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Nintendo Appears To Have Increased Its Presence At Toys R Us For The Holidays


Recent images that have appeared on NeoGAF suggest that Nintendo has greatly increased its presence at US retailer Toys R Us. You can see from the photos provided here that there’s plenty of Nintendo merchandise to be found at the popular retail outlet. So if you’re looking to check out what Nintendo has to offer this holiday season then it’s well worth visiting your local Toys R Us store to get hands on with some of the big games this Christmas.

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      1. I have to agree. Especially after playing the PS4 and XBOX One this weekend. I mean after being on the market for one year the Wii U only has one game with true next-gen graphics on the shelf.

        Super Mario 3D World. The game will probably go down as the best selling Mario games ever, but it’s not enough. Even what we know is coming next year such as Mario Kart 8, DKC:TF, Smash Bros, Fast Racing NEO, Bayonetta 2. and Project x is still not enough because there 3rd party support is non-existent. The only major new IP 3rd-party game on the horizon for the Wii U is Watch Dogs. I would say Project C.A.R.S. that game has been in development forever it seems like so who knows when that’s coming?

        They better be planning a monstrous Nintendo Direct with in addition to new footage of what we know is coming at least 5-10 titles we haven’t heard of yet plus an update on games like Yoshi’s Yarn and Shin Megumi Tensei X Fire Emblem.

        Either that or start planning Nintendo epitaph in terms of being a viable home console manufacturer.

  1. They need to improve the selection of game demos on their demo stations. Last time I got to one, the only demos were NSMU and Rayman Legends. How are you supposed to showcase your console with those games? Why not put Nintendo Land, Wonderfull 101, Pikmin 3 or Wind Waker HD to showcase it?

    1. you folks always complain no matter what .there’s nothing Nintendo can do to please people like you . it’s a damn shame

      1. And you’re a blind fanboy. One of these was a launch title, and the other is multi-plat. They SHOULD show off other games, like 3D World, or Pikmin 3, or Wonderful 101. Stop sucking Nintendo’s cock.

      2. well maybe you’re right. maybe I should join the Nintendo hate parade just like everybody else that frequents this site :D

      3. Gee, that sounds like fun! And how about I join the masses of yes-men sheep tool responsible for slow evolution for a change? :D

        Hold on, let me go get my poppers.

      4. My complaint personally has been the same. Iwata is still employed. Nothing they do matters to me until he is gone. Nothing they do good will excite me because I know they will botch it up as usual, and nothing they do bad surprises me anymore.

        Nintendo used to set the trends and not they are responding to them two steps too late. They should have had this going on all year long.and they don’t deserve brownie points for doing what they should have done in the first place.

        Tell me that Iwata, Fils-Aime, and Miyamoto are gone, that the new CEO is a younger person with the aggression that Yamauchi had and understands the entire gamer demographic and not just it’s own niche fanbase, and that Nintendo will start making games in ALL categories like they used to. Then I’ll give them all the props in the world.

    2. They have update their gamestatons. The one in the Wal-mart by me, has NSMU, WWHD, Mario and Sonic at Sochi,Rayman Legends,Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Games and Wario, Lego Marvel Superheros, Nba 2k13, Sonic Lost World, and Sonic All-star Racing.

    3. Thing is they would want to show the console off with some quick games just to show what the console is able to power…for now. You can download demos of the games on the eShop later. Not that hard now is it?

    4. NintendoLand was a fail and never needs to be spoken of again. Replace that with Super Mario 3D World and add Sonic:Lost World.

  2. Though at my local store they increased their N presence by NOT getting in Super Mario 3D World OR Zelda A Link Between Worlds. Bummer.

  3. Well it begins, Reggie said the advertisement kicks up next year so maybe this is the beginning of it, lets go Nintendo and lets see what you got

  4. I went to see Catching Fire today and I saw TWO Mario 3D World commercials before the movie started… I also saw a PS4 commercial, but who cares about SONY? I didn’t see a single Microsoft commercial while I was their either.

    1. I went t and saw Catching Fire as well, awesome movie by the way, and all I saw was a XB1 commercial. That’s weird.

  5. It great they showing off the wii u more, they have several videos in those demos station. Nintendo is steping it up for the holidays and next year. ignore what trolls are saying its good no matter what they say

  6. Just keep lowering the prices below your other competitors like you always do, Ninty. Competition isn’t your forte.

  7. Wow, that looks great. Toys ‘R Us is all pimped-out with Nintendo products. Awesome. I’ve seen Wii U demo stations in lots of stores and I hope they keep popping up in even more places.

  8. Wow! Wii U kiosks. I’ve never seen one of those in ANY stores where I live. Not even in stores 200+ miles away. I wish I could see one. I’ve never got to play the Wii U.

    1. I hope you’re able to find a store that has one. The first time I played the Wii U was at Target and I really enjoyed it.

  9. Looks like the Toys R Us I go to in that image. Hope they step up the demos section, the Toys R Us by my area is pretty barebones with demo stations of any console, besides the 3DS and Vita one.

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