China Will Lift 13-Year Ban On Video Game And Console Sales

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In a move designed to boost the financial and cultural relevance of its Shanghai Free Trade Zone, China will lift a 13-year long ban on video game and console sales, according a document released by its State Council. The document states that game companies like Sony and Nintendo will now be allowed to sell games and consoles throughout the country, on the condition that the companies establish joint venture operations in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The FTZ is China’s attempt to create a cultural and financial hub in Shanghai that might one day match or surpass cities like New York and London. The products released by gaming companies must first meet the guidelines of China’s Ministry of Culture before hitting the market.

In 2000, China placed a ban on the sale of video games due to concerns over the impact of game violence on children. Although popular consoles have been easy to locate and purchase in China during the nearly decade-and-a-half ban, the companies that make those consoles have been forbidden from marketing their products to Chinese consumers. Thus, the game-playing Chinese public has largely embraced mobile, PC, and social media gaming in the interim.

Until now, Nintendo has only been able to break into Chinese gaming with its handheld devices, releasing some exclusive 3DS XL consoles there in 2012 through their publishing partner, iQue. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all stand to make huge profits from China’s decision to lift the ban, as the Chinese video game market is estimated at a multi-billion dollar value.


  1. this will be good in nintendos favor, chinese like to moderate the people in violence. that means since nintendo makes games marketed towards people who watch teletubbies and drink out of momies bottle, the chinese will pretty much be moderated towards nintendo and their innocent franchises.

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    1. No, the console that will sell in china like wild fire will be the Wii and IF Sony put a thought on it, they should start producing again the PS2 only for the chinese market.

      1. Precis…

        Och nu när Högsta Befäl gör saker så kommer vår tid att blomstra igen!

      2. BUMPER BALLS. My all-time favorite Mario Party mini-game. I couldn’t get enough of that. : D

      3. Över Kina jag härskar, med det arv som jag gavs. Gång på gång, sjung Nintendos sång!

        Bonus poäng om du vet vart jag fått det ifrån :P

  2. This could change the 8th generation. and if anyone will take advantage first, it will be Nintendo, followed by Sony( cause that’s what they do) then Micro(sells in that country)soft.

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