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Wii Sports Club Launch Trailer

Nintendo has released a launch trailer for Wii Sports Club. Two of the five sports from the game – tennis and bowling – are featured in the video and are now available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Boxing, golf and baseball will launch soon. The sports are being released individually as downloads, and they contain ungraded controls, HD graphics and online multiplayer. Nintendo recently revealed that Wii Sports Club may eventually become packaged software.

28 thoughts on “Wii Sports Club Launch Trailer”

      1. There are two Miis on the court now, so if your back mii is going to miss, swing quick for the front one to smack the ball back. It’s not direction control, but it helps.

    1. Boxing was my favorite, but that’s to violent for Nintendo to provide online play.

      Happy to see grandparents get online play while the rest of us get shafted on this years 1st party titles.

  1. This should get the job done. I also think the eventual golf trailer will do a great job showing off the console’s capabilities. Using the gamepad as a tee, and seeing the golf ball fly into your tv is really intriguing stuff, especially for the market they’re targeting here.

  2. bowling is awesome, works really well online. Tennis is fun too but when I play online I keep losing. Some players hit the ball so fast it isn’t even funny. what i don’t really like it when I win in local single player, my level increases, but when I lose online my level decreases, so depressing.But I guess it’s fair.


      1. Nintendo Police Officer

        they are trying to show that all gamers of all ages are welcome to their platform and products. they are not going after the same demographic that Sony and Microsoft are going after. I thought you already knew that. don’t you remember that the Wii was a success because of the casual gamer market

        1. Yeah even so, these ad’s are just lame. I have not seen a convincing Wii U ad as yet, they all make me cringe, and I a big supporter of the Wii U having owned one since launch. The acting and directing is terrible, and those fake smiles, oh the fake smiles, which lead onto the fake fun, oh the fake fun…tragic really

  3. Oh yeah, their target audience is babies and grannies. Who cares if their sales increased a bit, if the only ones interested in the Wii U are babies and grannies. All major triple A games will continue to skip the baby Wii U. More baby Mario and whatnot games please.

    The poor oudtated last gen Mii’s are still armless, I guess the 70 extra polygons to make them arms would bring their underpowered running on 7 year old hardware console to a crawl lolol.

    1. If you knew anything about computers at all you would know that the Wii U uses Directx 10.1 with some Directx 11 equivalent features..that is certainly a more capable set of graphics features than the PS3 or Xbox 360 had, both using the very old Directx 9.
      So this is why it is regarded as half way between the PS3/4 for instance, which was a decision Nintendo made based on the feeling that there is not that much of a difference between high end and medium graphics these days, a sentiment I agree with. I bet you would struggle to notice the difference between medium and high setting on most PC games if you didn’t know before hand tbh. I can tell you I can’t sometimes and I have a very high end PC, therefore Nintendo were right imo.
      So, if it is a choice between a heavy, hot, and big machine that can do slightly better graphics, or a small, sleek, cool machine that with slightly worse graphics, I’ll take the former. If I really want graphics, I got steam after all.

  4. A little off topic here, but couldn’t help notice that the music they used in the above commercial sounds remarkably similar to Blink 182’s “What’s my age again?” Makes sense though…older citizens acting young again and having fun! :)

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