LucasArts Was Planning A Star Wars TIE-Fighter/X-Wing Game For Wii U


In an article covering some of the history of LucasArts, Kotaku has revealed that the company was creating a Wii U game code-named Wingman, based on some of LucasArts’s old TIE-Fighter and X-Wing titles. Wingman later morphed into a project that was tentatively called Version Two, which was planned to be released as a precursor to the company’s reintroduction of Star Wars Battlefront. Neither version of the game ever saw the light of day, however, the link above contains HD footage from Wingman, showing a smattering of the vehicles that could be controlled. Until a great Star Wars action title is released on Wii U, Nintendo fans will simply have to try to get their Star Wars fix from Star Wars Pinball and Angry Birds: Star Wars


  1. Now it makes sense why EA was so keen on getting Star Wars. They heard a cool game was in development exclusively for Wii U and had to put a stop to it. Fucking EA #jk

    1. I know you are joking, but it really is shitty situation, because there is not much of a chance that major Star Wars game will come to WiiU. But on a bright side there is lots of killer exclusives on their way for WiiU.

      1. Disney is EA’s boss when it comes to Starwars, Disney gave EA the rights to make Starwars games, so its Disneys choice what games go on what system and Disney and Nintendo have a great relationship. Disney will force EA to put it on the Wii U.

  2. The game(s) looked amazing. How sad. I wonder what we can expect in the form of a Star Wars game now.
    How can people kill off such a solid game development team.

  3. Seeing as how EA owns the rights to Star Wars games but Disney holds the rights to Star Wars as a whole might mean they could force EA to develop this game for Wii U anyway.

  4. Holy F***ink Shit!!!
    That’s one of my all-time favorite PC games! (Tie-Fighter)

    This is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time!! :D !!!!

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