Monster Hunter Designed Christmas Card Wins Capcom’s Christmas Card Competition


Early last month Capcom ran a competition in the United Kingdom which tasked the community with creating their very own Capcom Christmas Card. The winning Christmas Card was the lovely Monster Hunter themed card, which you can see above. The winner was David Hankin who won himself a PlayStation 4. You can view the top five finalists work, right here.

Thanks, SonicKid147



  1. Getting tired of sickr’s shit with posting non nintendo news or hater news… There are plenty of other nintendo news dedicated sites out there, bye


    1. I don’t think monster hunter will ever go back to main consoles. I think it will stay handheld and the versions console would get will be the ultimate editions.


  2. Those two statements made no sense as they did not go together.

    However, I just bought Mass Effect 3 Wii U for 12.99 at Amazon. I’m very happy to give EA such a small amount of my money.


  3. Monster Hunter started in Ps2 and Psp it is probably that it would come to ps4 due to wiiu bad selling.
    You should inform yourselves before speaking.


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