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Tennis Superstar Andre Agassi Features In New Wii Sports Club TV Commercial

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new tv commercial for Wii Sports Club on the Wii U. If you’d been counting on loosening up your muscles for a few tennis matches, you better watch who you might be up against. Nintendo has featured tennis superstar Andre Agassi to work up a sweat in his living room, but looks like he could be out of shape since retiring as he’s defeated on court. However, it’s not his wife, Steffi Graf, that’s won the match. Wii Sports Club is available November 7 on the Wii U.

21 thoughts on “Tennis Superstar Andre Agassi Features In New Wii Sports Club TV Commercial”

  1. I even hate our empire when they use celebrities to promote…

    I hate such cheap tactics even if it somewhat works…

    1. People these days have a short attention span, that if they see a celebrity, you know there gonna stay and watch it through. You know that commercial with Megan Fox in Call of Duty: Ghost? My cousin wants it just because Megan Fox made a cameo.

      That’s the power of celebrities.

      1. Your cousin must be reprogrammed…

        Thankfully, not a single celebrity has any impact on me whatsoever…

        Unless she is called Samus Aran…

        1. I agree with LuigiFan. Celebrities can sell a product. I don’t think the inclusion of a celebrity in a commercial is cheap or tacky. It works. And at this point, Nintendo need to use any tactic to sell Wii U’s.

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      This commercial wouldn’t make sense if regular people were in it. Including well-known people opens up a variety of different routes advertisements can take, and frankly, Nintendo needs better advertising. This was a good advertisement.

  2. Finally a good commercial. It shows what’s new about game (controls / online play) , just wished it didn’t look exactly like wii sports. Need to keep showing wii / wii u differences.

  3. These adverts need to impact parents and make them go “Hang on, that looks like Wii Sports but it clearly isn’t Wii Sports”….does this advert? No.

    1. Yea, these need to inform the user of a new HD game with ONLINE capabilities and not just the same old Wii, local multi-player version.

      1. Throwing in oh i dont know.. “On Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U”

        I know it flashes Online multiplayer and Realistic Controls… but it is way too quick to read. An announcer would drive the point better.

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