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The Wonderful 101 Is Wonderfully Number 1 Of All Wii U Games In France


The Wonderful 101 has topped the list of best-selling Wii U games in France, according to the S.E.L.L. charts that cover all video game sales in the country of France. Rounding out the top 3 behind The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U chart are Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U, two of Nintendo’s top first-party games for the console.

The Wonderful 101 was released September 15th in North America and late August in Europe. The title has been under-performing in sales in both the UK and Japan, so the news out of France is a bright spot for the game. Have you shown your support for The Wonderful 101 by picking up a copy? Let us know in the comments.

160 thoughts on “The Wonderful 101 Is Wonderfully Number 1 Of All Wii U Games In France”

        1. Is you’re or your better for you? Grammar doesn’t matter on internet when you know what I’m trying to say anyway. Fail man

            1. No it doesn’t matter asses especially to me. I know how to spell, its just I prefer to use shortcuts for writing and if you can’t understand it then that’s your problem

    1. well MH3 digital is 50% off :)

      if you lack the funds there’s always the option of buying used games.. at least for monster hunter that is definitely an option

      1. I know about the Monster Hunter sale… Just makes everything worse. :P I don’t have any money right now, and probable wont for awhile.

                1. “Next on Dragon ball z” ” preparing a better gamestop heist” sound better with vewtiful Joe chapter jingle.

      1. whenever some real action was going on on the screen it got very confusing very fast.. most of the time i didn’t even know whether i was getting my ass handed to myself or not

        1. The reviews mentioned this as well. But I never found it to be a problem. I always knew where I was on screen.

          There were moments when it was unclear what I had to do. Unclear how to proceed or how to damage a boss, but I was never confused by the amount of action occurring and never lost track of my characters.

          It’s a very good game. But perhaps play the demo a bit more to see if you can get a grasp of whats going on. If you didn’t like/can’t play the demo, you don’t want the full game. It’s very much the same thing throughout. There are many diversions as well, such as the shooting sections and some other cool gameplay variations. But the core combat stays the same throughout the whole game.

          So, if the demo isn’t for you, the full game won’t be either. But give the demo another try. I think the game is fantastic.

  1. I’m happy this game is selling well in France. It’s a great game! I picked up my copy upon release, and been having a great time!

    1. It’s not necessarily selling well. It’s number on the list of WII U GAMES ONLY. Idk if this is a list for one week of sales (in which it could just be the first week of release of 101) or what.

  2. It’s ’cause in France, we have tastes in video games :D
    The game may get its ass kicked with the release of WWHD though.
    I’m planning to buy it as soon as I get my WWHD Wii U pack.

        1. Thats true. Last time I was in france talked english and nothing in response but when I talked in spanish they understood. Hell they even responded in spanish

          1. Well the thing is the education is really crappy when it comes to languages. Not enough hours in a week and we spend too much time on the same damn lesson.
            Plus, I think the fact that our accent and the “sounds” we use to speak in french are much different from the english ones don’t help…
            Spanish is easier for us ( even though I’m terrible at spanish myself ).

  3. I will be purchasing The Wonderful 101 sometime in the foreseeable future, but it’s in the waiting line behind Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Pikmin 3, and possibly Super Mario 3D World.

  4. Wonderful 101 is really a wonderful game, I´ve been gaming for almost 20 years now, and I have to say that this game has some lost charm that is not present on many modern games; it is all about the fun and it doesn´t take things to serious. By the way many of the so called problems (like the controls) are a bit exaggerated IMHO.

    Enjoy Gaming and have a Nice Day.

  5. Very clever. Very missleading article. The game was number one selling Wii U game in France on the Wii U charts not on ALL platforms. It could have sold only 5 copies and still be number one game on the Wii U charts. It wasn’t the number one sold game in France on ALL platforms. Not to mention it was on the week of September 6th that this happened. More than 2 weeks ago. Slow news day?

    This also happened in the UK (when we all know the game sold terribly in the UK), the Wonderful 101 was also number one Wii U game sold in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that it was number one game sold on ALL platforms. It didn’t even break the top 20 on the ALL platforms charts. So being number one on the Wii U charts means absolutely nothing.

      1. Really ? How so ? Because everything he/she has just said is completely true. The Wonderful 101 is on number 1 in the WiiU charts, not overall video game charts.

          1. yea Wii U games and that doesn’t mean it sold well. Nothing was mentioned about W101 being in the 10 ten or 20 game chart for overall games sold in France and I bet that’s because it wasn’t on it

              1. Its still misleading people to believe W101 is selling well (as you can see with post above) just because it’s the #1 Wii U game doesn’t mean it’s selling well unless they show sales numbers

          2. Yea, that’s exactly what I just said. It’s only the WiiU charts, games on other platforms are not included. It’s on number 1 on the charts that include WiiU games ONLY.

    1. Basically what I was implying in the post above. Everything said here is fact and only the sheep will think being #1 Wii U game means anything when it doesn’t even make top 20 charts SMH

        1. The article is just stating a fact, YOU are the one implying that the article is implying that the Wonderful 101 sold well. Everyone is just glad it’s the number 1 Wii U game right now in France..why do you need to get so bent outta shape?

          1. Well, to be fair, I have seen a few comments saying “Wonderful 101 is selling well in France! YAY!” while it’s not necessarily true. ;/

            So obviously there is some confusion here with at least a few people.

  6. Just because it’s on number one of the WiiU charts, doesn’t mean it’s doing good. I would like to know about the absolute numbers, because those are what really tell us if a game is doing good or not.

  7. This game is like the games industry charity case…please donate whatever you can to the desperate 101 foundation. Also where does Kamiya get off throwing his toys out the pram about windwaker the other day after all the FREE support Nintendo gave him with the direct etc. They should sent him back to pre-school to learn some mannors acting like a badass I Mean…..

    1. So because Nintendo helped advertise the Wonderful 101 that means Kamiya is their little bitch slave and has to praise everything they do out of generosity? Wow, ever heard of opinions, buddy?

      1. Its not a matter of opinions its dis respectful. If you read exactly what he said it wasnt even correct in relation to the game what he was saying such as the triforce being to drawn out that combined with the timing ie the release seemed like sour grapes to me.I get what your saying and I totally agree but if you look at his history it is more for reaction purposes trying to act big than opinion based and thats the point. That by the way was an opinion.

  8. It´s clear that either Nintendo shipped very few copies of this game or it its having serious trouble in distributing them, because in my country I can´t find a single copy of this genius game, not even on online shops !

  9. Let me get this right. When W101 debuted in Japan, the first two days the media announces how it flopped. The first week in UK, the media announces its flop. Yet from September 6th the media just release the info about the W101 being the best seller in France? Another reason why negative Nintendo news is easier to find than positive news.

    1. It’s the best seller among Wii U games, which doesn’t really say much. It was the best seller among Wii U games when it launched in Japan too. I can’t remember about EU though.

      Hopefully it did sell well, but at this point, we don’t know.

      1. When did I ever said it was good?…

        I’ve only said it seems good enough for me to buy it when I have a Wii U…

        But you Nintendo haters always have to twist words to fit your own arrogant minds…

        1. Nintendo private yes yes we heard the story many times I dont have a wii u blah blah me no have money etc. Then again bob dont be make assumptions.

  10. Awesome game! I dont give a shit how much it sells, all i know it was worth it. Damn Fanboys with their fuckin Fanfares and Funerals.

    1. You should care about how much it sells. Sales dictate whether or not sequels happen, or more creative and new IP’s like this continue to come out. People lose jobs…. Devs are less inclined to put effort into another game like that if they see no results. Publishers wouldn’t even want to fund them, so the industry suffers and we just see more run-of-the-mill shooters and the same franchises over and over and over again.

  11. Funny how the N-Dub Nation claims to love Nintendo and yet basically none made an honoring video about our Lord Yamauchi…

    The UK should learn a thing or 2 from our forces in France…

    1. you stupid fanboy scum….. changing your decision off of the guys fair opinion because it was about a game you like!!!!! not wanting it because it just didnt look interesting to you, oh no its because of the creator saying he didint like WW!!!!

      (Also about this article it sold best on wii u in france a system that has horrible sales numbers for software and hardware, this probably didint sell that well.)

      stupid bitches, the fanboy here is killing me, its better just not coming here and talking about nintendo in real life because people are usually like me who arent in denial fanboy slaves,(havnt met one, or know one person who is are as pathetic as people on here, even if they are a big nintendo fans) also of course the conversations are way more interesting.

      1. MY GOODNESS ICE LOLLY chill yourselve out and pop back in the freezer already. Whats a matter feeling a little missed out on all the attention with everyone getting on fine without you having a tantrum attack and were the babies why dont you settle down have a day off from boring us with the lame nintendo baby/doomed slash funny bracketed side analogies/reggie used to work for pizza hut yes weve all heard it on your borefest comments however ironically your the biggest fanboy here. By the way I agree with the Perry so what you gonna do dickbreath. Shit ive worked it out Kamiyas your dad well that explains it. P.S easy on the exclamation marks !!!!!!!!! Wow amazing !!!!!!

      2. Stupid fanboy scum? Ouch.

        I know what you mean iceazeama, I didn’t mean to offend you. There are other reasons why I haven’t got the game yet.

        I am a big Nintendo fan, for sure.

    2. Not everyone needs to love Wind Waker you know… Just like how everyone is raving over GTAV and I’m like “Meh.”

      1. yeah agree, nice to not end off talking to a stupid slave here. whatever, ive found out people on the internet just are retarded defensive bitches who give their whole life away to a plastic box and a corporation. who even take the most unserious comments serious. it amazes me……… fuck this video game crap. ll give my life away to things that mater, not a corporation that doesnt care about any of us.

        1. “l give my life away to things that mater”

          LOL yeah right, that’s why you’re on this site every day. You’re addicted to acting like a baby on the internet. Can’t wait for you to respond to this and see you again tomorrow, butthurt baby. ;)

    1. What level setting are you playing on? I’m playing on max (Normal) and it’s getting pretty fucking hard. (which I enjoy) I can’t wait to unlock hard mode and really get my ass handed to me. ;D

  12. The controls took some getting used to.
    You have to train your eyes on where the action is.
    Once you jump these two hurdles, you find yourself engaged in a tongue-in-cheek comic book that isn’t afraid to laugh at itself, isn’t afraid to step over the line occasionally into the inappropriate, and isn’t afraid to risk being too difficult in an age where people want quick, easy, linear games.

    W101 (100 heroes, plus YOU, yes you are the one hundred and first hero) is a great escape from the repetition games seem to be stuck in, so long as you are up for the challenge.

    Morphing into a gun, sword, hand, claw, whip – and beating the hell out of the bad-guys is pretty fun. At times, it feels like one big boss fight, until you actually reach a REAL boss, then the fight is just epic.

    It’s not for everyone, but if you want a change of pace, don’t mind a little bit of “silly” and a dash of “OMG was that OK for kids?” moments, then I highly recommend the Wonderful 101.

    Oh, and there is plenty to collect and many ways to play, so repeating missions is actually fun. ;)

  13. Best game on WiiU by far. The only ones I see topping it will probably be DK, Bayo2, X2 and maybe Smash. Reviews were very unfair about it

  14. Still need training on my combos, and playing on normal is very challenging. I always get the lowest score lol, but it’s damn fun.

  15. People getting low scores on normal must be young. This game is based on old school arcade games. Im getting gold and platinum every time first playthrough. I loved all the old school arcade games and this game pays homage to that. Not sure if new school gamers can handle the non hand holding hard action of yester year- grow some balls and harden up! You younger generation have been spoilt by walkthroughs and handholding.

      1. @ manrangan,
        Why did you have to post those links? I’m very frustrated by that. Just knowing what type of smut and trash that the GTA series is known for makes it obvious what this world has come to. Look at all those people that loves violence, sex and bad language. It’s a sad, sad world.

  16. I still keep feeling like Pikmin 3 didn’t get the recognition it should have got. It should have stayed at # 1 on all charts for several months. Since it’s still (in my opinion) the only Wii U game that’s worth buying a Wii U for.

    1. Impossible to stay at number 1 with 4 million Wii U owners. W101 and Pikmin 3 are best Wii U games yet. I just love W101 and it should have been top ten. The game play works well with GamePad. Too bad I can’t expect a sequel.

  17. Put it this way, there’s a part in a boss sequence where you play Punch-Out!! as a giant robot against a GIANTER robot.

    It’s a very good game. I’m surprised it wasn’t marketed more. I think it’s better than Pikmin 3… and I enjoyed it.

    1. On W101, I just beat the boss at the baseball stadium. I love how they talk and how the story goes. Best part there is a hell of a lot of action. I Grabbed that baseball bat and hit that ball. Boss didn’t know what was coming.

  18. I’m a good ways into the story, and there’s a part in the middle that actually touched my heart-strings a bit.
    I love how much care was put into this game.
    I still think that Wonder Pink is an annoying princess, though.XD

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