Pokemon X & Y Artist Admits Struggling With Xerneas And Yveltal Designs

xerneas_yveltalPokemon X & Y’s legendaries look impressive in both design and power, but Game Freak’s character art director Ken Sugimori ran into a spot of trouble when coming up with the initial drawings. In an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, Sugimori explains that he had to enlist the help of his colleague and fellow art designer Yasuke Ohmura, in order to break through his “artist’s block” for Xerneas and Yveltal. He admitted the design struggle was one of the most memorable moments of the project, creating a great team effort.

“I was tasked with designing both Xerneas and Yveltal, and I ran into a total wall in the process. So I gave the task over to [fellow art designer Yusuke] Ohmura for a while, and once he made some headway on it, I took it back over to finish it off. So they were a team effort. I’ve designed a lot of the legendary Pokemon over the years, but for whatever reason, it was really hard to come up with the concepts this time around. This was the first time I had to field someone else to get me out of my artist’s block, so in that respect, those are definitely the two Pokemon that stick out the most in my mind for this project.”


  1. well i can see what they mean, i mean…. that bird looks like a fucking retard. “nneerrr hheerrooo” thats what it probably sounds like. havnt seen any birds before. its so original!! especially one that looks like a power ranger bird or something.

    the deer though is like, “whats up bitch” when you encounter it while that bird is just shitting everywhere and being retarded like it was made to be.

    1. Please refrain from ableist language. It is okay to dislike the design, but please avoid expressing it in such a manner.

    2. Can I just ask you something?

      If you hate Nintendo so much, why do you keep coming to this website?

      If I don’t like something, I just ignore it and avoid anything to do with it. But you keep coming here purely to write hateful comments. It makes you look like an asshole.

      1. Some people are just born evil. No need for explanation. The best thing to do is just ignore them and pray that we never have to deal with them in real life.

    1. I think you got them backwards. Bambi on roids would be Xerneas and Bad-Ass Bird-like Doom Machine would be Yveltal.

  2. Xerneas is the most beautiful Pokémon ever created so I am glad he enlisted the help of Yusuke! 💋

  3. First off the red guy looks like the ruby/sapphire legendary. and that deer thing is one of the most horrific designs I’ve ever seen. stop making new pokemon!

  4. I think they turned out pretty well considering his artist’s block.

    I kept thinking through my entire playthrough how these newer designs are so uncreative though. they seem to keep relying on real world objects or animals and then mix it with a type. that’s just lazy. every time i encountered a pokemon from gen 1 like sandshrew and snorlax, i thought how cool and original it was. maybe it’s due to the limitations of the gameboy’s graphics that they compromised their designs and in the end filtered them to be better, or maybe they were on drugs back then and had more vivid imaginings. either way, i think the process they’re using to create new pokemon should be changed for the better. maybe work on 8-bit pokemon designs for gameboy before converting them to 3d models?

  5. they aren’t bad looking at all. zygarde looks like shit though. though I’m sure it’ll get another form like every other third big legend from gen 4 and 5.

    1. Can’t you say that for any game series/franchise? Any FPS, GoW, etc. Why would they change the game mechanics? At least they added Pokemon with each generation, all you can get from a FPS is another generic gun.

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