Iwata Believes The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Launches Are Good For Nintendo



Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has informed investors that the next generation console launches this month will be good for Nintendo as they energise the video game industry. Iwata has reiterated that the company is focussing its attention of family based titles such as Wii Sports Club, Wii Party U, and Wii Fit U in an effort to appeal to a wider user base. However, that doesn’t seem to have worked in the UK so far, as Wii Party U dropped out of the top forty charts in its second week on sale.

“Other companies will launch new consoles (in the overseas markets at the end of this year), but I think they focus on targeting highly skilled users. Therefore, in that sense, though the competition will heat up because new game consoles will come out and there will be a ‘war of the game consoles’ played out in media articles, we wonder if the target user will actually be the same.”

“The games available at the end of this calendar year, ‘Super Mario 3D World,’ ‘Wii Party U,’ ‘Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games,’ ‘Wii Sports Club’ and ‘Wii Fit U,’ all lean more toward family use, and we are targeting those who bought Wii and would be interested in the Wii U offerings. That is slightly different than what other companies are aiming for.

“Thus, in the sense that we attract consumers interested in this category of video games, I think the launch of other video game systems is also good for us because they energize the video game industry as a whole.”


      1. But like the one from dreamcast and gamecube. I like universe but not has much.

    1. People made the same statement about Yamaguchi as well. Stop complaining and try to find enjoyment in the system. just enjoy the games that are coming out and stop whining on this site so much because Nintendo does not hear any cries being made on the site. if you are crying like a baby and you want to see things change, go on Miiverse.

      1. I will agree with the officer that Miiverse is a place Nintendo will be more likely to hear you.

    2. Agreed. He’s basically just said they’re abandoning everything they said about taking back the hardcore market. This means no open world Mario 64 style game, easy as piss Zeldas like Skyward Sword, no Star Fox, no F Zero, no Metroid.
      Nintendo and video games as a whole are circling the drain.

  1. Um…..Idk how I feel about this

    I know they are trying to get the casuals and the people who buy Games for their kids but… idk

    This is a major fault with the Wii U, trying to ride off the Wii install base, if they do by the end of this generation then I will take it back but as of now this is a kinda meh decision

    1. how so? After all, it IS compatible with the previous generation, so how exactely are they riding off the Wii install base ? the WiiU seems a perfect upgrade for anyone who enjoyed the Wii and are interested is some advanced games

      1. Well yea, by install base, I meant they tried to ride off of the Wii’s popularity and hope that they could ride of the Wii Brand name

  2. I think I will just buy has many good games has possible so I can survive the even more obvious gaming crash.

    1. I have My N64, Famicom and Genesis stored in a secret underground bunker for when this inevitably happens…

      1. Find a snes quick or you may have to get out and interact with people also a gameboy advance sp is necessary for advance and old gameboy games.

      2. I have all Nintendo consoles, as well as a Sega Genesis. I’m ready for the fallout!!

  3. Not sure if his logic makes sense in the grander scheme of things, but hey, an aggressive marketing campaign might work in Nintendo’s favour. I wouldn’t count on it as such, but who knows? It might…

  4. This guy has no clue does he? they need to target the core gamer. thecasuals have moved on to phone and tablet gaming. there are millions of core gamers that would buy a wii u Iif they made star fox, metroid, fzero, waverace, 1080 snowboarding, an open world 3d mario game, zelda, and many more like all the mario sports games in 1080p 60fps w online play. this whole family casual crap isnt fucking working. kghibityunoonoo929oe3r!@#$%^&

      1. The majority of the market is casuals, your COD and FIFA players. The PSOne and PS2 ushered in the casual gamer, where do you think those extra 60M sales have come from since the 16 bit era?

      2. I will just continue playing my Wii U and let Nintendo worry about the sales. I have no control over it.

      3. He is. Moaning and crying on this site won’t mobilize Nintendo in any way, they probably don’t even watch this site.

      4. Ignoring GTA V sold well. Lets see if WIi Party U can surpass that since according to you the casual market is bigger.

      5. That is in the context of a long term, but in context of a relatively new console, hardcore gamers are usually the ones who buy new consoles and give them the most publicity early on, casuals are the ones who come in from publicity and provide the longevity sales. Hence why triple A titles sells so well, hardcore gamers come in initially and casual gamers want to play it to see what the fuss is about.

      6. They already know what the fuss is about because AAA titles like COD and FIFA are franchises that have been going on for years, the casuals will buy a console just for COD or FIFA.

    1. no you’re wrong. They do not need to target the hardcore gamers anymore because the hardcore gamers , the nxtgen720’s of the world and the blackb0nds of the world do not give two shits about Nintendo and they never will.

      1. blackb0nd is not a hardcore gamer, he’s not even a gamer. He spends all his time up in the attic trolling youtube and making stupid videos that don’t even make sense.

        There’s a lot of good material there to slam Nintendo with, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of any of it.

      2. That’s because he has no time for gaming, he spends all his time commenting on Doctre’s channel.

      3. That’s weird, I’m a hardcore gamer, and Nintendo is one of my favorite companies.

  5. The people here in the UK are a bunch of wankers, you’d need some illogical load of bollocks with lack of story-line and deep infused game play too seek their attention. AKA, COD and FIFA, they’re pretty large here.

      1. Wasn’t necessarily trying to do that, the people who look for an all-round gaming experience here are a great minority. Would’ve responded on gmail, but it won’t let me (if I got banned for saying an honest opinion, then this site is pants btw). Sorry if I sounded aggressive, it’s just I’ve never met anyone with good taste. Also I think I’m allowed to strike at the country that I live in.

    1. Just because they enjoy other types of games than you do, doesn’t mean you’re anything better than them. Let them play whatever they want and you can play whatever you want.

  6. They are targeting families and babies with the Wii U this holiday. Not you fanboys or “hardcore” Nintendo fans. well that’s a middle fingers to you supporting fanboys LOL they don’t give a shit about you’re support

    1. the game we want are already announced, what the fuck are you talking about? they are focusing on families this holidays because they are the one who actually buy consoles and games, christmas presents, black friday anf stuff, take your head of your ass

      1. I think you’re had is in you’re ass because that had nothing to do with what I was saying.

        Damn raging fanboys

      2. of course it has to do, games like zelda, bayo, x, shinxfiremb, are already announced, WE hardcore Nintendo gamers already know what is coming, the casuals DONT, OF COURSE they are focusing on them this holidays is something freaking obvious

      3. You think Sony OR Microsoft give a shit about YOU??? HAHAHAHA… Think again! All they care about is your mothers welfare check. The only middle fingers your going to see are Sony and Microsoft as they nickel and dime your ass ALL next gen… Make sure to put down another $50 for a year of PS+ or your ass isn’t going to be able to play KZ online. Oh did you want to listen to music on your brand new PS4? Think again your ass is going to have to subscribe to Music Unlimited. Whats that? Another $30-$50 for the year? PFFT!!! Hahaha ENJOY!!!

        Don’t even get me started on Microsoft… You pretty much have to pay $50 extra when you turn the damn thing on. Microsoft charging for extra playable character’s in KI and only giving you two or three playable at start. Is that even a fucking game? People were BITCHING about Capcom and having stored DLC on the disk lol

      4. Lmao I can care less if Sony or any company cares for me. But at least with PS plus we get free games and great service. Unlike Nintendo you guys get shitty service. And no online 1st parties. And Sony listens to the fans. Nintendo don’t. They don’t care for fanboys like you LMAO

      5. Bringing up PS+ as a point AGAINST Sony is pretty much the dumbest thing you could ever do. PS+ is a fantastic service that is worth every single dollar you spend on it and nobody can deny that. You’d be stupid if you DON’T buy it, not vice versa.
        Besides, Sony seems to care enough about their supporters to listen to their wishes and do nearly everything right with the PS4.
        Though I do agree that this is not quite the case with Microsoft. Especially when they tried to fuck everyone over at the very beginning proved that they don’t give the slightest shit about their supporters.

      1. A last resort yet to be defeated, the Wii was a last resort console, now look at it.

      2. You misunderstood. Nintendo console sales have been declining since the Wii, Nintendo came up with the Wii and motion controls to battle its rivals, and it won. I don’t care if it was sarcasm or not, Nintendo isn’t even close to dead.

      3. No, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Smash Bros. and Zelda are not targeting families.

      4. Nintendo history 101….NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was a family console. SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was a family console. N64 was a family console. Gamecube was a family console. Wii was a family console. Wii U is a family console. Nintendo has always marketed family orientation. When you say Metroid, Starfox, F-Zerio, Smash Bros. and Zelda anyone within someones family could play the game. My mother use to play Pole Position and Spy Hunter with me but that was the extent of her gaming. My brothers would play different games with me and they were not regular gamers. All of those are consoles that a family can enjoy. Hence, why Nintendo has always marketed toward families. This is not something new.

  7. It would help Nintendo get some consumers, but in honesty Nintendo needs to have a game that will interest the “hardcore” gaming market if they really want sales! Also, no this does not mean call of duty and assassin’s creed, they need to conjure or transform an IP that will bring them in! If they were to use an old IP, I’d say Metroid and Star Fox are the ones that can translate much easier into the hardcore market but in honesty, I think it’s more beneficial to just make a new one.

  8. This article convinced me of buying a PS4 over a Wii U. If they wont attract gamers then i’ll switch to someone who will.

    1. But you alreday said you are getting a PS4 over a wiiu over 3 weeks ago so stop trying to scam us like this is such a big deal.

      1. I want a console that has horsepower and the best games in the world (Nintendo games) I can’t afford more than one next gen console. Why can’t Nintendo be hardcore like they were with the GameCube. I remember i use to tell Nintendo haters “Get N or Get Out” all the time, looks like this time i’m getting out.

      2. Wii U will be hardcore later in its life, probably not as much as GameCube though.

      3. Actually….I think you’re right. This will probably be one of those generations that failes miserably in the early years then get a phat-ass support later on. And everybody will be like, “oh but this is how Nintendo always have played thing out, they look at things from the long-run perspective…”

      4. ” I remember i use to tell Nintendo haters “Get N or Get Out” all the time, looks like this time i’m getting out.”

        If you are indeed the same person, I remember this.

  9. /sigh.

    PS4 and Xbox1 don’t just sell to hardcore gamers. Iwata is making false assumptions that will further hurt the WiiU.
    Also, I feel like he’s being contradictory by saying that the competition appeals to a different kind of gamer (hence Nintendo will be able to make money off of the “family/casual” crowd) and at the same time saying that the release of the new consoles is good for them because it will bring in gamers (“energize the industry”). If they appeal to a different base, how does that help the WiiU? You can’t have it both ways.

    1. Did he not also say recently that Nintendo wanted to bring some of the hardcore back?

      1. His Lordship said it when they first revealed the Wii U…

        I haven’t seen that effort yet though…

      2. To be fair a lot of 3rd parties dropped support after six months, one big 1st party launch title showing what the Wii U could actually do would also have been a big help.

      3. Well I don’t care one bit about Third Class games…

        I’m talking about from our empire’s investment in “non-family” oriented games…

        Like Pikmin or Metroid…

      4. I agree, on the Nintendo front games have been sparse. No excuse to rely on third parties when the majority of your fanbase buy the console for your games.

      5. And specially ones like the Electron Army…

        I hope they cut any ties with them soon…

  10. And “I” believe that the Xbox One and PS4 will prove how many brainless air-heads there are in this world. Something that Grand Theft Auto V already proved.

      1. This is me everytime I hear an Xbot or Sonyan in real life talk about those games…

  11. Why can’t anyone, including our empire do games with difficulty options anymore?!

    I want Nintendo games that are also hard to play through!

    Besides Metroid games that is…

    1. They don’t care about they’re hardcore fan base. They only care about family fun :) lmao so you will continue to see easy Nintendo games

      1. Frankly, the other 2 have even easier games despite their delusional shooting and gore games…

      2. If you haven’t played the games, how do you know they’re “easier”?

        I can tell you this for one, having already played through some of Knack on the hard mode…. it is brutal. Just like many old school action platformers, it provides a serious challenge.

        What they show in previews doesn’t even come close to showing how the real game is.

      3. Nintendo games easy? What happened to The Wonderful 101 being too hard for those IGN-hardcore reviewers???

      4. Hero Mode in Zelda games, WWHD is the latest one.
        It would be cool if there were a hard-mode in Pikmin 3 though.

    2. Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m sick of games that are WAY too easy. You pay 50 and 60 dollars for a game, and it’s over in a week or two (sometimes less).

      1. The majority of gamers are casuals, look at the backlash over the W101 and the controls in that game? The controls were fine it just plays like a proper old school game..

        Even back in the PSOne days, I did a console swap for a week with a guy at college, his PSone for my N64.. He couldn’t complete MGS (which was his game) I completed it in a couple of days..

    3. Ignoring thats why I wanted AAA tittles like Pikmin 3 to be online exactly why. But you fanboys flipd flopped on me trying to say I don’t have friends. Exposed.

  12. If “hardcore” is games like GTA and Halo (among other similar games), then I probably hate hardcore games. But I don’t like casual either.

  13. You propel sales! You don’t hope other companies will nurture your failing brand! GAHHH, I loved you so much Nintendo! Screw you and your Wii. I hope you are deduced to IPhone apps.

    1. *reduced
      pointing out a spelling error kind of lessens my post, but rather me than you, and I don’t take back anything

  14. F***k (beep) you, Satoru Iwata!! All you want to make casual/baby games instead of hardcore games!! You know what? STOP looking around casual games all the time and MAKE MORE HARDCORE GAMES with blood, profanity, alcohol, illegal drugs and more e.c.tre. Can you do that?

      1. Ignoring that at least GTA V sold well though I cant say the same for W101 and Sonic so far. I’m going for the sales not avoiding drugs and blood for the babies. At least Rockstar got their money.

    1. No, god no.
      Neither of those two, please. Casual sucks but that type of “hardcore” games are equally horrible.

      with blood, profanity, alcohol, illegal
      drugs and more e.c.tre.”

      Are you serious? Are you 9 years old? Those things aren’t what make a game “hardcore”. Hardcore games are games provide depth and challenge. Games like Metroid, F-Zero, Chrono Trigger, Shenmue, Gunstar Heroes, and so on..

    1. Star Fox? I don’t see them doing that anytime soon
      Metroid? Yes, I think they should make another Metroid Prime game :)

  15. Well it’s either because the Sony Japan President actually owns 2 Wii Us already or they know the Xbox One is a flop…. Also, yes, the Sony President DOES have 2 Wii Us because he stated its one for him and one for his kids, he says it actually a good console.

  16. Get the fuck out of here Iwata.
    This dude doesn’t even listen to his gamers and still wanna make the Wii U a new gen casual horrible console.

    1. Sorry but the Xbox One is more casual than the Wii U if you look at its exclusive kinect games…. just saying

      1. Still, its more casual than the Wii U. Wii U and PS4 are the only consoles that will survive this gen

      2. The Xbox Done is not even casual, it’s an abomination that should not exist…

    2. I was thinking about buying a Wii U in the next months but reading that will make me think twice. Don’t wanna spend 300 fucking euros for a console which only has a few good and interesting games.
      Fuck you Iwata, you ain’t shit compared to Yamauchi-san.

      1. I wouldn’t call, Rayman Legends, MH3U, Deus Ex, ZombiU, Trine 2, NFSMWU, RUNNER 2, Nano Assault , WW HD, Pikmin 3 and W101 a few…

        and I’m sure that I’ve missed some out there.

      2. Rayman Legends, DX:HR, Trine 2, NFSMW, Runner 2 : games I can play on my PC. Nano Assault on my 3DS.
        Here, more than half of your list erased.
        ZombiU is poop pretty much, so MH3U, Pikmin, WWHD and W101 may be the only real interesting games you quoted here.
        So far I’m not impressed.

        Alos, it’s only the begining of the console, Iwata clearly said he wanted this console to be a casual one. I made the mistake to buy the Wii ( two, actually ) because of the pretty good games coming out at the begining. Then, it started to slow down until there was what… maybe 2 interesting Wii games a year.
        If Wii U takes this direction, it will be a big NOPE.

      3. Of course you can play the majority of PS4 games on your PC, so you might as well stick with your PC.

        If you don’t have a Wii U, how to you know that ZombiU is poop? It isn’t it’s quite a decent game, plus Deus Ex has the awesome GamePad features, as does Rayman Legends.

        There’s a lot of interesting games already available and more coming, as someone said before, I’m just going to enjoy the games and let Nintendo worry about sales figures. I’m buying a PS4 just because other people are.

        I regret buying the last two Sony consoles.

      4. What is wrong with you people. As soon as you say you’re disappointed about Nintendo, you are all like “Well Sony are not better !” My God, I’m not a Sony player, I’m a PCist and a Nintendo player, don’t talk me about Sony ’cause I ain’t know shit about them and I have no interest in this company.
        I already bought and played through DX:HR and a gamepad feature or two won’t make me change my mind. Plus, the game is twice more beautiful on PC.
        The gamepad is really not that much impressive, it’s not an argument which will make me give up on a PC game to take it on Wii U.
        I don’t say Wii U won’t have good games at all, I’m just saying that, seeing what Iwata wishes to make with this console, I’m skeptical to buy one right now.

      5. I know, I’m looking forward to it. The thing is, Wii had some too, but blew up in flight.
        As casual games made lots o’monies, developers started to only develop casual games for the console and very very few good games.
        i don’t want to buy a Wii U to play it for a year or two and then let it rot in a closet.

      6. Oh please all year Ninrendo promised us new titles and most were shovelware.

  17. Here’s hoping that they are making these games now so that families will buy the system, then later they come out with the core titles everyone wants, like Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, and already Smash Bros.

  18. The majority of “harcore games” have always come from 2nd party software, RARE, Silicon Knights, retro studios etc. Nintendo have even collaborated with Capcom to bring over Resident Evil.

    Nintendo do have Platinum and Monolith, but their games are coming next year : (

      1. Makes sense, family games over xmas, hardcore games turn of the year.

    1. Nintendo is willing to pay for games but they are not going to pay for a version that is goin to get advertised morron for other consoles. If Nintendo payed for gta 5 do you think they where going to advertise it or at least put effort in it? My guess is not cuz it has already happened.




      1. And that’s because that was the time it took to release need for speed on wiiu also support was remove way before cuz if they had wiiu on support crisis 3 would had released on wiiu.

  20. so delusional, iwata..

    when wiiu was announced it was all about getting the hardcore nintendo fans back, the fans that MADE nintendo, it was about not having game droughts, making sure everything would work flawless… all lies iwata …disappointed

    and now its all about the family?the casuals again? whatever

    -the wii audience has moved on to their tablets and smartphones
    -and ps4 and xbone releasing is going to help people realize how many casual games are available on the wiiu and therefore buy one? =/ does not make sense

  21. I don’t know what Iwata is smoking right now, but he is smoking good shit, just keep doing that.

  22. erm,
    “that doesn’t seem to have worked in the UK”
    doesn’t seem to of worked on earth more like !

  23. I think this makes a lot of sense. Right now, the WiiU is the only system of the eighth generation that’s out, so its position in the wide gaming panel is imprecise in the perception of a lot of potential buyers. The release of both PS4 and Xbox One will help indecise people really know where every system’s really at.

    What’s more, it’s the only console of the eighth generation that suffers from the fact that the generation gap between seven and eight is the smallest of them all, so people have high hopes about both other systems, but when they’re out and nobody sees a big difference, whatever the system, a lot of them will turn towards the fun-oriented games that the WiiU already offers.

    Also, when both other systems come out, the difference in price points will be clearer to everybody’s wallet.

    So yeah, I think the comparison between the three of them will help a lot of buyers truly understand what is in the WiiU’s potential and what is in both other systems.

    I truly believe a lot of people are holding back until all three of them are out to make a decision as of which console to buy.

    Iwata knows his shit. The dude has a lot more perspective than some haters I’ve read above will ever get in their lives.

    1. This is the most since I’ve heard in quite some time on this site. I agree. People underestimate Wii U and Nintendo. It will all be clear once all the cards are shown.

  24. If they actually advertised the WiiU to steal away some of the next gen excitement, I would believe him. If they dont get their act together concerning advertisement, they will get smoked this holiday.

  25. I’m more exited about X (monolithsoft title) than any other possible games in the world … and even though JRPGs are not so popular right now, Nintendo bought Monolith and Iwata is making this happen. I couldn’t care less about FPS or action games so for me the Wii U was an easy choice. I love Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker and I’m sure I’ll love Mario 3d World … and I can play all of this + any Wii games on the gamepad when my wife is sleeping. I’m not a nintendo fanboy because of the brand, I’m a Nintendo fanboy because they are constantly making games that I love … there was a time when I was an Xbox 360 fanboy and the only reason was Mistwalker and all the great JRPGs that were only coming on the 360. However, M$ pulled the plug on JRPG developpers when they saw they couldn’t reach the Japanese market and that’s when I bought a Wii and a PS3. The PS4 will be interesting when FF15 and KH3 will get a release date :O

  26. This logic doesn’t make any sense to me. Hard core gamers are the ones who purchase consoles during their initial release. And I don’t think casual gamers who have Wii sports would by a Wii U just to play the same game in hd. I also don’t see casual gamers getting excited for online competing in Wii sports club.
    These are all games that make sense a few years in n when the price of next Gen consoles drop and casual games start shopping for a system.
    What Nintendo needs is hard core games to appeal to hard core gamers. I think Mario 3d World will help, but Nintendo needs more.

  27. this comment section is a joke. its clear that all the younger fanboys of nintendo are impatient as shit and the ps and Microsoft fan boys don’t understand statistics or how marketing works. you all are freaking morons.

      1. yeah keep thinking that. myself and a handful of others in this comment section are the only ones who seem to know how this works. probably because we all are older and have seen this happen countless times before and know what Iwata is trying to do.

      2. No, I’m not saying your wrong. I’m saying you misunderstood my comment above and if you don’t like it here then leave. You can insult me all you want.

  28. Iwata is making a smart move, because they have done it in the past and it works. hardcore will be focusing only on the PS4 and XboxOne so why try to fight that when they can just work on the family/casual market that they already have. they are pulling from a completely different market. that doesn’t put them at a disadvantage at all.

  29. He’s saying that Nintendo is focusing on casuals now and hardcore gamers later. That’s a great idea, but if you want to appeal to casuals, put commercials where the casuals are. TV, Malls, Billboards.

  30. This sounds strangely similar to when Sony said the success of the 3DS would help the Vita. We all know how that’s going on……….

  31. Man, I feel bad for Nintendo. They were already nipped in the bud from the start. Now they’re trying to grow a dead plant with awesome fertilizer. That’s great but its already dead. Rebrand the system and keep coming out with those great fertilizers, er I mean games.

  32. they need to stop fucking targeting families and target gamers. from the day they start doing that, that is when they’ll be relevant to the gaming industry again.

  33. Iawata is the dumbest motherfucker. Weak ass gou, CPU, with bis original xbox controller with a damn camera in center. I hope nintendo fails!

  34. “Iwata has reiterated that the company is focussing its attention of family based titles such as Wii Sports Club, Wii Party U, and Wii Fit U in an effort to appeal to a wider user base.”

    Iwata is delusional. His response to the other consoles launch is those crap shovelware games? Yeah no wonder the only ones interested in the Wii U are babies. Ever since Iwata took charge Nintendo has become the baby and crap games company. Back when Mr. Yamauchi was in charge Nintendo was a much more diversified company who made all sorts of different types of games for the ones of us who never been interested in the Mario and whatnot games. They had Rare, Left Field, Silicon Knights, the excellent relationship with Factor 5. Back when they would put games out like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Excitebike 64, Wave Race, 1080°, Jet Force Gemini, Star Fox, etc. But they sold all those awesome 2nd party studios including Rare. Only the fanboys who think Nintendo can do no wrong will say selling Rare wasn’t a mistake. And the one studio they have left who could have done something different (Retro), they put them to work on another baby game. What a brilliant idea. Iwata is delusional, completely out of touch, he lives in lala-land. Iwata’s target audience is casuals and babies.

  35. I’m rooting for Nintendo, though I will still get a PS4 as well. Cuz in a perfect world, Nintendo would get all the love and support. But this aint no perfect world.
    So yeah, the head start they had for a year better work on their favor when these new consoles to come out, which is pretty soon so… we’ll see!

  36. Well how ’bout target family and gamers as well Nintendo just like you said during Wii U launch that you are trying to gain back core gamers. I know Ninty is taking advantage of the holiday season but if they would have at least have 1 IP for mature gamers this season then many people won’t even consider buying the other consoles as they can enjoy Nintendo’s first/2nd party exclusives for the whole family and also something for the mature gamers. they could have made GTAV available for the Wii U if they wanted to and also capture sports fans with sports oriented games like basketball, soccer,etc. Although I know most Ninty fans don’t even care for this titles BUT you can’t deny that this titles sell and contribute in console sales. Best of both worlds.

  37. Wii Party U,’ ‘Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games,’ ‘Wii Sports Club’ and ‘Wii Fit U,’


  38. I never heard so much mixed comments from these people. Are you guys forgetting about the new SSB game coming out sometime next year? That might be the first of the Teen-rated games. And then it will move along from there..

  39. Enough casual rehash crap Iwata, bring out the good stuff. Your own fanbase is starting to turn on you because the Wii U fails to provide any sort of new or next gen experience, it’s just crappy rehashes of games we’ve played a few years ago. Appealing to casuals isn’t going to help the Wii U sell, you need new hardcore experiences from your biggest franchises that use the console’s features (i.e. the Gamepad) to create interesting new gameplay styles. That’s all you need to do for this thing to sell. In fact, Nintendo would probably be swimming in money right now if they’d have just done that from the start.

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