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Hideki Kamiya Says Porting Bayonetta To Wii U Before Release Of Bayonetta 2 “Doable”

After earlier reports circulated that Hideki Kamiya wanted to port the original Bayonetta to the Wii U, Kamiya has now said that it would be doable before the release of Bayonetta 2.  Ultimately, it’s up to Nintendo to decide whether or not to port the game over to the system. Are there any upsides for Nintendo if they do decide to port the original Bayonetta to the Wii U?

We can. RT @lightningboltac If Nintendo decided to release Bayo1 on WiiU, will u be able to port it in time before Bayo2’s release? Or later

44 thoughts on “Hideki Kamiya Says Porting Bayonetta To Wii U Before Release Of Bayonetta 2 “Doable””

    1. What would be awesome is if it was included on the bayonetta 2 disk, lr how about if they remade it on wii u, with native 2080p at a silky smooth 60fps? i would so buy it again, but the problem is if they get it ported we may just end up with a garbage port like the ps3 port!

      Granted now the ps3 port runs fine, i have it.
      But i would prefer it was on eshop as a touched up higher res locked frame rate version on wii u at a cheap price since it is a old game, great but old nonetheless!
      Its is my fave action hack and slash, after mastering it, every other action games combat just felt so mediocre and too simple.
      Bayonetta’s combat system is one of the best ever made! on the surface like all action games it can seem like a button basher but if mastered you will realise it is far from that!

      Cant wait till the sequel, and getting to buy a improved version of the first game on wii u with the second game would be GREAT!!!

  1. He should just do a 2 on 1 disc. Bayonetta 1 and 2 on one disc. But yea baynonetta was a great game at least port it for the people that never got to enjoy the first one

    1. I a ps3 i wanted to play it for a long time butbI’ve heard the frame rate is awful on ps3 version. I didn’t want to spend money on xbox 360 just to play that one game, plus I’ve always had a beef with microsoft. If they port it to wii u day one buy, but it can’t be 60$. The highest u will buy the port would be 39.99. I’ll probably will watch a walkthrough if its not ported so I know the story

      1. Hmm I played it on 360 and it was a smooth 60fps Idk about the ps3 version but if i were you i would have bought it and tried it for my self to see if it has frame rate issues also also you can get it for dirt cheap now so i would say buy it but yea for a port i would pay honestly like $20-30 depends on how well the port comes out.

        1. I’ve heard it from from my friend who owns the ps3 version, and this guy I watch youtube miles923 that framerate has some big issues, but i might get it one day when i have spare time, I got to buy things for family during the holidays.

      2. No get it on PS3 it works fine now, they patched it and fixed it! i have it on PS3, its not as good as the 360 version, but its near enough! its a smooth 60fps with some dips here and there but that’s with all games, either way don’t begrudge your self the experience.
        Seriously the combat system is bayonetta is the best around, its flawless! i love platinum action games, i found that platinum games are the kind of games that the more you play the game, the better it gets!

        The games are designed to be replayed so you get better at combos, and constantly are unlocking stuff! like i said above after mastering bayonetta no other action game can scratch that itch for me! so to play bayonetta 2 on wii u which is bayonetta 1×10 will be like a religious experience for me lol go out and buy the ps3 version its dirt cheap and plays great!

  2. I have little interest in Bayonetta, but yes, I do think it would be beneficial to port the first game. Suppose you’ve never owned a console outside of Nintendo. Are you going to be interested in a sequel to a game that isn’t available to you?

  3. If they do put Bayonetta 1 on Wii U and update it with some new stuff it might entice fans of the series to get a Wii U sooner in anticipation of Bayonetta 2’s release in 2014!

  4. Then do it.
    I would definitely buy it for 3rd time.
    And I could dispose of this PS3 with salt and fire, like all vile things.

  5. if it’s doable then why the fuck hasn’t nintendo done it. it’s missed opportunity left and right with this company.

  6. I have the crappy PS3 version, so if it comes to WiiU and runs best on it (no painful loads and frameratedrops) then i would gladly buy 2 copies. Its my fav 7thgen game along with MGR and Smg 1&2

  7. They should release both Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Wii U, and a collector’s edition containing both games and some extra stuff. Artwork and such.

  8. Nintendo and Sega should
    definitely release Bayonetta on
    the Wii U. Preferably early next
    year. It’d be a great game to tide
    us over until the release on
    Bayonetta 2, and it would give
    people who have never played
    the original the chance to play it
    and become immersed in the
    Bayo universe. All of which would
    make people more hyped and
    excited for the sequel AND bring
    another great game to the Wii U’s
    current somewhat lackluster
    library of games.

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  10. I love Bayonetta 1, I have it on 360 though… If its cheap enough & has additional features & I’m not playing anything, I might check it out, but I’m 100% getting B2, day one.

  11. Bad idea. It won’t sell well and then Bayonetta 2 will be cancelled. I think Bayonetta 2 is in a precarious position as it is. When it was announced, Nintendo thought it had a chance of winning back the hardcore crowd. Now Nintendo has all but given up on that, realizing that targeting that crowd actually cannibalizes their casual/family-friendly image, which has become their bread and butter. It may not be what you or I had hoped for, but if Nintendo is smart, they’ll realize they can’t have their cake and eat it too, meaning they will finally send a clear message to about who the Wii-U is supposed to appeal, which is “everyone else”, i.e., 30+, kids, 30+ with kids, hipsters, females, and the guys who want to get with said females. Mark my words, BAYONETTA WILL NOT SELL. Nintendo may already be getting cold feet about it (but, admittedly, will likely see it through given everything they’ve invested in its development so far). The people who post in this comments section are not representative of Nintendo’s target audience.

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  13. He’s says this now but let’s face it, he’s only saying it because it’ll get him brownie points with the fans.

    Watch him take it all back the second the fan response makes it look like an actually possibility, just like the Starfox thing.

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