Shin’en Promises Fast Racing Neo News Coming In 2014

Nintendo centric developers Shin’en have said in a recent interview that they will be sharing more information about the recently revealed Fast Racing Neo sometime next year. We currently know very little about the game, so it will be great to finally get some footage and information.

Q: When can we expect to see the first footage or information on Fast Racing Neo? Is there any tid-bits of info you could give us right now?

In 2014. We currently optimize the local multiplayer part and it seems as we can go far beyond what we have done previously.

Thanks, Mike


      1. Whats his face from Mojang said its as likely to come to Wii U as it is to Playstation. Its coming to Playstation so unless he lied it should come to Wii U at some point.


    1. I have the full version of mine craft, and I don’t play anymore.
      If it came to wii u and had pro controller support?
      I would play everyday and pay for it 2wice


      1. lol it passes the time, better than a lot of shit games, the main one the comes to mind is that dumb ass doggy doo game, I know its in a different league but still


    1. Dude, did you play airace speed? That game has no multiplayer, and I was seriously addicted. So much so that I wanna go back and play right now! So much so that I became 2nd best in the world… I wonder if I still am. GL beating my time faggots


  1. They didn’t really answer the question. Saying that they discover some new functionality for multiplayer doesn’t tell us when we can see footage of the game. Shin’en game has been talking a lot of junk about how powerful the Wii U hardware is and how great the graphics are with their. They need to come with it. Seems like Nintendo and everyone closely associated with them think they have all the time in the world and they really don’t. It is not sweet.

    Whether we have to wait until you get the games right is not a concern to me. Take your time and do it right.

    It’s time Nintendo and friends take the covers off of their projects so people can have a reason to want to invest in a Wii U in the future versus taking those funds elsewhere.


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