Nintendo Unleashes Wii U Comparison Chart


In a new effort to explain the difference between the Wii and the Wii U to consumers, Nintendo has created a brand new comparison chart. This comprehensive chart has already been spotted in several Toys ‘R Us and Walmart stores in the United States. With consumers still confused about the Wii U, this new chart should help them distinguish the difference between the two consoles. Do you think it will be effective?

Update: It appears they are using the same comparison chart as they did at launch presumably to help consumers in the run-up to Christmas.

Thanks, Metroidvania and Chris B


  1. This chart is old and has been around since the launch of the Wii U. You can tell by the games it lists for Wii U, including Sing Party.

      1. They seem to be apart of the Wii U kiosks at stores. At the stores at my region, they have been up since launch and were never taken down.

  2. They already had one of these things in Target I thought? And it doesn’t really help prove their point that the Wii U was the right name when a year after launch they’re still trying to say. “Hey! This isn’t just a controller!” They could have had a really really good name.

  3. this is there ANSER FOR ADVERTISING….. HAHAHHAHAHA. they really dont know what they are doing do they and thats why this holiday season wii u will once again (hardly surprised) FAIL HAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!!!

    anybody who thinks this is enough is a corporate shit for brains slave.

      1. hello, its my stalker. have you dad change your diaper and maybe you will finally hit puberty and stop thinking about me all day.

      2. “stop thinking about me all day”

        You should say that to your dad instead of Sakurai.

    1. Maybe Nintendo should hire you for the advertising, you must be very skilled at operating multi-billion$ companies.

    2. While you’re failing at any attempt to troll, I’d have to agree about this. Let’s hope the Wii U side has plenty of more checks than the Wii side. Instead of doing this they need to start showing off awesome games, bring some old classy commercials or something. I am not pleased.

  4. This will be effective, but it’s up to retailers to utilize it in a way that’ll allow it to be effective.

  5. Great games is the best advertising as one great game is all it takes to sell a console. Give people a game that they want bad enough and they will seek out the system in order to play it.

    Wind Waker HD did this to some extent, Super Mario 3D World will be the big test over xmas..

  6. The Wii games listed there unfortunately are better than the Wii U games (particularly Skyward Sword). This ad is counter-productive for Nintendo.

    1. Do you have a better duggestion? It does more good than harm, so I think it’s better than nothing.

      1. The ridiculous part comes from people needing a chart to differentiate a Wii from a Wii U. Usually these type of charts are made to compare your product to a competitor’s product, not your product to your product.

        Nintendo is still selling regular Wii’s in North America and other parts of the world, so what are they trying to do with these charts?

      2. They’re using these charts to make the differences between Wii and Wii U clear to casual consumers who might not be informed about the Wii U.

      3. And that reinforces my point. It’s ridiculous. Everyone knew what a Wii was before it came out. Same with the 3DS – including the casual market.

        Nintendo just isn’t doing a proper job of letting the public know what a Wii U is. The marketing and public awareness has been poor.

      4. Okay, now I know what you meant by your first comment.
        In that case, I fully agree with you.

  7. Just make a tv commercial having Iwata say, “Hello don’t but Wii. That’s the old system. Buy the Wii U. How U will play next. Please understand.”

  8. dumbasses. next time don’t fucking call your new console the same name as the previous one. wii 2 or some other name and they wouldn’t be in this circumstance.

  9. WHAT IS THIS? A CHART? COME ON NOW! I don’t want to read diagrams. How can I see the difference? I don’t get it. WHAT IS THIS? I mean, what is this? Can anyone explain this to me? There’s big checkmarks on the Wii U and little dots on Wii I can’t see the difference? Why aren’t there checkmarks on Wii? Does that mean Wii is different than Wii U but Wii Isn’t exactly the same as Wii U but Wii U is like Wii but not like Wii but more like Wii U? Will you see Wii U you idiot Wii lovers of Wii U. FUCK YOU ALL.

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