New York Times Issues 25-Year-Old Correction Regarding Mario’s Day Job


The New York Times originally posted an article in 1988 which stated that Mario and Luigi were actually janitors, rather than plumbers. Clearly this information was incorrect, but it wasn’t acknowledged until now. However, when The New York Times wrote its obituary on former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi it included a snippet from the 1988 article which was factually incorrect. On Friday, the New York Times issued the correction as part of its tribute to Yamauchi. Here’s the original snippet.

Many Nintendo best sellers, like ”Super Mario Bros. 2,” are based on wildly preposterous premises, this particular one being two mustachioed Italian janitors who endure various trials, such as dodging hammer-swinging turtles and lava balls and man-eating plants, in order to save a Mushroom Princess. No matter. Kids can’t get enough of the games.

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  1. I barely remember the 80’s. I wonder what other kind of misconceptions/inaccuracies about these games were spread by the mass media back then. lol

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