Mario Kart Cups Are Back On European Club Nintendo


The stunning Mario Kart replica cups are now available to purchase on Club Nintendo in Europe. The trophies retail for a hefty 5000 stars, but they certainly look to be worth the hard-earned stars that you have saved up. There’s the Lightning Trophy, Shell Trophy, Banana Trophy and finally the Mushroom Trophy all for 5000 stars each. Will you be parting with your stars to purchase one of these?

Thanks, RichardUK and Ian S.


    1. At least you don’t have to buy 20 games first before you can actually get any of the decent things in the NA Club Nintendo, because that’s literally how it is in the European one. I’d choose the NA Club Nintendo over the European CN any time.

  1. Happy for you guys in Europe. We in north america usally get a special promotion that makes everything worth wild, so we’ll wait it out until our luck comes in.

  2. I wish Nintendo has an online store that you can just purchase things like this in. I miss their Super Power Supplies Catalogs that came with Nintendo Power magazine years ago. I always bought the music CD’s whenever there was a new one. And a few other things as well. Those were the days.

    With these trophies, even if they appeared on the American Club Nintendo, I would probably never have enough coins to redeem them.

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