Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime To Answer Fan Questions Live On Twitter Again Tonight


Nintendo of America has just announced that popular company President Reggie Fils-Aime will be answering fan questions again on Twitter tonight, starting soon at 6:30PM EST. During his last session, Reggie revealed that he has logged over 300 hours on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, showing his 3DS screen to fans. For Reggie’s latest news, info, and fun tidbits, be sure to follow the Nintendo of America Twitter account. What will you be asking Reggie tonight?


  1. You trolls shouldn’t bother, because you love Nintendo too much that you’ll go anywhere where it says Nintendo. Hugs!

  2. If I actually liked twitter, I’d do this. They gotta have it so you don’t HAVE to have a twitter. I know most people do, but it would be nice if they didn’t make it neccesary.

  3. Are you happy with wiiu marketing, to date seems very lack lustre and I love my wiiu I just feel you’ve lost your direction marketing to your potential customers

  4. dear reggie, what the fuck are you guys doing!?? i mean c’mon some games for the wiiU pls port 3ds games at least! dont care bout grafx tnx.

    (140 characters)

  5. Someone with a twitter account needs to get on him about the Limited Edition Link Between Worlds Zelda 3DS XL and getting it in North America. In fact everyone with a twitter account should get on him about that. I don’t have one, and I really don’t want to make one just to ask him about that.

    1. I’m sure the questions are screened in accordance to what HE wants to respond to.

      All things considered though, He is just a lacky and a hype man. He can’t change anything. Of course he reports “DIRECTLY” to Iwata so any real questions you have might actually get heard by the appropriate people. Again, assuming he even acknowledges useful questions like………

      1. What is Retro Studios second game(because I call SPECTACULAR BS on Retro working on a Donkey Kong game that is the same engine as the Wii version for going on 4 years now? Especially after expanding their studios and hiring talent from studios such as Naughty Dog.) There has to be something else. What is it?

      2. When will Nintendo of America give us a new mature-themed IP?

      3. Will Nintendo consider partnering their developers with 3rd-party studios developers on games so that the Wii U doesn’t miss out on multiplats?

      4. Where the hell is Wave Race, F-Zero, StarFox, and 1080?

      5. With Capcom on the verge of going under, has Nintendo considered purchasing some of their IPs that fit the current Nintendo model such as Little Nemo Dream Master and Power Stone?

      6. What is Nintendo going to do to fill in the void of professional sports games, racing simulators, 3rd-person shooters, and 1st-person shooters?

      Questions like that.

  6. This will be crap. He’ll answer carefully selected questions and won’t deal with any of the negativity towards Wii U and how it’s on life support and starved of 3rd party games which will only get worse after Christmas. He’ll do his usual PR bullshit. I love Nintendo but I can’t stand Reggie and his lies.

    1. I know. I gave him an example of an educated person being confused by Wii U’s name and asked if he still thinks the name isn’t confusing. Instead, he answered questions like “My favorite ACNL item is the basketball hoop! #I’mSoHip”

      What’s even the point of this? He’s wasting our time and his.

    2. Sadly you’re probably right, I can definitely see Reggie pulling that, they always seem to avoid the real questions. The fact that they are doing so poorly with the Wii U sales, you would think they would actually listen at this point. Yea sure, you can ACT like everything is ok,but you acting isn’t going to keep you in business.


      1. Pokémon Z on Wii U? Why would that even remotely happen? Main Pokémon games will ALWAYS be on Handhelds and that’s the way I like it. Stadium 3 or Coliseum 3 or whatever on Wii U would be okay.

  8. I would ask why it took operation rainfall to bring over some wonderful JRPG’s. He is out of touch with what the western audience wants sometimes.

    1. Basically, under the original tweets by NoA where they either announced Reggie would take over the account or where Reggie announced he arrived, click “expand”. It’ll show people’s comments and most likely their questions.

  9. Sup, this was my actual tweet for the guys at Nintendo (Featuring: Reggie Fils-aime as the guy who answer).

    “@NintendoAmerica: Hello Reggie, what’s your opinion on Scott Moffitt as the head of MKT at Nintendo? Cus, there is no marketing for the WiiU.”

    This was real, hope he answer my fucking question cus I’m very mad at not getting third party support.

    1. Thanks, but there was marketing for the WiiU. The problem, I think, was TV commercials (US). Maybe the question could have been more specific. Ayways, share with us his reply if he does answer.

      1. Sup sup, I don’t wanna look like a dicksucker but what you mentioned was the promotion (one of the four parts that composed the MKT mix). MKT is a little more complex, like the good positioning of a product, competitive price, good distribution, etc.

        And for an answer, it looks like we have to wait sitdown LOL. Those faggots never answer the real questions, they only answer the stupids questions like, what’s your favorite game, Reggie?

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