Retro Studios president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh has sat down with the Official Nintendo Magazine to talk about the company’s relationship with Nintendo. Nintendo’s Software Planning & Development Division producer Kensuke Tanabe said that the acclaimed studio may work directly with Shigeru Miyamoto as he says that they are  “a very capable game development studio.”

“Tanabe-san and his team at SPD are our primary contacts at Nintendo. Please let me be clear: games developed at Retro Studios are a collaboration between members from Retro Studios, SPD and other entities throughout the Nintendo family. It’s a symbiotic relationship that consists of members from all over the world; we are very honoured to be working with such a talented team.”

“When we worked on Mario Kart 7, we were working on Tropical Freeze at the same time. Part of the team was working on creating assets for Hideki Konno’s group, the Mario Kart team, and part of our team continued making progress on Tropical Freeze in conjunction with Tanabe-san and SPD.”

“We consider Retro as part of the Nintendo family and a very capable game development studio. As a Nintendo development team, they will keep working not only with SPD, but also with the teams in Kyoto. They might even work on a title that Miyamoto-san leads directly in the future.”

“However, the SPD team assigned to Retro is working together with them as a single team and I hope that will continue this way- on Mario Kart 7, for example, SPD staff were involved as co-ordinators. I am saying this because a very interesting and stimulating chemical reaction occurs when the two parties from different languages and cultures are united under Nintendo’s game production philosophy, and that chemical reaction results in extraordinary ideas.”

Thanks, Kyle



    • Yes! 3D Donkey Kong similar to DK64 or Banjo Kazooie. I really want a Metroid from Retro though. They need to triple or quadruple in size so they can churn games out more quickly.


  1. Is there a Direct planned for this month? I know they just did one, but it’d be cool to have something a little more concrete to look forward to. What Retro could possibly maybe potentially be working on ain’t cuttin’ it. Especially if it involves Nintendo’s ‘cute’ E for Everyone characters.
    ^ Ha! Jaded!..


  2. Well whatever Retro works on turns out to be gold. Seriously all of their games so far are incredible, cant wait to see what they have next under their sleeve after DKCTF.


  3. Id rather they didnt.

    An issue i have with current Nintendo is very few of their studios feel unique, and have their own style, they all just form this one style, and a couple others like Monolith and Intelligent Systems (Fire Emblem ect) have their own style.

    Id rather Retro went with their own ideas, and ways of designing things rather than having someone, even Miyamoto, tell them.


    • Retro was made for the soul reason to be an extension of Nintendo itself. There whole purpose is to make games that Nintendo themselves don’t have time for.


    • ^This. Its like Rare. Look what happened when MS took over and forced them to do what they wanted. Talent left and the studio is a shell of its former self.








  5. I’m really hoping it would be something impressive.
    DKCR:TF looks fun and all, but it’s basically an expansion of the first DKCR. What I’m trying to say is that it’s disappointing that a team of talented developers felt that their first contribution to the Wii U should be a mere 2D platformer.


  6. Working with Miyamoto on something would be any video game developers dream. I’d personally want to meet him one day, doubt it would happen though.


  7. I swear, if Nintendo makes me wait 3 more years before a Metroid announcement, I’m going to personally go to Iwata and punch him in the nuts,


    • No, Metroid. They can advise on a pokemon stadium and/or pokemon snap game (THAT NINTENDO REALLY NEEDS TO DO!!!!) but I would rather have them focused on a serious project to shut the “hardcore gamer” naysayers up.


  8. What a waste of talent… Donkey Kong? Mario Kart? You don’t see Sony forcing naughty dog or Santa Monica to use up all their resources making or helping make rehashes of kiddie games. They’re free to make titles like God Of War III and Last Of Us. How do you go from Metroid Prime Corruption to Donkey Kong twice and Mario Kart? It’s crazy because years and years area passing by and you all seem fo think this is ok, it’s not. When will Retro get to make a title that defines them? Donkey Kong is not getting that studio any industry wide respect. No GOTY awards. Metroid had them in that conversion, Nintendo let thembe artists and create and they made art… Now they’re just Nintendo’s lackeys tweaking code here, combing Mario’s moustache and shining his boots when Samus is just begging to be rebuilt by the team that reminded the world how badass she is…

    I try and try to remain confident in Nintendo but when I see what Sony does with it’s studios and how much space they give Naughty Dog, Housemarque, ReadyAtDawn, Guerilla Games, Psygnosis, Sony Studios Japan and all it’s other houses giving them the go ahead to create while Nintendo just has Retro doing stuff like “helping Miyomoto” and won’t even pull the trigger on purchasing Platinum Games and Treasure while they have the chance before someone else does and those talents become exclusive to someone else… Nintendo just makes it harder and harder to believe. Ive owned every Nintendo system since NES. Every single console I should say and I have a Wii U and I sit and look at my all black Wii you in less overjoyment every day it rests on my entertainment center wondering what’s next.Waiting on Bayonetta, waiting on X but after those 2, then what? I will get Mario Kart and Smash bros but those aren’t the kinda games that move me… I want atmosphere, I want story and adventure… Link and Samus have given me that for so many years yet a true Zelda and a true Metroid title is nowhere to be seen…

    I don’t know… I’m just tired of waiting. Tired of Nintendo daring me every day to say what I’ve been feeling more and more everyday, Sony figured it out and Nintendo lost it’s way. I don’t know but I wish Yamauchi passed the torch to someone else, ever since Iawata took the reigns… I can’t tell if Nintendo has made genius moves or insane ones.


    • Our empire is doing every they can to ensure that Retro Studios gets all the knowledge known to our disposal so that they can make any game High Command wants them to make in the near future and beyond…

      Any group that do not evolve their skills ultimately gets bored and only makes generic games like CoD and such games where gaming becomes dull, uncreative and just stupid…


      • Yep, Did you hear about the creators of COD leaving the studio and taking a TON of the talent with them to create a new studio?

        What REALLY pisses me off is that Nintendo dragged their feet with developing X and now Titanfall is going to hit shelves before it does. Im sure X will be much better, just irks me that another studio is kinda piggybacking off of what Monolith is building with X. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the best out there, so hopefully X builds off that and shatters the competition…. ESPECIALLY with localization in all markets.


        • I’m sure X was just in the Alpha stages when it was shown, I have no doubt that it will play and look even better once the Beta stage is revealed…

          Probably even Omega phase soon…


    • First, Retro wanted to make DKCTF and Im sure some of the top talent at the studio needs to be kept happy or they walk. Nintendo threw them a bone. Second, I’m fairly confident that Retro has been working on a new Metroid in some fashion. I feel as though the delay in DKCTF was just to polish the game and string out major releases so there wasnt a drought again. Nintendo cant afford to go long stretches without releasing a bigger game and seceding all game headlines to Sony/MS.
      Third, I agree wholeheartedly about Nintendo not pulling the trigger on acquiring Platinum, Treasure, and a whole host of others. Altus shouldve been a done deal, now Nintendo should pull the trigger on Sega and really bolster their ip’s and “talent” from Sega. Nintendo seems to have an issue with buying studios that are making games for them anyways, which is a stupid way to look at it. The only reason I can seen them being hesitant is that top talent could possibly leave after acquisition. Buying them outright, but giving them the freedom of a 2nd party could alleviate this. Allow them to work on new projects outside of the ‘core’… which will inevitably lead to new blockbuster titles like the last of us.


  9. I’m hoping it’s either Metroid or the new IP by Miyamoto that is a core IP. I know that Miyamoto said that he wanted to redefine the FPS genre and Retro would be the perfect team to do so.


    • Yes he did want to do an FPS… but seeing how he has announced the game he is working on is a new IP, something tells me its that very fps he wanted to do. Im curious to see exactly how he can revolutionize an fps, i mean you cant really do much to fps since its goal is aim and shoot with a story. Who knows, we’ll see what he gives us at E3


      • Years ago Rare gave us something that we may call new to a FPS with Perfect Dark. It wasn’t a revolution per se but lots of ideas were new ones: guns with double functions, some would attach to a wall, others were equipped with an X-ray whose bullet would go through walls; the ability for one player to control a random enemy, and so on… I am confident that something good is going to come out of these Miyamoto’s words


  10. This is all a lie. Retroid has been in development for the last few years. It will be out by the end of this year.

    How awesome of a surprise would that be? Kinda like what they did with A Link Between Worlds. Announcement, then BAM! Release.


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