Wii U Version Of Call Of Duty Ghosts Will Eventually Have Dedicated Servers


A Trey U, one of the Wii U developers over at Treyarch, has told a fan via Twitter that Call of Duty: Ghosts on Wii U will eventually have dedicated servers for multiplayer. A Trey U says that the team doesn’t have an exact date when they will be implemented, but hopefully Wii U users won’t have to wait too long. We also found out today that the company has deployed an update for the Wii U version of Ghosts which fixes a number of issues.

“Are dedicated servers coming to the Wii U version?”

“Yes, but I don’t have a confirmed date yet.”

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  1. Half-baked games and they’re expecting huge sales? And then they bash the gamers for not buying? That’s what they deserve.

    1. Hey Treyarch did an excellent job on the WiiU version of Ghosts.

      They worked their asses of if you want the best version of COD you get the WiiU version

      1. Best version? lol No DLCs (also lied about it..lawsuit?), no Elite, half-assed effort from IW themselves (the new IW we’re trying hard not to hate), no clan cross-play and no dedicated servers as promised.

        Yeah. Its the best version make these idiots invent an excuse to disown Wii U even further.

          1. Dumbass fool, they already said Wii U won’t have it. Learn how to read shit on a daily basis before you preach looking like some stupid, anti-gay conservative priest.

          1. -_- Jesus…I’m glad I’m no longer brainwashed to buy this shit anymore.

            And no Wii U version is was intentionally made to not be the best one despite some aspects being slightly better than others. Trust me it won’t get any of those sweet features other versions has like Freefall. Why do you think Activision only shipped crap amount of the Wii U version if fans are saying its the “best” one? To fool people to give them that quick buck to support others and then not give a crap about Wii U.

          1. For $60 with almost half online features missing because they’re lazy, Wii U hating pricks, I almost feel sorry for you falling for it.

            1. What “half of the online features” are we missing exactly? The clans system… Like we should give a shit what some whiney little 12 YO is doing on his WankBox 360! The feature that is missing is worthless to the average, non-Professional, gamer! DLC, ha… that does not make the best version of the game, although having it would be nice, it’s not a deal breaker for me. It’s ok to hate on it and for you to not buy the game, but it is utter nonsense for you to attack someone’s opinion of the game based on your limited knowledge of what they have available to them, or even what the plans for the game are down the line for the Wii U. None of us know what they will do with the Wii U version of Ghosts, it may be perfectly on par with all the other versions. I can’t always look to the past to predict the future and you shouldn’t either. At least they are trying, by announcing that the Wii U will have Dedicated Servers this time around, that’s more than I can say about BLOPS 2 for the Wii U.

          2. Its funny how Dice thinks motion controls are unnecessary gimmick for FPS games, but Kinect is best thing since sliced bread.
            Some of those M$ dollars lubing some holes?

      2. I agree with Treika on this one. I have played the others and they suffer some severe FR issues at all times, I haven’t played the PS4 version, but I will soon.
        Also, this is great news that the Wii U is getting Dedicated servers like all the others, at least it’s a step in the right direction. I would love to see Sony and Nintendo obliterate MS this gen and have that garbage Spy machine maker drop out of the consoles market altogether! I had a 360, but I’m done with MS.

  2. “So uhm…are dedicated servers coming to the Wii U version?”

    “Yeah, but….well, I mean…I don’t know man, who really cares anyway???”

    1. Servers hosted by activision., not at your house. Have you ever noticed sometimes games pause to connect to a new host, yeah that’s cuz the current system uses someone’s (with a good connections) wifi to hold the game. Dedicated prevents these issues and also allows developers to add A TON of shit into games that is just streamed from servers. If they’re legit dedicated we may get 24 player multiplayer

  3. That.s cool…for the 1% of CoD: Ghost buyers that bought the Wii U version lol. I’m surprised 1% actually bought it at all, because the game is crap!

          1. Considering that 25 people worked on the game and they were restricted in how hard that they were allowed to push the Wii U hardware, they did a decent job.

  4. not so much of a COD fan nor a hater, i kinda love the game and i wish it would at least be successful. success of these types of games (not just COD)means a good chance that other devs would publish more third party games on wii u.

  5. Man that’s good. This game needs to sell more on Wii u.

    Everyone thinks the next gen systems are gonna fly off the shevles like crazy. It’ll be a good holiday for sure but I predict 5-10 million consoles sold for each by same time next year. There will be no more 100 million consoles sold happening anymore until price of next gen hits $250.00 for a few years. If Wii u wants to tie those. Umbers it’ll have to be all about the bundles. I’m talkingike three games with Wii motion plus for $299. Think about it. Mario 3D World, Wind Waker and Smash Brother 4 bundle. Instant sell. Haha. Unlikely to happen but they’d get my money.

    1. Ever since I first used a Wii remote for FPS games, I find twin sticks to be incredibly awkward.

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