Sonic Lost World Review (Wii U)

sonic_lost_world_charactersThe legendary blue hedgehog is back in full-fledged HD, but SEGA’s title lacks substance which cannot be masked with super-powered dashes, punch-packing tumbles, and overtly stylish levels.

SEGA’s Sonic Lost World combines the speed of Sonic’s last endeavours and introduces new parkour abilities for precision and control, while intricately designed platform levels give players an opportunity to explore the Lost Hex. But some levels can lack fluidity and, at times, feel bloated, making the difficulty sharply shoot from one end of the scale to the other.

Teaming up with his arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman, Sonic must fend off the Deadly Six as they seek to destroy the world and obtain complete domination. From flying and rail grinding, to your standard platform parkour, Sonic keeps his enemies on their toes. The challenge, however, does not come from boss fights with the Deadly Six – falling down after a few bumps to the head – but in the various zones, some superbly and cleverly designed, others not so much.

Mastering the new control system will make navigating the large platform levels that much easier. Wall climbing and wall running will often open up hidden areas to a red ring or an alternative pathway, unseen to players who take the fastest route. In many levels, a dash before a thought will result in – more often than not – a lost life, and you’ll be bashing full-force into that Game Over sign. There are, however, ample opportunities to get Sonic up to death-defying speeds, particularly in the earlier levels where a string of homing attacks on enemies will continue your momentum rather than grind it to a halt, as well as plenty of loops and well-executed 2D levels to keep your inner-child grinning from ear to ear.

Better watch your landing there Sonic, it’s a bit slippery.

Sonic Lost World is not without its faults, though, and pushes forth the idea of style over substance in a few of its levels. The Frozen Factory begins Lost World’s downfall, where zone one throws Sonic through a maze of pipes so quickly that, when you’re plonked into another area, it can be both a disorientating and infuriating struggle to gain control once more. Ice levels can also assault the senses by pumping you with high levels of vertigo as you struggle to find the next checkpoint before falling or pirouetting into an early demise, while controlling snowball Sonic at snail-pace is slippery and awkward, sucking the fun from the glorious visuals. Plus, jumping from rolling vines in the fifth area takes much more luck than skill when trying to avoid a glaring, searching light from a robotic owl.

Colour powers, missions and collectibles return to help Sonic face the Deadly Six, providing level longevity for those trophy hunting players. Picking up a colour power allows you to tap and slide your finger across the GamePad, which brings a well-timed breather into enemy saturated levels. Collecting red rings hidden in various places opens up bonus areas, but the lack of variation available offers next to no incentive to continue, rather only for personal achievement. However, the ability to send and receive items over Miiverse is a great addition to the game, often aiding you with protection bubbles, wings and other such items in your time of need.

Despite its flaws, Sonic Lost World is an aesthetically gorgeous and pleasing game. SEGA’s new direction into parkour proves that Sonic can vault and wall climb in considerable style, but poorly constructed levels and a rapid slide in difficulty often propel Sonic into areas reliant on blind luck, rather than proven skill.



      1. Your son was banned cuz he was a troll… sorry. :( ……….(I’m actually not sorry XD )

      1. They are both reviewed on the same article so pay close attention for when the WiiU one ends and the 3DS one starts.

  1. Based on your review I would have given it a 5/10. Shoddy level design is like cancer for platformers.

    1. I was itching between a 6 and a 7 to be fair, but there’s some absolutely superb levels, which pushed it into a ‘good but not great’ territory with various flaws.

      1. I see. I guess it’s the kind of difference experiencing the game yourself makes. I will never find out then; not that I have anything against Sonic but for some reason the fact that it’s so similar to Super Mario Galaxy rubs me the wrong way. Maybe the 3DS one if I grab it discounted.

      2. This seems an honest, well-written, unbiased review. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. For me, it seems that it´s a good game. i was looking foward to this and now i will definetely pick a copy. I love platformers and specially those which evoke some kind of nostalgia, as Sonic

      3. I think this is one of those games that will get looked fondly or better upon in a couple of years down the line.

  2. Great review friend. This game deserves less than an 8 at the most. Check Metacritic for scores people.

  3. I was right, this game is a 7-8 at best

    I will defend Lost World that it is a good game but not perfect and this review is proof of it

    It has its problems but most of the reviewers said this had potential so lets hope we get another Lost World style game because this is the perfect blend of speed and platforming

    1. It’s a good game, but I wish it had a little more polish.
      I’m suprised SSF didn’t mention anything about the boss battles. They were horrible imo.

  4. i much fairer review than many others like ign oder gamespot. it’s ridicoulus that this game gets bad rating just because it’s not that fast than other sonic-games. i personally think that it’s great they’re going other ways with that!

  5. I think a 7/10 on this game seems fair. But I really want to see where Sega will take Sonic next.

  6. Even Silvershadowfly thinks Sonic Lost World is a good game, btw, THIS is a professional review.

    1. It could be if the Reviewer only throw 2/10 this game is short as dogshit and boring like Any zelda game.Sonic Flop world is just shit.Bang Bang.

      1. Only Fanboys Throw more than 3/10 for a Shitty game.Sega better make the game More Mature.Bang Bang.

      2. More mature? So Sonic should start conversations like – “How’s the weather? or
        – Unstable economy right now, invest in metals.

      3. Dawg Sonic Need Some Call of Dooty Gameplay U Know that game? Thats fucking epic Never seen that Realistic graphics.Did you see that dog and the fish?11/10 easy best game 2013.

      4. So a game should get a score based on graphics?
        Should have known that before, wasted a lot buying games with good gameplay and/or replay value.

      5. Can you shut the hell up? Stop talking about cod and complain about this on another review. You don’t have to criticise games on graphics. (I’m pretty sure you like saying bang bang because of shooting games)

      6. Well if you think you can make a better game for Wii U, I would love to see you try.

    2. I’m getting this game on my 3DS, even though this is not a perfect Sonic Game (at least on the Wii U), I will give it a chance, thank you SSF :)

      1. No problem! I shall certainly take that as a compliment. :)

        It’s a general mixed bag as far as critics are concerned, but only playing the game yourself will you be able to discern whether it’s a good enough Sonic game for you.

  7. I’ll have to play this for myself. Some say it’s poor level design, others toi high of difficulty level. Still too juiced up for this game :D

  8. Still getting this game. Just preordered it. I’m super excited to have Sonic the Hedgehog back in my life! 💋

  9. I went from beig excited about this to absolutely getting it day one, now after many reviews I’m think of passing on it until it’s like Black Friday price cheap ($25 seems fair)

  10. I’m still looking forward to this game. I want to see those superb levels, and those jokes of boss fights for myself.

  11. “poorly constructed levels and a rapid slide in difficulty often propel Sonic into areas reliant on blind luck, rather than proven skill”

    ALL Sonic games are based on blind luck for the most part. At least every one I played. I can never tell what I’m doing in Sonic games because of him running so damn fast!

    1. All Sonic games are not based on luck. Ever played Generations? That game is easily one of the best Sonic games and it’s incredibly easy to control Sonic. And your skill level rewards you with some nice shortcuts and greater speed. I’d say the classic games are more based on luck then the new ones.

  12. i disagree i have not had as much fun with a Sonic game since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the mega drive/ genesis. also the line Here’s that little punk! I’ve been dreaming about pounding his sorry blue butt! gave me a bit of a chuckle

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