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New Super Smash Bros 3DS Screenshot Shows Mario In Single-Player Mode

smash_bros_3ds_single_playerSuper Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has posted a new 3DS screenshot teasing fans of the brawler and showing Mario in single-player mode. Further adding to the suspense, Sakurai has reconfirmed that neither version of the game will feature a story mode like Subspace Emissary, but there will be a single-player campaign mode. Previously, Sakurai said an additional mode would be added to the 3DS version and ”act as a separate mode from the standard versus play.”

The screenshot – which you can see above – also shows off a jungle stage on the 3DS, with Sakurai’s comment saying: “Where am I……??” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

“Pic of the day. Where am I……?? To be clear, the new Super Smash Bros. games do not feature a story mode like The Subspace Emissary.” – Sakurai

58 thoughts on “New Super Smash Bros 3DS Screenshot Shows Mario In Single-Player Mode”

        1. They are still credited in the copyright credits. and Sonic actually has a legitimate reason to be there. Rayman has giving us two actual games, and then a bunch of stupid motion games. Sonic has had crossover titles and sega actually have a partnership-type thing with Nintendo (making titles such as F-zero GX.) What has ubisoft done? Nothing that significant. If another third party characters appears, it’s going to be Pacman. And rightfully so.

          1. “What has Ubisoft done? Nothing too significant.”
            You’re kidding, right? Ubisoft is one of the few third parties that still support Nintendo at this point. The Wii U is lucky to be getting games like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Watch Dogs! Ubisoft deserves represntation way more than Namco.
            What has Pacman done lately? Oh right, that lame ass game that no one, not even Nintendo, cared about!

            1. Well, of course, they still do games that release on Wii U and such, and yes we are lucky, but it’s a little disappointing that they haven’t given us a Wii U exclusive other than ZombieU and Rabbids Land? I think that’s it? Either way, I still do not believe Rayman will be in the game. Rayman hasn’t been a significant part of nintendo’s history at all. As for pacman, at least he has a long legacy and actually has a reason to be in the game. Namco are helping develop smash bros, so I certainly see Pacman popping up before Rayman any-time soon.

              1. Yeah the problem why it doesn’t get exclusive games is probably because people sadly don’t buy the Wii U Ubisoft games. But that’s a discussion for somewhere else.
                But yeah I guess Rayman isn’t too deep in Nintendo history (except I think Rabbids debuted on Wii and then later got posted to other systems. Correct me if I’m wrong I’ll have to look it up.) But Rayman Legends was pretty hyped for the Wii U. Sure it lost it’s exclusivity but Nintendo certainly advertised it well (better than Pacman at least) and Legends sold best on Wii U anyways if reports are anything to go by.
                Also I believe Legends was still Wii U exclusive in Japan.
                Well there’s still a ton on character reveals to look forward to but I personally would choose Rayman over Pacman.

                1. Very true, completely forgot that Rayman Legends was a Japanese Wii U exclusive. As for the Rabbids series, it was actually on all systems, I know this is a wikipedia source, but honestly, Wikipedia isn’t that bad of a source and release dates are often pretty accurate anyway.
                  Anyway, I would love to see Rayman, I did grow up with the original title, I just don’t think it’s anything we’ll be seeing. And yeah, obviously there are people out there who would prefer Rayman over Pacman, especially since Origins and Legends gave him a pretty cool moveset if he was to appear, I’m just trying not to get excited since I believe there is a low chance of him appearing. As for pacman, I mean, I would like other characters more, but if he did appear, it’d be a pretty interesting moveset. Imagine a chomping ability similar to Wario’s for his B move? Anyway, I’m sure the upcoming months hold some pretty epic characters for us to get pretty hyped about.

                  1. Also, Snake was in brawl, yet only a few games were on Nintendo platforms, all of which are either ports or remakes of games from Playstation, Xbox and, in the case of the earliest games, the old Japanese MSX. There’s also a game that’s uncanon to the story line (in this case, it’s Snake’s Revenge).

                  2. Oh yeah I checked the Wiki. Rabbids launched on the Wii in North America a few weeks before the other consoles. Not that it counts but close enough right xD
                    Yeah Rayman isn’t as requested as other characters but seeing Rosalina confirmed gives me hope since she wasn’t heavily requested either (I was rooting for her so it’s very good news for me ^_^) and Wii Fit Trainer was barely requested at all. Anything’s possible really.

                2. That’s because Ubisoft games are garbage. Whenever I buy one, the immediate second that my cash is handed in to the register, I feel my stomach flop and turn, like a fish out of water. When I get home, the game is SHITQuality. -.-

        2. Sega’s CEO asked for Sonic to be on Smash since Melee, consider it an addition rather than copyright/involvement
          that, and tha I soubt Ubi wanted to add Rayman

    1. It’s a stage for the story mode specifically. Were there any level in supspace that was a stage in brawl? Or some levels in melee’s adventure mode that were actual stages? No

    2. platforms loo too high tech for donkey kong. Also, I never played a rayman game so i had to image search how the setting look like, but i did not see any images where the trees looked anywhere close to that. Are you able to recall a stage/area where they do?

  1. I didn’t care too much for the Subspace Emissary mode anyways. It annoyed the heck out of me because of none of the characters talking. And basically just having to guess what was going on. They were all like mute puppets. Aside from the occasional grunt etc.

      1. Not to mention the team-ups they forced upon us were either too good or underpowered. ZSSamus + freaking Pikachu on anything above normal difficulty is a kill screen.

        1. ZSSamus is a badass if you know how to play it. even Pikachu is burden on the skill if you know how to kick ass with ZSSamus

  2. Where is the source that quotes Sakurai confirming some sort of single player mode? I checked all the links you’ve provided and didn’t find anything confirming any kind of single player mode

    1. The screenshot only showing Mario in a platforming section is a source.

      Said screenshot’s the image that this article’s talking about.

      1. not necessarily, that is just an assumption. Where is the article that the Sakurai “quote” was taken from? I’m not trying to be rude I just want to be well informed without feeling teased.

  3. Subspace was so boring. The characters physics felt so bad trying to be a platformer. It sounded like a very good idea but once playing it ughhh. The movie clips were awesome though

  4. well that sucks , i was hoping there was some sort of an adventure mode like the subspace , anyway , at least i hope they make characters harder to unlock .

    1. He only said it wasn’t a story mode. It is very likely that he’s showing off part of an Adventure Mode; like the one in Melee. And this is Sakurai we’re talking about. He’ll do something probably insanely better than SSE.

  5. It’s funny how people criticize SE for being boring and repetitive when I cringe at the thought of doing a Melee adventure mode with every single character.

    One long adventure mode > doing a smaller one 26 times

  6. Just so everyone knows, Sakurai never mentions in his post that this pic is from a level in the game’s story mode… For all we knowit is just a normal stage or somethintg built through stage builder… My guess is stage builder.

    1. I’m pretty sure they have shown us the reset bomb in a screenshot already. It is all pink inside, kind of like a brain. It all happens on the Kid Icarus level.

  7. Maybe when he says it won’t have a story mode like Subspace, he’s saying there will be something even better! I mean, this is Sakurai we’re talking about, he’s not usually one to go skimpy on game content.

    1. The graphics in the screenshot do not due the game justice for what it ACTUALLY looks like in person…

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  10. The black and green remind me of Zygarde, and it’s also a 3DS screenshot which could be a hint that it could be an XY inspired area.

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