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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Review Round-Up

wind_waker_hd_zelda_wallpaperReviews of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD are starting to pour in. The game, which is a high-definition remake of Nintendo GamCube title The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, has already received critical acclaim from a number of critics. Read excerpts from some of the published reviews of the game below:

Eurogamer: “Just like its young hero, The Wind Waker is crisp and energetic, spirited and soulful, just a little bit wayward – and it hasn’t aged a day.” 10/10

IGN: “If you’ve never braved this amazing seafaring adventure, the Wii U version offers the definitive way to experience a charming story that’s both charming and elegant.” 9.8/10

NowGamer: “Wind Waker HD brings with it a selection of improvements and tweaks to make it a prettier, more enjoyable game that newcomers and fans – even the most diehard – will find appealing.” 9.0/10

GameSpot: “The Wind Waker is a game about a young hero saving the world from the past actions of old men, but its HD update reaffirms that Nintendo’s most colorful Zelda game remains timeless.” 8.0/10

Metro: “A bad Zelda is still a good game by any other standard but this does frustrating little to improve its standing, beyond making the graphics look even more stunning.” 8/10

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD launches this Friday, September 20, in North America on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. It will then be released at retail on October 4 in both North America and Europe.


    1. So because the reviewer expresses an opinion and gives it 8/10 which is an extremely good score, the magazine is for idiots? You Nintendo fans are so immature ….

      1. Because he called it a “bad” game and I’ve never heard of it, it’s for idiots. But next time I want to be schooled in maturity I’ll be sure to ask the opinion of someone called “jellybean.”

      2. So because he had an opinion on a game, and since you never heard of the publication (world doesn’t revolve around you buddy), it must be for idiots? Ignorant little fanboy.

        Oh, so since I named myself after an Android operating system, I’m immature? Nice logic bro.

      3. No, I think you’re immature because you are going all over this website in the middle of the night, trying to stamp out everyone who doesn’t agree with you and affixing ridiculous strawman arguments to perfect strangers.

        What do you care what my opinion is if everyone’s so entitled to one? There’s a big, gaping hole in your raison d’etre there. You don’t know anything about me and yet I’m “ignorant”, “little” and a “fanboy.” Go back to bed, kid. You’re so full of shit someone’s bound to flush your computer down the toilet.

      4. Jellybean would you….oh forget it I am not up to a pointless argument with you right now.

      5. By the way, this publication is well known amongst many people, just because you live under a rock, doesn’t mean it is for idiots.

        Fanboys these days …

      6. Fanboy is what you ment, and all fanboys are immature so your last sentence was unneccessary.

      7. That last sentence was more so to get on Justin’s nerve ;) I know they’re all immature

      8. Kid?

        I’m 28 and have a kid, good assumptions there fanboy.
        Go back to attacking reviewers for there opinions like the mature person you are ;)

      9. Resorting to correcting grammar, oh the desperation …

        I think I’ll take the advice of many of the virgins and leave the site, it’s full of virgin, childish fanboys who think what they say goes. P.S. I hope the Wii U fails so I can laugh at you little Nintendo dick riders, It deserves to fail frankly! Nintendo are holding back the industry with their “innovation” lmao.

        Catch ya later buddies!

      10. Let’s not say that. I want the Wii U to succeed. Don’t wish for a product to fail because the fanbase is shit.

        Don’t leave pls, you’re one of the few intelligent people here.

      11. If by “intelligent” you mean “argues about pointless opinions”, you’re dead on.

      12. Considering Nintendo always do something different with their games consoles. What changes have Microsoft and Sony actually shown? Other than copying Nintendo. They got the gaming industry to where it is today. I am not being biased, simply stating facts.

      13. I seriously can’t believe the type of people these days that can actually get a girlfriend/wife and have kids etc. It boggles my mind.

      14. A review is not an opinion, guys, it’s an analysis. It’s supposed to be professional and informative, and that’s why I generally try to listen to reviews. Of course, you have to judge the reviewer to some extent when reading or watching, but overall, reviews are supposed to help gamers make a decision. That is all. :)

      15. But he is an idiot. He doesn’t realise that the Tingle Tuner gets turned into the Tingle Bottle with Miiverse support.

        “Cons: The game was always a lesser entry in the franchise and this does almost nothing to improve it. Very expensive given the lack of changes. Strange omission of the Tingle Tuner.”

    2. Metro is a UK ‘free’ newspaper distributed on the London Underground and public transport across the country – it is however paid for by advertising and had two massive full page GTA adverts in the last edition I read – can we say biased?

      1. I know right, people thinking they can have their own opinion about a game review, despicable …

      2. Not knocking their opinion… Just this is the first negative I have seen out of a sea of positive opinions is all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. So no snotty retort was necessary.

  1. As expected, a Zelda game gets the highest honor.

    Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game, so I have no problem buying a Wii U for WWHD.

    I can’t wait for future Zelda games on the Wii U

  2. Just looking at Metro’s summary, even to this day, people are still salty over the things like the sailing in Wind Waker.

      1. That was unintentional xD i play alot fighting games so i say stuff like salty and scrub alot haha

    1. I’m surprised they aren’t complaining about IGN not giving it 10/10.

      Metro had a different opinion, so they’d rather immaturely attack them instead.

      1. Honestly im complaining because deducting 0.2 is just pointless.
        The only reason they did it is because GTAV got a 10/10, so you’d just have idiots saying “yo dis aint as good as GTAV”, and you know, reviewers gotta sell it hard, as we could tell from the massive increase in effort put into their GTAV review (although the game is very good) compared to saaaay Wonderful 101, which again, was clearly reviewed by someone not good at video games, and lacking any knowledge what so ever in character action games, instead of giving it to someone who did, kinda like how they gave the Splinter Cell Blacklist review to a huge fan of Splinter Cell.

        But you know, Nintendo isn’t trending, and Wonderful 101 doesn’t have mass appeal so why bother? -.-

        Man i hate this industry.

      2. The gal who reviewed The Wonderful 101 is the one who reviewed Grand Theft Auto V.

        Deducting 0.2 points isn’t pointless. IGN’s scale is 9-9.9=amazing. 10.0=masterpiece.

        Jose Otero probably felt like the game was amazing, but should not be considered a masterpiece; the Mona Lisa of gaming. Maybe because it’s a remake? Who knows.

      3. Okay, firstly, what point did that prove?

        Wonderful 101 and GTAV are totally different. It proves my point even further as to reviewers who are just one trick ponies and can’t play one game but can do another, but are hired to do both.

        As for the rating system….are you for real? Aside from 60% of the “out of 10” rating system being utterly useless because 1-6 is a no buy, you really want to get into decimal ratings? Come on man….
        There’s no justification for it, it’s there for one reason only, to quell fanboys and sell out super hard because they know GTAV being the only 10/10 for September/October will sell.

        Reviewing a game isn’t math.

      4. GTAV is not that great though. It has a boring story(so far) with degenerate main characters. Who wants to role-play as a fucking crackhead? However, according to IGN it’s a masterpiece? Ummm, The hell it is.

      5. Pointless? I loved Wind Waker, but no matter what you do with the visuals it’s not gonna be worth a 9.8/10. Sorry

      6. Just as you are attacking everyone else here?? I don’t get it. Your snotty commentary makes you just as much as a fanboy as the people you are attacking back

      7. No… Just seems a bit hypocritical… I post above a bit of surprise on the bad review and you instantly attacked me based on my surprise because of all the positive reviews of the same game. Seems if you are a MAN of 28 with a child of your own then you should be a bit more mature than to go onto every post that may disagree with you calling them names and attacking them back. Especially when the post like mine was not an attack at all but an expression of surprise that you assumed was an attack on Metro for their difference of opinion.

      8. I agree. But hey what can you expect from Jellybean. I have often checked this site for news on Nintendo products and I always notice him telling someone, or accusing them of being a “fan boy.” I finally said something because it just bugged me how much he attacks others. Personally I am lucky to own all consoles (not many can; so I’m grateful). In my OPINION (so he doesn’t attack me) I believe every console has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I want the Wii U to succeed just as much as any other console.

      9. Dude, that’s what he does. His opinion is always the right one, no matter the case.

      10. Please stop. It really is annoying that you attack people because they do not agree with the reviewer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your comments sadden me; to think that a fellow Persona player can be so closeminded.

        On a side note: I have never played a Zelda game but I am excited about this one. I am one of the few who never got to experience the original so it is good to know positive reviews were given all across for this HD remake.

      11. A 28-year old arguing with teens younger than him, AND he has a child? Fucking pathetic if you ask me. And he wants a company to fail, I’m suprised such a moron graduated from grade school, to think that one could stoop to such a low level of stupidity that they want a company to fail. Don’t bother with this guy, suh a joker.

      1. So what, I shouldn’t be allowed to reply to people? The comments section is here for a reason buddy, don’t like it? Leave the site ;)

      2. and they can’t comment on how they feel about the score?

        it’s ok, but other people have opinions too the can say what they want, so basically you’re wasting your time instead of ya know playing games! ;)

      3. Apparently if your opinion is that Wind Waker is bad, you are a king.

        Apparently if your opinion is that anyone calling Wind Waker a “bad Zelda game” is obnoxious and ridiculous, you are a child and a fanboy.

        Opinions are great until you don’t like them, apparently!

      4. I actually do find that shocking xD or rather dumbfounding…i mean…even if they don’t like the game, it’s charming as shit

      5. I don’t find it shocking, I know plenty who don’t like it. I don’t like Super Mario Galaxy for example.

      6. I loved sunshine but I love galaxy more. Sunshine dosnt have replay value especially de boring hotel level but to each their own.

      7. That’s fair. Some people prefer the “sandbox” type level design, like in Sunshine, which i agree is what we need but the creativeness of SMG is just overwhelming.

    1. Each Zelda is different, and everybody has its own drives, I personally think wind waker was the zelda i liked the less, because for me it wasn’t that hard and the story was more childish than other zelda games, yet, it’s still a masterpiece. There will always be people who will have a Zelda scale, in order of which they like the most, and i think they happen to have wind waker on the last spot just like i do. It’s more something about each person. I would rather it 9.5 instead of 8

      1. Personally, I didn’t believe the game was a 10, but hey the reviewer liked it, so they can go nuts.

      2. Now now :P it was the reviewers opinion, I don’t care much for reviews anyway :P I just a watch a gameplay youtube clip then decide if I like it XD or play the demo if it has one.

      3. Just because someone has an opinion, doesn’t mean it’s not wrong :p

        It’s just so poorly designed, i can’t see how people enjoy it to the point to give it a 10

    1. Not a complaint really as reviews are opinions but the score of 8/10 is good but in the words of the review words like disappointment and shameful and many other negative descriptive words. The reviewer is entitled to those words so don’t assume I am being a fanboy but I just found it to be a very contradictory review. Basically it came off like “It sucks but I love it” if you know what I mean.

    1. They do, but it would look too suspicious rating a game down that already got rated 9’s and 10’s last generation

      1. some developers do just hate Nintendo, their were even people who wrote about it, all because it’s not a Sony console, their fanboys in the industry too, just remember that

      2. The developers don’t qualify as the media and never will. Developers are developers. They don’t report on news, or give reviews.

      3. Okay, maybe not hate, but ignorant in showing any form of publicity.

        Too many reviewers/gaming sites focused on mass appeal and trying to make gaming “taken seriously”. Which is why, unimaginative, cookie cutter, generic, and poorly designed games like The Last of Us get 10/10, because it’s basically the result of Sony saying “what’s trending?” Then making a game out of it, and it’s “got the feels”, and the voice acting is good, which apparently we should be praising…even though it should always be good. If it’s not, then you failed, good voice acting is a pre-requisite…like good gameplay that isn’t just “waist high cover shooter”

      4. Sites just focus on reviews, many people probably love Nintendo, it’s just the majority who view there sites are Xbox/Sony people, so they focus more on them.

        People shouldn’t get too upset about the media, frankly if people do … they got some real issues lol

      5. I duno, i think it’s justified.

        Not in the way like “give death threats to reviewers”, but to be angry is completely fair.

        It’s things like that which have made Capcom go off the rails to the point where every franchise they have besides Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney has gone to shit.

        The industry just see’s 80-90 million PS3/360’s sold and thinks “that’s our audience”, when in reality, the majority which they target towards are people who couldn’t care less if they industry lived or died, which is why i laugh whenever i see people saying “WiiU will probably on sell 30 million”, because those are sales when you trim away the fat that is “the common public”.

    2. No media is crazy enough to go against Zelda especially after what some people said about gta5 some of the lower scores.

      1. No problem I don’t like digital versions of games too but I had to do it on fire emblem. That delay screw my whole week.

      2. I check the release dates and it looks like you guys get the retail version earlier atleast. October 4 vs October 12 to us.

      3. Ohright, that ain’t too bad. To be fair, i want the boxed version anyway, because it’s Zelda, so i’ll end up playing it over and over through the years and because the box art is great.

      4. And if you have enough Nintendo games you could pay a wedding or one of your grandsons university.

    1. Like others have said (some not so politely) they are entitled to their opinion. I am just surprised that they used such negative words to describe the game but still gave it an 8/10

      1. It just sounds like he’s unimpressed with this particular Zelda game, but even it being bad by their standards, is still good because, well it’s Zelda.

      1. Meh, your opinion. When I first played R&C 1, I got bored. Then I played it later, and I loved it.

  3. Seems like the Metro review was still positive. 8/10 is a good score, and they said that “even a bad zelda game is good by another standard”. Meaning Zelda games are top notch, even when not at their best. Wind Waker is probably not notably the best Zelda (nor Majora’s Mask in my opinion), but all these reviews are very positive. Says something about Nintendo.

  4. I don’t really know why exactly (unless it’s because I already own and played the Gamecube version multiple times), but I don’t have much interest in this game anymore. When I missed out on the pre-order of the Wind Waker HD Limited Edition, that was the final straw for me. Now I don’t care when or if I EVER get it. But I’ve been feeling negative towards gaming in general lately.

    1. here is an idea….. threw your wii u in the garbage and play the ps3 or 360 because they still are better than wii u. then ps4 will be better and even that trash xbox one, it will have more games, which is sad. even after that mess nintendo still cant pass. just be the irrelevant bastard of a machine it is.

  5. The hell was that Metro quote?

    Using the word ‘bad’ just reeks of poor language skills. Say something like ‘in my opinion, Wind Waker is weaker than other Zelda games’.


    Oh, and GameSpot gives it a lower score. Gee, what a surprise…

    1. Idk, I don’t think i agree with that one. However, below is my problem when I read that.

      “…other standard but this does frustrating little to improve its standing, beyond…”

      I suck at English, but shouldn’t “frustrating” be “frustratingly”? Also, there may be comma issues in there, but those are minor problems.




    1. dont say that!!!!! you might make them throw a hissy fit!!!!! an opinion, that doesnt exist in there world unless its theirs!!!!!! losers.

  7. zelda sucks now with it fanboys, you make me sick, complaining about an 8!!!! that is better score than what SS deserved a 7.5 honest review by tom mc shea. dud duh duuhhh, (fanboys crying and hugging their moms) its just a game, walk outside your house. it might be scary but the way you are getting mad at this review…….. just says everything.

  8. This is the only sensible way to look at reviews. Go to metacritic, check whether the score is green, yellow or red. Make your decision accordingly. Ignore the actual score the game gets, because these days reviewers are too biased/corrupted/stupid to get that right. However, they generally get the gist of it right, and it is useful to look at them to avoid duds. This game clearly isn’t a dud, so make what you will of it from there.

  9. A review is not an opinion, guys, it’s an analysis. It’s supposed to be professional and informative, and that’s why I generally try to listen to reviews. Of course, you have to judge the reviewer to some extent when reading or watching, but overall, reviews are supposed to help gamers make a decision. That is all. :)

  10. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD gives us a definitive version of one of the best 3D action games ever made.

  11. I respect Metro’s opinion. I certainly don’t think Wind Waker is a “perfect” game, though I wouldn’t call it “bad.” To me, “bad” is 6/10. 8/10 is good. Wind Waker is a “good” game.

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