Infinite Lives Already Achieved In Super Mario 3D World

Anyone who has ever played a Mario game knows the old repetitive Koopa pounce trick in which Mario finds a wall, a Koopa shell, and goes to town. IGN has proved that a new dog can learn old tricks, as they have already managed to employ the technique in the yet-to-be-released Super Mario 3D World.

The game has been in the news frequently as of late, as Nintendo fans are gearing up for the game’s impending release on November 22nd in the US, and November 29th in Europe. Yesterday, an alternate mode was revealed for the game, called The Adventures of Captain Toad, which features Captain Toad from the Galaxy series attempting to collect stars while traversing rotating 3D terrain. As review copies continue to ship out, Mario fans can be sure that more and more of the game’s secrets will continue to be revealed.



      1. It shouldn’t. It’s a sequel to that game. That’d be like saying ‘makes me regret buying galaxy even more’ when galaxy 2 was on it’s way. If anything, it’s probably better that we played 3d land.


      2. Same reason I learnt my lesson w/Gamefreak&bought W2.After someone lent me B1,I don’t regret my decision.I could care less for the plot it’s usually the same old Peach gets kidnapped by bowser routine.M3DL sucked&seeing this upgrade makes me feel cheated.


      3. Screw you, Iwata. I tried selling M3DL & no one wants to take that game ’cause it’s garbage! I hope the same shit doesn’t happen when I try to sell my Wii U.


      4. Peach ain’t kidnapped in this one, tho. I agree with the 3D Land. I regret that purchase greatly.


      5. Which’s why I said “usually” , I’m not sure whether she gets kidnapped in this game or not. I know BW’s plot isn’t the same as BW2, either, but they both pretty much play the same with the exception that BW2 has more features.


      6. She does not get kidnapped. We all know that for a fact.

        Unless in the middle of the game that happens… But it’s highly unlikely.

        And I agree with you about SM 3D Land. That’s the worst Mario I’ve ever played in my life.


      7. its not a sequel… it just use the same kind of camera view. The story is completely new. If it was a sequel it would be the sequel of Mario bros 2


  1. I don’t know way anybody wants infinite lives, the new Mario games are so easy that you have alredy the maximum amount of lives at the end of the game..


    1. Im getting this game for my 4 year old niece. And although they are easy, they still present a challenge to kids her age. I myself did this cheat with the 3D Land last year and left her with 700+ lifes, just last week I notice she was down to 23 lifes and on bowsers castle.

      Continues wouldved just kept throwing her back, thats why Im happy these infinity lifes spots are placed in the game.


    1. I’ve seen the same retarded one with all the kids sitting around on a couch and one of them turns into a pink cat halfway through, about a million times now! It’s such a stupid commercial and I like Nintendo products. Stop trying to make real life into a video game in your commercials Nintendo!


  2. This could be a good thing since I’m planning on playing with my little sis, since the lives are shared xb
    We don’t have to mention how good she is at Mario x)


  3. I think I actually traded in super mario 3d land for Kingdom Hearts 3D because I’m a bigger fan of Kingdom Hearts than mario. But after a couple months I regretted it because I missed 3D land. But when I saw 3D world I was extremely happy and can’t wait for this game.


  4. I don’t get the hate for SM3DL, it’s one of the best games I have played in years and definitely the most fun I’ve had on my 3DS so far, and I have plenty of 3DS games.


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