Ubisoft To Sell Just Dance 2014 Bundle With Wii Remote Plus


Ubisoft will be selling Just Dance 2014 packaged with a Wii Remote Plus for Wii U. The bundle, which can be pre-ordered at Amazon, is priced at $69.99. The game can be purchased separately for $39.99 from the online retailer. Both the Just Dance 2014 bundle as well as the standalone game launch October 8.


  1. another great bundle it dont stop rolling for wiiu

    controller bundled games game bundled wiiu’s

    ps4 hasnt a chance after the fanboy rampage sales will dry up 3RD party games wont do well not that theres many…

    wii party u deal wii fit u deal and now this FANTADTIC

    1. …You gotta be a pretty good idiot and/or biased fanboy to say the PS4 “hasn’t a chance,” regardless of whether the Wii U can turn things around.

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