Club Nintendo Australia Adds Mario’s Hat To Rewards Catalog

Mario_hat_realMario’s Hat has been added to the rewards catalog of Club Nintendo Australia. The item, which can be redeemed by members of the loyalty program for 3,200 Stars, is made of polyester and cotton. It is also a true-to-life replica of the iconic red cap worn by the mustachioed hero, according to Nintendo. In the latest title in the Super Mario series, Super Mario 3D World, Mario loses his hat once he is attacked by an enemy, making the player more susceptible to a game over.


  1. I’m surprised they didn’t just use the one EB games gave away with Mario Kart 7 for Australia preorders. Have they released the Tanooki hat they gave away with 3D land? It’s been 2 years now.

  2. I got excited until I read the rest of the headline where it said Australia. Why does Nintendo hate NA Club Nintendo?

    1. Are you kidding? NA gets so much stuff! The best thing on the Australian Club Nintendo for over two years has been a small Pikmin shopping bag. Seriously. Other than that there’s playing cards and freakin stickers! It almost never gets updated so this is extremely rare for us. Meanwhile, you guys can get all sorts of cool things like exclusive Virtual Console games and Mario Kart trophies.

  3. What is it with cosplay items and cheap materials that don’t properly represent them? Can’t a multi-billion dollar company such as Nintendo be bothered to make a rugged, sturdy Mario hat?

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