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Here’s The New Bravely Default Trailer

Nintendo UK has uploaded a brand new trailer for Bravely Default a month prior to its European release. In the above trailer you’ll find all new gameplay for the Nintendo 3DS title, including battles with dark enemies, new places to explore and an epic story to venture upon. And if you’re a die-hard fan of the series, the deluxe collector’s edition will be available to purchase from, which includes an exclusive art book and original soundtrack CD. Will you be purchasing Bravely Default when it’s released on December 6 in Europe?

19 thoughts on “Here’s The New Bravely Default Trailer”

  1. Damn that looks good. I’m hoping for a January release since square has LR coming out in febuary….or maybe FFX HD will come out in January, LR in febuary, KH2.5 in March (anniversary release like 1.5), and then this in April….

  2. Nintendo need to advertise this game MORE !! It’s a new franchise god damnit, do your job Nintendo, it won’t sell in Europe otherwise !

            1. Speaking about yourself? Don’t worry, I’ve handled “smart” kids like you before.

              If you finish your homework I’ll give you some ice cream, k? :)

  3. Feeling a sudden urge to buy a 3DS.
    But I guess I will still hold out, at least until they get unified accounts to work.

    1. You will Miss out on MH4, Bravely default flying fairy, Pokemon X and Y, Fire Emblem Awakening, to mention but a few.

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