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Pokemon Bank Launches In “Certain Asian Countries”

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Bank is now available in “certain Asian countries.” Via Twitter today, the publisher told its followers to stay tuned for updates on when the application will be released in other regions, including North America, where it was originally scheduled to launch on December 27th, 2013. Pokemon Bank is a paid service that allows Pokemon X and Y players to deposit, store and manage their Pokemon in private Boxes on the Internet.

“Pokémon Bank has launched in certain Asian countries,” Nintendo tweeted. “Please stay tuned to our social channels for updates on availability in other regions, including North America.”

21 thoughts on “Pokemon Bank Launches In “Certain Asian Countries””

    1. Agreed with this guy

      Agreed! Man I really hope they filter out the hacked Pokemon properly, I just hate putting my hard work, and hard trained legitimated against a level 103 black Rayquaza :/

      1. I’m sorry,but you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. The only hacked pokemon that have gotten through have legitimate stats. No pokemon with 999 BST or levels over 100 will ever come through. Hell, I’m pretty sure you can’t even keep them in your black/white 2 party without the game recalculating the levels back to normal.

        1. It’s been confirmed that they only check for hacks that would, in some way, give you a competitive advantage.

          Pokémon with illegal movesets are one of them, amongst other things.

          What they don’t check for, though, is apparently the shiney status of your Pokémon.

          You can have a highly improbable shiny Pokémon (like an Italian version of a shiny event Pokémon that should only exist in English) and still have the game not flag it as an hack.

    2. Uhh hello! I just want too transfer over my 5 shiny arckeus lv 100!!! they have 999 in every stat and r super powerfull no mega can stop my arckeuses !! if any1 thinks thay can beet mii wen bank coms out i dair u too battle mii!! >:)


  1. Oh look another “future” tweet. Obvious tweet is obvious.

    Still great it’s getting released overseas, a sign they finally got their act together.

  2. Why is it taking so long? It was ready until all the new accounts were made, but I don’t really get how it causes it to be delayed this much.

  3. I have stopped caring about this already. Nintendo bungled this like they have bungled everything else in the last year. I will use my free membership to move what I want from White over and be done with it.

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