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Nintendo’s Share Prices Plunge With $1.2 Billion Knocked Off Its Market Value

Nintendo’s share prices have plummeted today removing $1.2 billion off its market value after the company slashed its forecast for Wii U global sales by almost 70 per cent on Friday. Nintendo was previously expected to post a predicted operating profit of 100 billion yen for the 2013-14 fiscal year, but as of Friday’s announcement, the company now expects to post an operating loss of 35 billion yen on March 31, 2014.

Nintendo’s shares rapidly declined following the announcements, with shares as low as 11,935 yen recorded at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Bloomberg reports the company’s shares have since levelled to 13,745 yen, though it still serves as its biggest fall in Tokyo since September 9.

In light of Nintendo’s poor sales, CEO Satoru Iwata admitted he misread the US and European markets and is solely focused on restoring Nintendo’s business momentum with a new business structure. Though such plans have yet to be detailed, we will likely hear more of Nintendo’s new structure at the investor’s meeting on January 30.

27 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Share Prices Plunge With $1.2 Billion Knocked Off Its Market Value”

  1. failing is a way to snap and start doing things right
    we know Nintendo is not gonna fall with this, but it’s an opportunity to grow stronger

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    1. “oh man, you are so right, you changed my mind and i will no support wiiU” said noone ever
      Ill be posting this on every non-original wannbe troll post

  3. Iwata turned Nintendo into the baby games company. Nintendo was a much more diversified company that made all sorts of games for every different type of gamer. Now Nintendo output of games is just baby games only babies care about. Ever since he got in charge Nintendo became the baby games company. They sold Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, broke the relationship they had with Factor 5, and the one western studio they have left, Retro, is put to work on another 2D side scrolling baby game. I remember babies on this site saying that Nintendo doesn’t need western developers when I said that, and here we have it, “Iwata admitted he misread the US and European markets”. Nintendo is only for their core baby fanboys as the casuals have gone away and are not interested in what they selling. They should have created new western studios to replace the ones they sold years ago, they should had been working on new games, new IP’s years before the Wii U launched. It will take years if they ever redo the damage they have done to themselves, and I doubt they ever fully will. Only babies are interested in the childish games that they are doing. And the one non baby game a year they might release, only casuals and babies play one game a year lolololol. Just look at all their western TV commercials, all of them aimed at babies and casuals lolololol.

    1. Being republican is the only way I can remain a homophobic racist and still keep my job!

      I agree. They were better back then, but looking at their history, their problems started around the N64 era when they had a major graphical jump and games were starting to pour out at a slower pace. Iwata just worsened the situation on many levels.

  4. “Nintendo is doomed”… seriously overused nowadays. This company has been around for a LONG time and probably has had their fair share of successes and failures. One slip-up and everyone goes Every site I go to regarding Nintendo is full of Michael Pachter clones…..and its fucking annoying as hell….

  5. Wow that is awful. Expecting a profit of 100 billion yen and then report an operating loss of 35 billion yen? That’s just…laughable but…not in a good way. Man, i feel sorry for them. They really have some serious problems to work out.

  6. Iwata finally woke up the other day from his dream world where everything is perfect and there were rainbows and such. He admitted he screwed up. Can he fix it? Hope so…hope so. All he hast to do is what he should have done all along…LISTEN TO THE CORE NINTENDO FANS. We say give us Starfox, he says I cant give you that…I can give you guys…CHIBI ROBO!!! And we all say wtf Iwata…nobody asked for that.

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