Batman: Arkham Origins On Wii U Costs Less Than Other Versions


WB Games has revealed that Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U will cost less than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game – both of which will retail for $59.99. The Wii U version will be priced at $49.99. Unlike the other versions, however, the Wii U game won’t have online multiplayer. Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on October 25.


  1. Got arkham city and what I am hearing about the combat system on this game it might be worth it. In unrelated news I just got my buy 2 get 1 free special from target. Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3. Guess i’ll be away for a while.

    1. I just did that same thing today. Except I got spilter cell, W101, and rayman legends. I plan on exchanging splinter cell in for windwaker though :)

      1. I wanted to get splinter cell so bad I spent a good 5 seconds thinking about it long I know. Maybe i’ll go back today and see if I can make more purchases ha ha and of I can find another 2 games ill buy it.

  2. I’m still not buying/supporting intentional gimped shit even if it costs $40 on launch.

    They think just because dropping a price on a gimped port will convince people who own Wii U to suddenly go retarded and buy an incomplete game at a (bad) cheap discount? This has been the most depressing year of Nintendo and they haven’t done shit.

    1. W101, pikmin 3.

      And its not going full retard the multiplayer is just a tacked on feature, and its likely going to be a waste of disc space. If the rest of the game plays as it should I will certainly buy it for Wii U.

      1. Same. The price drop is a bonus, the multiplayer will be about as relevant as NInja gaiden 3’s multiplayer…. ie= not very

    2. Idk I bought Assasins Creed 3 and I played online approximately 0 times. I would of gladly traded that for $10.

    3. “They think just because a price on a gimped port will convince people who own a Wii U to suddenly… buy an incomplete game…”- Ummmm pretty much. That is why they dropped the price. They didn’t make multiplayer for Batman on Wii U, because it is more expensive to develop and maintain something like that and they know most Wii U owners don’t use online multiplayer and there isn’t a large install base for Wii U’s.

      Also, I don’t think it entirely counts that Batman Wii U is a gimped version, because it is CHEAPER! Gimped games are synonymous to rip offs, because they cost the same as other versions but are missing major parts of the game. This game is missing parts from the other versions, yes, but it costs less so it makes up for it. I see many people buying this now, because it is “fair.”-and that is what matters, fairness.

    1. Watered down?

      If Origins is anything like Asylum or City, it will be about epic singleplayer campaign.
      Plus multiplayer is being developed by the studio behind Brink.
      I might actually be willing to pay for them to leave that shit out.

  3. Cool! Sux the multiplayer isn’t there but at least they aren’t gonna charge us full price and leave something out like others have done.

  4. this shit still wont sell. even if cheaper, when it doesnt sell you all will…… just say some other excuse. unless if its a fatass plumber (who still wears diapers, just like you nintenpuppets, do what nintendo tells you) or a pre order bonus of a bib (need help burping) the nintenbabies wont buy it and thats another fact.

    nintenbabies everywhere. maybe this halloween you can dress up as a baby!! oh wait thats exactly what you are, your costume is in the clear. *TRICK OT TWEAT!!!!* (how old are you??) *im 30 and a nintenbaby!!*( here you go and remember to have fun with your shitty wii u) *twank you!!*

      1. Seems a little suspicious of you saying “babies” as he says that all the time…

      2. yeah nintenbabies you guys wear diapers. we all know, ive been saying that for a while. evrybody knows.

      3. I don’t…

        If you haven’t read yesterday I said that if High Command implements NSA Spybox mechanics on their next console I will resign from our empire…

    1. -____- Iceazeama, I think there should be an award for how lame that comment was. Go home and play your Xbox. We don’t need your kind here.

      1. im the most serious guy here. their should be award for that too. there should really be an award for the biggest ripoff in videogame history too and that one is the wii u. your paying for a this gen console for an next gen console price. damn what a scam, we all know the wii u has the worst versions of games and wont end up getting anything but shovelware.

  5. Seems fair. I don’t play for online multiplayer but it would’ve been nice. As long as it brings the Wii U gameplay like in Arkham City, and come with DLC, then all is good.

  6. buying it to fnish story and keep the disk in my colection forever. Fuck multiplayer .. Soplinter Cell Blacklist online keeping me occuped enough.

      1. the only one feeling good is nintendo knowing they raped another persons wallet. SCAM!! your one of the 4 million victims that they ripped off and lied to.

  7. I don’t care for tacked on multiplayer in great single player games. This way i won’t pay for a mode i don’t need.
    I would prefer multiplayer for this kind of game as dlc anyway.

  8. Off-topic:
    Kotaku is a fucking annoying battlefront of fanboys…
    Reading those comment makes me want to off myself.
    Or I could just read the comments in here to balance it out.

  9. Fair. But why cut it in the first place? And the WiiU version will end up costing the same or even more on Amazon, because (at least amazon ger) sucks.

  10. Will people change their minds on the Wii U version if the multiplayer turns out to be utter shit I wonder?

  11. Guys, honestly, why do you reply to the xbox and ps fanboys? You just give them arguments to keep on rambling on and about.

    I personally love nintendo and all its games, but I can’t consider myself a fanboy cause if I had the money I’d buy a PS3 and 4 without hesitation (really, money is the only thing that keeps me from buying them), cause there’s games there that I love (God of War, Metal Gear and such).

    I would NEVER, however, buy an xbox, even though I like Halo.

    BBBUUUUTTT anyways, I don’t care much about the online on Batman, I mean, it doesn’t really make sense to me to have an online multiplayer, but that’s just my opinion.

    I’m not a fanboy, I’m a gamer, I don’t care about graphics, I care about gameplay and how much a game can entertain me. And I’m not talking just Nintendo here, I’m talking PC (Age of Empires, The Thing, Doom, etc) and PS (Final Fntasy franchise, Tekken, etc).

  12. This crazy fanboy hate towards people that may like something that you may not like needs to stop. This shit just got personal for me because my ten year old niece was on one of thease nintendo fan sites having a conversation with someone about a wii u game she was interested in buying and then some crazy motherfucker had came on the site and had threated her and other people on the site because he/she believes that nintendo gamers are pedifiles. Seriously, is a video game company worth wishing death and threatening people over. Seriously if you dont like something than just walk away and leave it alone. And it is just pathetic that people actually dedicate thier time to go to a nintendo site, a sony site, and a microsoft site or whatever site that talks about something that they may not like and constantly bashes it. People that do this really needs to get a life, there are more important things going on in the world than video games and argueing about something with a bunch of people that you dont know

  13. Good news. Clearly if a game is missing major parts/modes/etc the price should be dropped to account for that.

  14. This is what makes me sad on nintendo console. No multiplayer.

    No multiplayer no buy.

    I want to do the same thing on my wii U as I would do on any other console.

    Its good that they lowered the price, that makes up for a tiny part of it.

  15. Games are cheaper for PC, that doesnt meanns games are selling better. Its cheaper because almost no one buys Wii U games.

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