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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Apparently 1080p With David Wise Soundtrack

GameXplain managed to go hands on with a recent demo of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. The Youtube based channel says that the demo they played ran at 1080p, though they haven’t clarified whether or not its native 1080p. GameXplain also stated that the entire soundtrack is composed by the immensely talented David Wise who composed such games as the original Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country games along with Star Fox Adventures.

Random facts about DKC: Tropical Freeze: 1080p, David Wise composed the entire soundtrack, and Funky runs the item shop. And if you’re curious, the first 5 Worlds are called Lost Mangroves, Autumn Heights. Bright Savannah, Seabreeze Cove, and Juicy Jungle

Thanks, Nintedward

53 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Apparently 1080p With David Wise Soundtrack”

    1. Upscaled 1080p is a lower resolution like 1280×720 displayed in fullscreen, therefore being “scaled” up. Native 1080p is 1920×1080 pixels in all its crisp glory, using every pixel on your 1080p TV to its full potential.

      1. there’s still some optimisation nd such , and not just the streching, but yeah, native is quite better than upscaled

    2. Upscaled is when the game isn’t running at 1080 natively, the game would be “made” to look it, plus a GPU might not be able to handle 1080p.

      Native means that the console supports it as it is, and the game runs at 1080 from start to finish.

    1. This game doesn’t use the Gamepad at all. They can use all of the Wiiu’s specs on the graphics and the game, not asymetric touch screen functionality or what ever.

      It’s interesting that the Wiiu when having limited or no gamepad functionality is much more powerful than when it does.

      1. Agreed, despite the fact people call it a “gimmick” I love the game pad and I love the possibilities that it can provide. I really hope they use it like we thought it was going to be used for.

        1. I love me some gamepad funtionality! I just find it interesting how there might be two tiers of Wiiu games graphically. 1- Wiiu games that use the gamepad 2- Wiiu games that don’t or use very little. I predict the latter will be 1080p native more often than the former.

          1. Game just looks like an HD Donkey Kong Return Wii. Graphics is not all that. Gameplay is gonna be tight and great though.

            1. Like I said, when you see it in person it looks a million times better than the Wii game. all the lighting and textures are beautiful and its very very sharp.

              It has the same art style as the one on Wii yes, but it does look a LOT better, trust me.

      2. Lol what? Go play Nintendo Land and be silly with that XD
        They just let you turn of the gamepad because the game doesnt use it at all.
        Shit Fast Racing Neo is waaaay more you know what. Not even gonna bother addressing this ignorance

      3. That’s quite odd considering that there is a separate CPU handling the communication between the console and the gamepad. Then again I suppose the GPGPU is also having to do some work as well. Whilst it’s not being used, the GPGPU performance can be squeezed that much more.

        That would make sense. Perhaps a software update and SDK update will allow Wii U to do even more in the near future.

  1. There better be more than just 6 worlds in this game. Hell, there were 9 in the 3DS port of Returns. Here’s hoping for a few secret worlds ala Super Mario 3D World.

  2. The soundtracks for the SNES DKC games were amazing. Will be interesting to hear what he can do with this series now.

    Also, I could give a squirt of piss on 1080p native and upscaled. People need to stop rubbing-off to graphics and resolution and enjoy the frigging game or shut up and don’t play it. Simple as that.

      1. Yes it does. That’s why I don’t care about the resolution being native or upscaled. A good-looking game is is a good looking game no matter the resolution. I’m not sure if Knack for the PS4 is native 1080p or not, but if it is, I’d take upscaled 1080p Super Mario Galaxy on the Dolphin Emu over that anyday.

    1. Native and upscaled only makes a difference if your tv is about 80 inch +.
      In any other situation you can only tell if you’re looking for it, and you’d never notice while your playing a fun game. People who say it makes any noteworthy difference at all are just wankers.

      1. Same goes with 4k resolution. That resolution was designed for movie screens, stadium screens, and jumbo-trons. I’ve looked at 4Ktvs and I really can’t distinguish any noticeable difference between that and a good 240Hz TV. Even on my 60Hz Sony Bravia games look amazing.

        There only a handful of games in which ambiance allow you to appreciate graphics. Most games are too fats moving and have too much going on for you to really notice the graphics all that much after the initial wow factor.

  3. As much as this game is being praised for the HD graphics, I find the games aesthetics lacking. It doesn’t have the charm of DKC1-2-3 and it isn’t a huge step up from the last DKC game. In fact, games like Rayman Legends puts DKC:Tropical Freeze and NSMB U to shame. Perhaps, Retro has been super busy on Metroid Prime 4, and wasn’t able to devote much attention to DKC: Tropical Freeze…

    1. Tropical freeze looks amazing when running on a tv natively before your eyes. It looks less impressive on Youtube.

      But trust me, this game will look amazing at 1080p 60FPS.

      1. Yeah. You can’t use Youtube as a gauge of graphics anymore. The machines have surpassed the resolution of compressed video. I remember how unprepared I was for how good Killer Instinct looked (which is native 720p BTW. I couldn’t tell) when I saw it in person for the first time. Same with Mario 3D World. From what I have seen on DKC:TF it looks stunning even on Youtube, so I know it is gonna look great in person. I still don’t think it should have taken 3+ years though. I think Retro has something else stashed somewhere.

        1. True. I think when we play DKTF on our 1080p tv’s we will be like ”this looks absolutely stunning”.

          You don’t get that impression from a compressed youtube video running in fake 720p at 25FPS…

        2. I saw photos of Super Mario 3D World on Miiverse and even those visuals are more accurate than youtube. I just have to wait a few more days until I can play my 3D world so I can see what the big deal is. I believe I will like it a lot. I hear the music is outstanding.

    2. I think the game looks rather lovely for a 2D PLAYFORMER. But the best looking 2D platformer is either Tropical Freezw or Trine 2. Though I think Trine 2 beats this in visuals. But i got to actually see Tropical Freeze on my TV without youtube.

        1. The difference isn’t major. It’s more or less a talking point… The Sony/Microsoft trolls used it as a talking point for why the Wii U wasn’t Nextgen, because no games were 1080p/60fps at launch. And now we see almost zero 1080p/60fps on the sub-Nextgen twins at launch and some how they are Nextgen…. I think DK being run at 1080p/60fps kills their Nextgen talking point, that’s why it’s a big deal.

  4. Yes, I’m not talking about the HD or 1080p or even 60 fps…I’m saying that the art style leaves more to be desired. The arenas look a bit too clunky and not all that finessed…the characters look nice, though…

  5. sorry but irrelevent native 1080p vs native 720p with polished 1080p upscale is like a 5% differance to the human eye

    wiius scaling destroys last gen HD systems theres nothing to worry about

    the sonic lost worlds demo i played is native 720p it truly looks more than that its a very sharp looking game res-def wise

    likely is 1080p but if not WHO CARES

  6. Anyone know if the song “Aquatic Ambiance” is going to be on here? I really am hoping that the water stage has the original music even if they jazzed it up like “Palm Tree Groove.” Palm Tree Groove is some nice music. I like how Retro jazzed it up. I’m just hoping Aquatic Ambiance music is on here.

  7. honestly I been playing games in 1920×1080 for years and never noticed much of a difference from 720p native maybe its just people trying to justify the console they bought. like battlefield 4 and crisis 3 I play them both in 1080p and 720p and never noticed a difference except how much smaller shit is in 1080p.

  8. I don’t get a boner for high resolution games. 1080p is nice, but I’m WAY more excited about the soundtrack. I love the music that plays in the most recent trailer. ^_^

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