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Luigi’s Mansion Developers Funding New Game For Wii U And 3DS On Kickstarter


Eden Industries, a company composed of several developers who worked on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS, are creating a new computer game, which is currently accepting funding on Kickstarter. The game also has stretch goals for Wii U and 3DS that are lower than its goals for Sony consoles. Entitled Citizens of Earth: A Modern RPG, the game is an RPG with a humorous tone that places players in the role of Vice President of the World and turns ordinary citizens into hard-fighting heroes. The makers of the game compare it to Earthbound and the Pokemon series.

While $100K is the main goal for Citizens of Earth, $160K worth of funding will make a Wii U port possible, while $170K will land the game on Nintendo 3DS. As of this writing, the game has reached just over $3,000 with 29 days to go. Given the pitch-perfect gameplay and success of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Citizens of Earth is sure to be a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

47 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Developers Funding New Game For Wii U And 3DS On Kickstarter”

  1. HAHA poor devs need kickstarter, fuckin bums. Hate devs like this no bother find publisherry. Losa devs. No wonder Nintendo no work with bums like they. Commander comin to celebrate liike an stypicall of duty blind ass.

    1. If you’re going to speak English at least try to speak English :/ … Or were you just too excited to troll this?

  2. Good news indeed…
    I was hoping to see more games like this joining our mighty forces…
    With this game we will be able to wipe out sonyan and microsoftian empires…
    We salute you Eden Industries…

  3. So instead of working with our empire they decide to beg for money from the gamers…


    Considering LM2 sold good enough they should have a decent amount of money combined to fund their own game themselves…

    No thank you!

        1. nah man, i will proceed to play with my Wii U, maybe Rayman Legends or Monster Hunter because unlike like you i got one, and support it ;)

    1. Beg for money from the gamers? Are you serious? Do you know how much work and time goes into videos games? Devs don’t get all of the money made on the games they made back. Especially if they’re third party. They have to divvy it up so many ways. Third party devs that go through a publisher typically get about 10% of their money back. It’s not pathetic at all that they’re trying to fund raise to get a new game going. Games are expensive.

    2. Well sometimes developers like to do things on their own and if this game takes a LOT of money to develop then the money from Luigi’s mansion won’t nearly be enough, because most of that money went to paying for taxes(electricity, plumbing, housing, etc.), and to all the workers who worked on the game AND to Nintendo as well, because they get a huge cut. They only have the left over money the “company” made to develop games with, and that won’t be enough to develop a game by themselves. I doubt the people who work on the game are going to pitch in their fair share, because that is their money for LIFE(food, family, gas, etc)!

    1. But people this day don’t care being teach to fish and being given the fishing rod they also want that they give them the fish and cooked.

  4. Age of self entitled gives me dat welfare obama phone voters who use race card but have more rights than handicapped

    Dlc paytoplay ebegging smh even stars like stallon are on board. Get of your lazy buts and find a publisher its called taking risk we all do it ya liberal scum. Jeez ninty had to make hardware mod for lazy devs. Who want max gain with little effort

    1. Today’s generation wants to have everything handed over to them on a silver plate…

      I don’t mind getting help but do things yourself first if you don’t have any problems in your life besides getting fundings…

    2. It is too hard to find a publisher. Publisher’s want to publish shooters, a AAA games. They don’t care about these little rinky-dink RPG projects, because they don’t rake in the cash.

      People NEED to understand. Kickstarter is a REVOLUTIONARY idea that is making a LOT of things happen that WOULDN’T be able to happen. Without kickstarter this game WOULD NOT EXIST! There is no “find the money yourself” there is no way to do that… is quite simple to understand really, kickstarter is necessary and it will become a part of our lives forever. It will always be necessary.

      Better get used to it.

      1. Get used it?! Russia is now superpowered because of ur carefree attitude. this countrys going down the toilet

        U do know why publishers dont fund rpgs or those rinky dink games as u call it. its because of fantards like u who just throw away money on any half assed game like call of duty or mario & then when then when they have kickstarter program..

      2. Get used it?! Russia is now superpowered because of ur carefree attitude. this countrys going down the toilet

        Ull blindly follow them rather than supporting them by buying their games then u forget u threw money at them and then it will fail like ouya did

  5. The art style reminds me slightly of Deathspunk.It’s basically an Earthbound game and that’s not a bad thing at all.I don’t understand why you giving them so much grief though.A lot of new projects now use Kickstarter.No one complaint about Mighty No9 using Kickstarter.

  6. Why do devs leave a studio after making a great game? It doesn’t make sense!!!!!!!!! I just hope Next Level is still capable of making a Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Wii U.

    1. Greed! They think they have the fame to attract people just by saying “we help develope that” even though it was a huge team work.

      1. Hey guys, I just thought I’d clear up some confusion here. We left the studio basically because we wanted to make an Earthbound-inspired RPG and the studio didn’t want to make it :). We really love RPGs and Earthbound, and going on our own was the only want to make it happen.

        But we’re still great friends with the folks at Next Level (many of whom pledged on our Kickstarter), and they’re still very capable of making awesome games. So I think it’s sort of a win/win for everyone.

  7. Hey everyone I’m Ryan, the creator of Citizens of Earth. Thanks for checking out the game. I’d be happy to answer you questions you have about it! Just browsing these comments I think there might be some confusion about the game, who we are, and our relationship with Nintendo :).

    So feel free to ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.



      1. I think you may have a bit of misinformation. Wii U dev kits are not free (they cost multiple thousands of dollars each), but Nintendo was actually very kind and sent us one for free because they are big fans of the game. I think you may be thinking that a Unity license on the Wii U is free? Either way we’re also not using Unity, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

        But anyway, why $160k for Wii U? Well basically we have to pay someone to not only develop the port, but also implement new and exclusive features to take advantage of the Wii U’s unique capabilities. I’m not sure if you have any experience programming for console hardware, but suffice to say it’s definitely not easy.

        Essentially, making games is tough work!

        Let me know if that answered your question, or if I can provide any further clarification.

          1. Well Kickstarter donors will receive a copy of the game when it releases! And actually if you pledge now, you’re actually getting a discount on the final estimated release price. Plus if you check out the rewards, donors have the chance to get a TON of awesome stuff as well.

  8. I thought this one was announced for Wii U months ago? I’m fairly sure it was in Nintendo Official Magazine for an early 2014 release.

    1. Was it? If so that’s pretty amazing! I didn’t even know that. And while we currently are developing the Wii U port (since Nintendo was kind enough to send us a dev kit), ports are tricky, expensive business. We’re trying our absolute hardest, but we’re hoping to get a bit of help from Kickstarter in order to ensure we can do it without going insane along the way :)

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