place, so they are just going to have a difficult time getting everything sorted.

  5. Fucking dammit Nintendo, if Sony and Microsoft can do it, why the fuck can’t you do it? This is 2013, not 2001!

    1. microsoft doesn’t have a unified account system… they don’t even have 2 systems. your games are in your Gamertag and that’s it.. but yea this is 2013 nintendo!

          1. Unified accounts. My trophy information carries over from PS3 to PS4 to Vita. Also, if my PS3 gets stolen, at least my downloaded games aren’t lost forever.

            1. Fair enough but many people have it mix it Nintendo could do a account system but it dosnt mean the vc games they buy can be used on the wiiu or the other. They could actually make the account system but only so you could change your games from 3ds to 3ds or wiiu to wiiu but what you buy on either stay where it was bough. Exsample ballon fight wiiu can be change between wiiu’s but not to 3ds. Their is to many things to take into consideration.

      1. What nonsense are you speaking? Microsoft’s network is VERY unified. The same account can be used across Skype, Hotmail/Windows Live, Xbox Live, Windows mobile, Zune Marketplace, etc.

        1. I think he means games. Buying a game in Xbox like kingdom for keflings dosnt give you the PC version. This theme is blowed out of proportion because people belive unified account means different things.

    2. They dont do it because too many people accept Bull shit treatin. Of course if they get money with it they wont do it, “fans” are the ones to blame. Fuck it dude.

      1. As someone who is in the proses of getting a 3rd 3DS, if it had unified accounts, I would buy games more often. The only ones I have purchased are (LoZ: Links Awakening, LoZ: Oracle of Seasons and Ages, and Mario Land) on my XL, I shouldnt have to buy the game again to play it on my launch 3DS and future 2DS.

    3. Sony is a company made up of different sections of electronics. If its console market fails, they have other things to hold on to. Same with Microsoft. Although Sony is in quite the mess right now.

            1. If only you could tell if a console was set to “boom” before it was released or used by the general public.

              1. Pre orders are insanely high? It’s sold out everywhere, Wii U never was, X1, well day one editions are gone at least.

                  1. No they weren’t. Pre orders at my local store were available right up until release date. PS4 on the other hand, people are in a queue now.

                    1. Well here it is quite the opposite. Wii U sold out fast and ps4 well not so much.

                    2. PS4 has queues already in place in basically all major retailers. So yeah … don’t believe you … My friend just pre ordered one, has to wait till next year before he gets it.

                1. If I remember correctly wii u deluxe edition sold out in days and well it isn’t exactly selling the bes at the moment.

  6. Nintendo wont do it because if money. Say you already bought Super Mario Bros on Wii U. Making it unified would give you a free download of it on 3DS or refund the money you already bought it for. Nintendo is winning with 3DS. With Wii U though… they are heading down Dreamcast lane.

    1. YEah dude! They get more sales and money because “fans” are ready to pay 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000+ times for the same games over and over again. DAmn Dude! Fuck!

  7. ‘I’m interested in making games for the eShop, but because of this account system, I really don’t feel comfortable doing that.’

    What kind of an arrogant excuse would that even be? Obviously they have no problem, because people are dumb enough to buy the product twice, maybe even forced if their shit breaks down. This is once again proof that Nintendo are some of the most arrogant pricks in the industry, and it boggles my mind when people speak of microtransactions and DLC as if it’s the death of gaming, that stuff is only bad when it devalues the experience (like Asura’s Wrath) or it’s on disc.

    THIS is the kind of abusive business model that doesn’t give a fuck if you’ve been a fan for decades or just entered the Nintendo universe; where there’s money to be made legally, they will do it. I think a unified system should be the fucking law, ’cause who’s to say what could happen with the property?

    I’m just appalled at this, they’re so far behind times, and it doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

    1. You may be right about the unified account but Nintendo behind the times? Nintendo makes VIDEOGAME consoles, not multimedia boxes that play videogames. If you want to do anything major besides playing games, then Nintendo is not for you, fella. Reggie himself said it,” Its all about the games!!!”

    2. It doesn’t bother them because they know there fan base is a bunch of sheep that accept there excuses. If Nintendo decided to not have any kind of online in the 3ds or Wii U and gave the excuse “we don’t believe online content gives you the Nintendo experience so we won’t be using it and if you want online content go and buy a ps3/ or 360” the fan boys would say “you know what Nintendo is right we don’t need online content in video games” that’s just how stupid the Nintensheep are

          1. sony’s fanbase of dickeaters are a bunch of clueless morons who fall in love with everything they do and shit out! remember when you putas were hyping up the ps move!!!!

            1. The difference is Sony gives you your moneys worth and doesn’t shit on its fanbase. You lack the brains to see that because you are a nintensheep. $400 for. 500gb very powerful system vs $350 (till price cut) 32gb shitty weak system with crappy online no type of useful UI etc. You pick….and Sony doesn’t give out bullshit excuses like Nintendo and they actually listen to there fan base. they put online in there games even Microsoft is better than Nintendo right now SMH

                  1. No… Wii U isn’t all that bad you know. It’s got a handful of great games out right now. People act like the Wii U is worst than it actually is.

                    1. It’s pretty shit. The Gamepad is good, it has the odd few games, but it’s full of gimped ports and old ports. The web browser is shit (I don’t know why people think it is good). For $400, it’s probably the worst piece of electronics I’ve ever bought.

                    2. Add Lego City and a few indie titles like Toki Tori and DuckTales and yeah, that’s the only real good games out

                    1. X1 is still better value. 3rd party support, 1st party support, Indie’s are now heading over and the console is considerably more powerful for not much more money (where I live anyway). Wii U is a pile of shit. Mine is collecting dust again, hopefully WW HD can change that …

                    1. No, it’s shit. All console browsers are shit, slow, and down and outright terrible. I’d rather just use my iPad, it actually works like it is suppose to.

                    2. @jellybean, As a matter of fact I own the 4th generation ipad and an Iphone 5 and the Wii U’s web browser is just as good as both of them, if not better(not as good as my computers browser obviously). The Wii U browser is not shit. I’m actually using my Wii U to type this.

                    3. Cool, well I’ve owned 2 Wii U’s so far, and they have been the worst browsers I have ever used. Heck, my old iPad 1 a few years back worked faster than this hunk of junk. My Vita works faster than it! Than again, Nintendo probably cheaped out with the parts.

                    4. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, all console browsers are a pile of shit. Just like the Wii U is.

                    1. I use the PS3 and Wii U browser. I found the Wii U browser a more convenience since you pause and use the browser without quitting the game. I wish the PS3 have this feature as well. Also the touch screen help a lot as well. But seriously, I wouldn’t use those browsers if I got the laptop or Vita with me.

                      I found the browser is okay. Not crap nor great.

                1. Also, isn’t that essentially the point of the next gen system? To upgrade from its predecessor?

                  And you are telling him to go back to school?

                  1. He’s a dumb Nintendo puppet. the Wii U is not worth its price tag anyone with a brain can see that. Like you said shitty browser, shitty 3rd party ports and 1st party rehashes. Its not worth your money 32gb ???? LOL he’s the reason Nintendo keeps giving there fans shit because people like him accept anything Nintendo offers. Remove the expensive as shit gamepad add more gigs and then I’ll consider a Wii U cuz at that point it would be around $200

                    1. I hope Wii U fails and Nintendo release a console that isn’t well …. so damn fucking terrible. Keep the Gamepad idea though.

                    2. The problem with MK8 and Smash bros is that they’re so similar to their predecessors. But I have somewhat high hopes for MK8. Smash Bros. has been a letdown especially with every news that relates to it…

                    3. Yeah, I don’t think Smash bros will live up to its hype :( MK8 looks pretty cool though.

                2. @Silent

                  An imbecile like you telling someone to go back to school is very funny. You need to take your own advice kid.

              1. Yes because the PS Vita is my moneys worth. Do you not know the difference between flash memory and HDD

                1. Yes, most people know the difference. Flash memory is a lot less durable than HDD’s though. Too early to start investing in it yet imo.

                  PS Vita has far better value than the Wii U Currently.

                  1. Well I guess you see it as a better value. I see the wii u as a MUCH better value but to each there own.

                  2. “PS Vita has far better value than the Wii U Currently.”

                    Now I know to never take you seriously again.

                    1. He is right and beside it is his opinion. I somewhat agree that PS Vita have better value than Wii U right now. That’s also my opinion. I respect people like him that like PS Vita better than Wii U and people who like Wii U better than PS Vita.

                  3. PS Vita use flash memory from the memory cards. And I don’t know about Flash memory is a lot less durable than HDD. Flash memory is like SSD. SSD have been proven that it can outlast HDD in term of read-only. When it is come to write then it is different story. Most people want the SSD for backup. Because once the HDD reach the end of the life, you no longer can read the drive. While for SSD reach the end of the life, you can still able to read data but you will not able to write at all.

                    I somewhat agreed that PS Vita has better value than the Wii U right now. I been using my Wii U for VC and Wii mode when PS Vita cannot play ALL DIGITAL PS1, and PSP games. Hopefully that will change for both Wii U and Vita though.

        1. Same here so Nintendo cam wake up and realize there fucking up. The Wii U sucks and is outclassed by the 3ds in terms of software. Most 1st party games are on 3ds too and even the future ones will be (super smash bros U and 3ds) Mario kart 8, 7. NSMBU, NSMB3DS. 3d land, 3d world. Sonic lost world 3ds, U. There is absolutely no reason to get a wii U. Especially when 3ds is available for cheaper and worth your money. Nintendo just fucked up and already duh there grave. R.I.P WII U

          1. If Nintendo doesn’t do anything before the PS4 comes out, they’ve lost me with home consoles, I’m getting tired of there “please understand” and “have patience” bullshit. Then there are the fanboys, christ, if Nintendo went to mobile gaming only Nintendo fans would probably just go mobile only they’re that sad.

            1. There not. Look at there line up. Zelda WWHD, sonic lost world. Super Mario 3D WORLD (3D LAND HD) donkey long country tropical freeze (donkey long country returns HD WITH ICE ADDED) there line isn’t anything special. All stuff we’ve played before baring sonic lost world which is going to be on 3ds. WWHD is going to sell the most out of those which is a shame because it’s just a remake nothing special

            2. The PS4 line up isn’t appealing at all. It’s full of multiplats you can get on your current consoles. Killzone and Knack are very meh exclusives and not worth buying the system for at launch.

  8. And of course Nintendo under the midget troll’s command will never make a unified account system regardless of much demand there is.

        1. i’m not tonylane/n-dubnation. my name is the nintendo watcher and that is the only name you’ll ever know me by.

            1. FUCK YOU! bullying people for something they can’t help!!!! i hope you get raped and burnt to death you fucking disgusting parasite!

                1. the only thing you exposed was your ignorance. i’m still not tony lane and you are still a homosexual ass raped bully!

                    1. At this point we just have to do our best to ignore the moron. I think he’s so desperate he’ll take any attention he can get even if it’s extremely negative.

              1. “FUCK YOU! bullying people for something they can’t help!!!!”

                ” i hope you get raped and burnt to death you fucking disgusting parasite!”

                …..You have issues.

    1. I think the Head of the Business Department is not really thinking. The IT and R&D probably have a solution but the Business Department probably torn the solution down because they don’t “make money” out of this unified account. I would expect the Head of Business Department should know it is industry standard by now. I guess not.

    1. Why the fuck do you come to this site when all your gonna say is bad stuff about Nintendo? I mean come on guy.

    2. Sometimes I feel this same way… ~_~
      Nintendo is better at making handhelds than home consoles. i still have some hope they might make a turn around with the wii u, but each year i keep having less motives for buying their home consoles.

      1. The Australian Government is more than likely going to ban region locked consoles as they are extremely not consumer friendly. Have fun NIntendo!

        1. Really? Can you provide me some article? Not that I don’t believe you but I want to know more information about that. Perhaps this probably the wake up call for NIntendo if this happens.

          That mean PS4 and Vita going be best selling console there. XD

          1. I’ve been noticing you are getting into arguements with Nintendo fans and fanboys, you shouldn’t be surprised by that because this is a Nintendo site. All you say is bad things about Nintendo, like Wii U’s web browser which certainly isn’t bad. Why are you even here if all you say is negative incorrect statements?

            1. I like the 3DS and want to read Nintendo related News. And I’m hoping Nintendo can turn around the Wii U and make it good again.

              What is it with “fans” thinking anyone who hates the Wii U isn’t allowed on this site?

                1. That’s if Nintendo doesn’t turn it around. Then again, Nintendo probably won’t do anything, they’re good at that.

              1. You recently said you hoped the Wii U will fail and saying its shit. Also your just wasting your time on this site since you dislike Wii U.

                    1. *You’re

                      I have, they are me expressing my disgust with the Wii U, sorry you can’t handle it buddy. Wii U has little value and will be trounced when the PS4 & X1 release.

              2. Its fanboy logic. I too own a 3ds and I really enjoy it. Its the Wii U thats getting me mad. Sales show it sucks right now and the coming holiday isn’t going to help it. when ps4 and xbone drop GG. Nintendo just needs to stick with 3ds because that’s where there profiting from

                1. I’ll just keep it lying around for when the decent 1st party games come. Till then, I’ll be playing on PS4 and X1. Along with 3DS and Vita, they actually will be value for money.

                    1. Finally, we can agree on something.

                      Also dude, I don’t hate Nintendo, I still think 3DS is the best console out, and Nintendo can turn it around. I’m just sick of the decisions they made with the Wii U.

                    2. Sorry dude i overreacted a bit, I shouldn’t have acted like a fanboy. But Some people actually like the Wii U and IMO i think it’s the coolest system out, just not alot of games.

                    3. The Gamepad idea is honestly great. I love that idea, frankly if Nintendo had the power of the PS4, plus the gamepad, with all 3rd party support, I’d probably nearly be Nintendo only.

                      Just web browsers on all consoles are shit, I don’t see why people want to say there consoles browser is better than the other. I think I over reacted in wanting it to fail, I more so want it to struggle so it makes Nintendo pull its finger out. Sorry about all the name calling and that, it was immature of me.

                1. LOL. Okay cowboy. “Oh my Ipad one is better than Wii U” Oh Xbox One looks fantastic and Wii U is shit” idiot.

                  1. 1) I was referring to the speed of the browser, not the actual physical item, so please learn to read.
                    2) X1 is getting a strong 1st party line up, 3rd party line up, strong online, indies are now heading over, and it really isn’t that much more in money. Wii U has a few good games, some indies and the gamepad … that’s about it.

                    So yeah, Wii U is shit.

                    1. There is no use arguing with other people, you each have your own opinion on the system, think what you want. But you cant say you couldn’t see this coming. You said something negative about Nintendo on a Nintendo site.

  9. I don´t care about unified accounts, but I do care to have actually accounts where if my console gets lost, I can download the games again without problems

    1. That’s essentially what a unified account would provide. It’s linked to/united with the Nintendo network, and not your system. At the same time, it can stretch across other devices if those exist.

    1. Picture a room of monkeys. That’s Microsofts executives, Sony’s Marketing Team and Nintendo’s R&D Team all packed into one.

  10. This is where patience is needed. Not everything is going to go our way, we have to adjust to things in life and not complain about them. Constantly complaining makes the situation worst and doesn’t solve anything. Be patient and let them do their work. While, yes, I agree there should be a unified system, I can be patient and wait for them to make it.

    1. Considering Nintendo would never even consider doing it if people didn’t complain about there stupid move …

      It’s just like the Miiverse for smartphones and 3DS, how long have we been “patient”, I know for a fact it doesn’t take long to make apps.

      1. I know… Why is Nintendo so resistance to progress? It bet if Nin had it their way we be using cartridges and online games wouldn’t even exist.

          1. I bet if Nintendo put the same DRM policies in the Wii U that X1 was going to have fanboys would be praising it and saying, “I don’t like used games or being able to play offline anyway!”

            1. The X1 policies weren’t that bad anyway, it’s just a console version of steam, all they needed to do was to implement an offline feature like Steam.

              1. Actually a lot of Xbox fans were against the DRM. As stupid as they are they aren’t nearly as delusional as Nintendo fanboys.

                1. The hate against the DRM was just a bandwagon. If they just implemented an offline feature like steam, it would all be fine. Because essentially, it’s just another version of steam!

                  1. Got that right!! They’re ok with anything Nintendo gives them SMH they never speak up and they just say “Nintendo Is right, all hail Nintendo”

      2. There is a difference between a legitimate response to an issue and constantly complaining and crying just to make someone do something. In this case, there are too many people complaining and crying over Nintendo’s decisions. While I may not agree with every decision, people who constantly complain about them everyday doesn’t make things better. I know people are still going to do it, but I feel I should say this, anyway.

        As for how long it takes to make apps, that is there business and we can’t rush them. They have to handle things their way since this is their business. We are not entitled to have anything from them at our will.

    2. Well even the patience is need. Nintendo should do this a long time ago. Also they losing costumers already because they don’t have the accounts in places. I think they are relying on the casual market but that market is gone. The Wii is just a trend at the time.

    1. If after three years or more of knowing this was an issue, have still yet to do a thing about it, I doubt that in another year they’ll do it. Sony got that part right from day 1. Keep on waiting, you’ll grow white hair before Nintendo lifts a finger.

  11. Is it me or is My Nintendo News not posting as much as it used to. If you’re having problems posting its fine, i’m just wondering. Thanks :3

  12. I know they are doing it, I am sure its tied into Mii-verse and all of the Nintendo frame network stuff. The problem is they have two sets of accounts now, ones on the 3DS and one set to the official Nintendo network. Which means they have to do it in a way that doesn’t erase duplicate accounts. It would be much worse or costly if a 3DS firmware update erased your games by accident when it synced up. The reason it takes so long is cause when Nintendo finally does things its not half assed.

    Anyways, they are asking the wrong guy, its like in all big corporation, you don’t always know what the other department is doing.

  13. Well, Nintendo should have done it before. I don’t really care about this unified account, but many people does, so it’s important.
    Where are the good news Nintendo?

  14. idk what to think i the only one who thought the wii sucked too aside from a few good games it had? i really am not sure why it sold a lot. and wii u was a stupid ego filled name.

  15. I want to buy all Marios and all Megamans. BUUUT, I am waiting for my Nintendo ID to be tied with my 3DS and WiiU, in order to not buying twice. I had hope in Nintendo to having a money return program for this situation, but I also wanted an Ambassador Program for WiiU and NADA.

  16. i really dont want nintendo to fail bc they still offer some good titles, im just sick of seeing of seeing no improvement or progress. they either need to fire ppl or hire more. if it were up to miyamoto donkey kong would still be that barrel tossing ape.

  17. fuck this shit. why should i even fucking care, nintendo is so irrelevant and thats a fact. it wont matter, this is just another “yeah we see it” aka were just saying that because it needs addressing but we arnt going to do a thing. nintendo just lies about everything like little bitches!!!!! 3rd party, powerful system(yeah compared to the ps3 not ps4)winning back the core, no price drop for years, lieing about launch, the titles wernt even close being ready. all liesand so many more!!!!! fuck you irrelevant bastards and to all of you cock sucking corporate slaves, you retarded sheep will defend nintendo even if they came into your house and killed your family right in front of you!!

  18. Nintendo can do whatever they want at this point. Sony and Microsoft are such jokes you’d have to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome to want a PS4 or XB1.

  19. So to sum up:

    1. I hate Nintendo
    2. Exposing or not exposing N-Dub Nation
    3. I love Nintendo
    4. Iceazeama
    5. Unified account system or not

    And so on…

  20. If nintendo just could do like steam does or blizzard and make us who buy their games could get them back if we was to loose our wii u. Then I wouldn’t mind buying games that exists on discs. I’d actually prefer it. But as it is now I olnly buy games that is only available through the eshop and I really don’t like it. I know that if something happens to my wii u I would have lost my money. That sucks.

  21. I’d be happy with a serial number with each game I buy on the eshop emailed to me so that I can redownload it if my wii U gets stolen or something.

  22. People need to stop whining if they’re not willing to do anything about the situation. If Nintendo refuses to give us a unified account system, STOP BUYING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING OFF THE eSHOP! Shun and boycott it. If people continue buying games by that method, Nintendo will have no reason to respect their fans wishes.

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