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Nintendo Releases New A Link Between Worlds Artwork


Nintendo has released a brand new piece of concept art for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which features the return of one of the most prominent villains in video game history. Ganon is back for this latest installment in the Zelda franchise, sporting the same look that he did in A Link to the Past. He was officially revealed at the end of the launch trailer that was shown during today’s Nintendo Direct, but this further confirms his involvement in the game. In the trailer, eight paintings are shown swirling around in a vortex-like manner, and Ganon seemingly rises from the ashes. What does Ganon have in store for Link this time?


  1. I don’t normally care about spoilers that much, but seriously Nintendo? You couldn’t let us find out about Ganon on our own?

    1. Yeah, sucks since now we can piece together pretty major plot points. Though, if this means the story goes the way I think it goes, then I think they did this twist before.

    2. It’s this site’s fault, they could’ve just put *SPOILERS*about albw and then the artice, motherfuckers

      1. It’s also Nintendo’s. In the Direct they had no warning that there would be spoilers in the Zelda trailer. For some reason they only warned about spoilers in the Mario trailer.

  2. Couldn’t they at least update his design a bit, make him more bad ass (I’m thinking OoT Ganon kind of bad ass)? After going against the likes of Demise and Ghirahim coming back to this fat swine on his rears is eerrr a bit underwhelming. No, the cape does not help.

      1. Even cooler if they made him look like he does in the art for the story section of your link. I’d love to see that in an HD Zelda game.

    1. What’s with you hanging on to OoT like a safety blanket? It was just one of many different and great styles; accept that.

      1. What are you talking about? I haven’t even played OoT lol I mentioned it because it is the only TLOZ that comes to memory that did a bad ass “Ganon.” before that he was (and still is apparently) just a pig.

  3. I think it’s a little strange that Nintendo is making this huge spoiler before the game is relased. Maybe Ganon is not that important for the evolution of the plot, maybe some other villain become the final enemy, maybe there will be mayor twist before the end! : 3

  4. Too many spoilers. Especially with this game and Mario 3D World. It’s like they’re really desperate to get sales for these games. Zelda has nothing to worry about. Mario needs to sell Wii U this Christmas in a huge way. They’re 6 foot under in the grave all that’s left is to close it up.

  5. How is Ganon’s appearance that much of a surprise to people? It’s so frick’in predictable it hurts. Now if Nintendo was smart about it, I’m sure they made some sort of twist.

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