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Bravely Default Sequel Confirmed For Japan On 3DS

bravely_second_scanBravely Default is due to release later this week in Europe, but there’s some exciting news for Japanese 3DS users brewing. Confirmed in this week’s Jump Magazine, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy – as it’s titled in Japan – is getting ready to spread those wings for a sequel aptly named “Bravely Second”.

From the scan above, there’s a new character named Magnolia, with the game set in the same world as its predecessor. Though no other details have been confirmed, we’ll surely hear some interesting tidbits, as well as its confirmation for Western 3DS users some time in the future. Make sure you check out the recent trailer for Bravely Default, here, in order to get suitably hyped up.


  1. Just when you thought Nintendo was easing up on the 3DS and its mega hits, the announce Bravely Default 2.

  2. They sure know how to title their games.
    But this is great news. It’s kind of like getting late to a feast: The dinner is already out and dessert is right around the corner.

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