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New Harvest Moon: Linking The New World Character Details

harvest_moon_raegarMarvelous AQL has a few new details to spill about the next Harvest Moon title for the 3DS. Previous reports from Famitsu revealed that Harvest Moon: Linking the New World – or Connect to a New Land, in other translations – would take place in Oaktree Town and feature new online areas where players will be able to connect wirelessly to trade goods. Now, we’ve got some extra details about the game’s core characters, including marriage candidates and the male and female protagonists.

First up, Marvelous AQL has shared information about each of the protagonists. The male lead loves to be outdoors and has grown up playing by sandy beaches and snowy mountains. Previously, he’d shown interest in becoming a rancher, but it’s his first time working the fields and taking care of the animals, so he’s very eager to learn more. The female lead is a new resident in Oaktree Town and is kind-hearted so loves spending her time raising the animals and tending the crops. She’s determined to work as hard as she can, no matter how difficult the current task.

There’s also new details concerning two of the marriage candidates players will meet in town. Lilly works as a weather forecaster and has a lively personality. In her spare-time she works as a sing-along leader for a children’s programme, cares for her younger sister and spends time with the elderly.  Raegar – who’s one for the ladies and is pictured above – is the second marriage candidate and works as a chef in the local restaurant. He’s very confident with a laid-back personality. Although typically seen as a joker, he’s a serious thinker underneath the bravado. Harvest Moon: Linking the New World is due for release next February in Japan.


  1. Sounds like more of the same. I hope they add some online multiplayer. It’d be cool if you could marry a real person, import and export for real, and stuff like that. There’s plenty of room to make HM better.

  2. Wow… He reminds me of Cam from HM: TOTT… :3 Hope he doesnt have that jerkish personality allen had..

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