Nintendo Not Working On Educational Tablet?

Yesterday we reported that Nintendo was possibly working on an educational tablet aimed at schools. As it turns out, this may not be the case. The supposed software engineer from Nintendo of America, Nando Monterazo, originally leaked the “secret project” that would play educational-only games on a tablet that would utilize the Android platform. These tweets are now deleted and Nintendo confirmed that no man by that name works for the company and refuses to comment on the rumors. What do you think about this latest turn of events? Would building an educational tablet for schools be in Nintendo’s best interests?


      1. I think its technically called “Betabox One: NSA Edition”

        Still not buying that big ass black cinderblock crap that only focuses on T.V and spy games.

    1. If an Android OS wasn’t mentioned I might think this hold some truth, but the problem is Nintendo is and has been writing there own OS. They even combined facilities in Japan to help bring console and portable development together along side with both the 3DS and Wii U OS uses a similar ARM based coding. So its a really thin rumor at best.

      But on the other hand they do experiment with technology that gets ultimately killed before it makes it out, such as the project with Nokia for a phone game machine that was in the works before the DS.

      1. With the Xbots and Sonyans Fanatics, I’d say we have all the viruses around us we can handle…

    1. Maybe its some sort of game console/smartphone hybrid.

      Or they were just messing around and looking at some features to steal and use in their next product.

  1. They should make some sort of Gamin tablet along with their new handheld or something which has ability to play those handheld games purchased through eshop, that way those those who want all in one device could get that tablet and those who dont have much money can buy just an regular handheld. But i think they will go to Handheld Home console hybrid next.

  2. Has anyone seen a commercial of this game on tv. There havent been any commercial in my country since the wii u release

  3. Off topic but not really: I read Xbox One is having problems. Microsoft is richer than Nintendo and Sony right? So why aren’t they using the money in R&D to focus on quality? Itwould seem with Microsoft ooperating tablets and computers it would seem as if they would have the least issues. Interesting. So is a Power PC 7 like a Toyota while an X86 engine like a Ford or something?

  4. Sounds like a great idea, i think they deleted and covered all of that up because they’re not ready to release details yet. But also this kinda sounds something unlikely from Nintendo, but I’m sure it would be great for them

  5. I’d rather see Nintendo invest their efforts into the Wii U instead of an educational tablet anyway. That should be their priority.

    1. Agreed. If Nintendo is poised to do any hardware development (and keep in mind they should already be in the planning stages of the 9th gen for a console that will be 100% on-par spec-wise with competition and no gimmicks set to release in 2017-18) it should in the meantime be an attachment that makes the Wii U GamePad a fully-functional tablet device capable of remote-play.

      Also the 3DS should be upgraded with remote-play functions even if all it can do is stream the game from the Wii U while within it’s user’s Wi-Fi network.

  6. I like the picture you used for this article. The Big 4 of Nintendo. Fox McCloud, Mario, Link, and Samus Aran.

  7. its funny how you say xbox one when so much of them are broken from that dam disk reader i guess there is one xbox that only works out of a million :p

  8. I don’t think Nintendo would use the Android platform if this was the plan. I also doubt the whole idea.

    1. That is where you are wrong
      Both the amazon kindle fire and the navi (a childrens tablet) run modified versions of Android. Android is the perfect OS to work with as a base. What else will they use? WebOS?

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