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New SteamWorld Dig Game Is Currently In Development For 3DS

steamworld dig

In a new interview, SteamWorld Dig developer Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Image & Form discusses the company’s development of a new installment in the series. Sigurgeirsson stated that Image & Form has “come quite far developing the next game”, but he was hesitant to reveal any more information, saying that they are “waiting for the right moment to announce more details”. The first SteamWorld Dig game has quickly become one of the most loved and respected games in the 3DS eShop. No word on a release time frame for the new game, but in the meantime, check out MNN’s recent review of the first SteamWorld Dig.



  1. How dare third party developers and Indie that put actual work on Nintendo console be doing good money? I demand this practice stoped.
    ^ butthurt third party’s.


    1. “We’ve come quite far developing the next game in the SteamWorld series, and we’re waiting for the right moment to announce more details.”

      Wait, the interview said that they’ve come quite far in developing the next SteamWorld game. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a SteamWorld Dig game, nor a SteamWorld Tower Defense. It could be an entirely different genre altogether.


      1. Good point. It could be a game with the same steam-based tools but in a different setting, where you have to do something besides digging.


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