Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto has explained to the Official Nintendo Magazine how the company approaches franchises. Miyamoto says that the internal teams tend to gravitate towards the bigger franchises such as Mario and Zelda. Miyamoto also had something to say about the beloved 1080° snowboarding series.

“There are franchises where you would want to put in time and the energy because if you don’t spend enough time and energy on it, it could impact the value of the franchise and the popularity of the franchise. Certainly, with something like Star Fox, we’ve released additional games in the series. I guess with our internal teams in particular, they tend to gravitate more towards bigger franchises… games like the Marios and Zeldas.”

“For us, it’s less about choosing which franchise we’re going to create and more about choosing what type of game style we want to create and what type of new experience we’re creating and that’s limited internally by the number of different teams who can create those ideas.”

“I guess we could have looked at different approaches with 1080 [1080° Snowboarding] on N64 and tried to find ways to extend that franchise or build it in a way so we could maintain that brand until now… but it’s always a difficult decision in terms of which ones to choose.”



  1. With all the franchises Nintendo has I’m sure it’s very tough to choose which game there making next. I just wish they would think about bringing back Startropics and Custom Robo.


    • Custom robot wasn’t that long back but I want a new one and a startropics too. If only Nintendo could find a way for an adventure island game.


    • Well, if they actually gave us the franchises we are asking for such as StarFox, Metroid, Wave Race, 1080, and F-Zero it would make decisions on what games to do a LOT easier and make then a lot more money. That is a space shooter/3rd person shooter, a 1st-person shooter, a jet ski racing game, a snowboarding game, and a racing game.

      What’s getting in the way is not the number of franchises they have, but the fact that what THEY want to do does not coincide with what we are actually asking them to do and they are trying to find a balance between the two.

      Think about it. The Wii U GamePad has the ability to give you a full 3D world experience. Why haven’t we seen a Duck Hunt game in which you can not only shoot ducks on screen but off screen as well? I really think it’s time for Miyamoto to step down and he knows it too which is why he is getting his successors prepped. It’s only naturally at this point to struggle with new ideas and concepts. He’s been at this for 80% of his life. I think it’s time to let the younger generation take the reigns at Nintendo so that more aggressive decisions can be made.


  2. you know fuck reading this fraud article, they copy and paste the same mario game, put new or u in the title and sell it for 60$, because it prints them money. thats how they decide what franchises to make. look saved you some time.

    funny how i see 1080 snowboarding, fun game, (never will see it ever again, the good creative nintendo left years ago)but the only 1080 they have done is a complete 1080 in the wrong direction as a company.


  3. Well they could always let other devs to work on these ips. Sega could work again on F-Zero since it succeeded with F-ZeroGX, Platinum could do Star Fox like they wanted etc. There are devs who are more than capable.


  4. It’s hard for Nitendo to win this one because they just have so many franchises spanning accross such a long history… and each one has picked up fans along the way… and there’s just not enougj manpower.

    Personally, I think they’d be crazy to ignore Platinum’s sstatements of “We’d love to be a second party and work on Starfox.” Hell, they did a fantastic job on W101… let em at it.


  5. Well then, Nintendo, expand your internal development studios until you have the resources to continue all of your beloved franchises rather than having to choose.


  6. Miyamoto, this is why Nintendo has second-party developers, plus other external developers that would love, to work on the other IPs. Collaborations are already happening. Nintendo just need to entrust companies with IPs (e.g. Retro with Metroid, Platinum with Star Fox, A.N.Other with F-Zero etc) and all will be golden. That way, you can have all the IPs people want, and everybody wins.

    I know in practice it isn’t that simple, sadly.


  7. That was a decision Nintendo made years ago, to focus on their baby franchises. They clearly lost touch. The Nintendo of old had awesome 2nd party developers like Rare,(Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), Left Field (Excitebike64), the special relationship they had with Factor 5(all the Star Wars games), they had games like Wave Race and 1080°. All these games that appealed to the ones who aren’t interested in all the baby Mario games. But Nintendo made the decision to focus on their baby franchises years ago. Now Nintendo makes only baby games. Funny how supposedly they said they were going to get back the “core” gamers with the Wii U but all they keep outputting is baby games.

    Instead of investing the money they made with the Wii in buying and creating new studios (to make up for the bad decision of selling the ones that they had), they just sat on their hands and did nothing. Now look at this drought of games. Almost a year since they launched the Wii U and they still can’t output a decent steady stream of games for their system, not to mention that they weren’t able to get 3rd party support. Failure of management. The fanboys will spin it and make excuses like they always do.


  8. How about the Mother franchise, Ice Climbers, Metroid, F-Zero, Punchout, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Starfox, and Dr.Mario? So many franchises, left and forgotten.


    • A lot game you have listed are on Wii & 3DS . Wii U is in it’s first year ok . Game take about two to four year to make . Also be patient you will never know what great new game Nintendo will come up with beside there is Monolith Soft X & Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem to look forward to next year.


  9. Monster Games should do F-Zero, Retro Studios should do Metroid, Kamiya should handle Nazo no Murasame-jo by himself (since he rejected Star Fox), then that leaves Nintendo EAD to work on Star Fox by themselves.


  10. Man, 1080 Avalanche is one of my favorite GameCube games. I love that game, especially after you start unlocking the random weird boards like the paintbrush, penguin, and of course the rocket. Plus the alternate costumes like the invisible girl and pirate skeleton. I hope they one day do a reboot of that franchise, I’d definitely buy in


  11. Yeah, Mario and Zelda because you created both of them. Instead of making the same goddamn fucking game over and over again (I’m looking at you, New Super Mario Bros) start working on franchises that need to come back, like Star Fox or F-Zero.


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