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Minor Nintendo 3DS System Update Available Now

A minor system update for Nintendo 3DS has gone live. Version 7.1.0-15U is virtually identical to a previous update, version 7.1.0-14U, adding further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience. The last major system update to release for 3DS, version 7.0.0-13U, brought a number of features to the handheld, including support for Nintendo Network IDs and Miiverse.


    1. if you’re right, the 3DS is likely updating their framework to limit some resource-usage … ie, those apps likely talked too much to nintendo’s servers after installation which was within nintendo’s specs but untested and ultimately too much.

      normally, when a 3rd party has bugs, the company has to re-sign their code and go through a process which they usually charge no less than 10-80 thousand … in this case, i bet nintendo isn’t making the poke developer change their app.

      or, maybe it’s just flash carts … he he

  1. I know this is kind of unrelated, but I’m hoping that we will get a Nintendo Direct this week. I’m hoping that they will announce Poke Bank and Poke Transporter for this week, and that this update has something to do with it. I’m also hoping for a Wii U update that let’s you control the Wii games on the gamepad, that’d be incredible. And then maybe a massive line up of Virtual console titles. And Maybe some further news of X and Yarn Yoshi..I understand all of this probably wouldn’t be in one direct, but it would be amazing!

      1. i know right, hence the name of mine. plus he completely ignores the fact it has a 91 on meta.

      2. Clearly neither you nor teenchampionsam are capable of understanding sarcasm. The whole thing is a joke, a pretend fanboy review.

      3. “Terrible intro, Annoying voice, annoying photos that won’t stop changing and lastly, the entire thing, doesn’t make any proper points.”

        Only one of my four points falls under the category of the sarcasm thing, the last one, the proper points. The intro, his voice, and the terrible photo’s are still annoying and were my main annoyances. And I don’t care, if he has nothing better to do than make a bunch of videos pretending to be a ‘fanboy’ and not even being funny, then he’s not worth the time anyway.

      4. The fact you took it so seriously is why I included you in my comment. I also didn’t say he was funny, the reactions of you two were infinitely funnier than anything in that video.

    1. Terrible review. He doesn’t talk about the actual game, he just spouts rhetoric about rehashes being bad. He says um every 4 seconds, his voice is annoying, the visual component is just 4 images cycled through over and over. He’s saying this or Pokémon X are the worst 3Ds games if the year which is just ludicrous. Even if they are just rehashes (they aren’t) they’re still fun, polished games. There’s shovel ware out there that can’t compete with it. He’s just a big click baiter. Flaming to get views. Don’t post this stuff, he wins every time someone watches it. I bet in reality he loves Zelda.

  2. In Europe, got error saying ”Unable to update” twice now :c It’s not the same message saying ”System is up to date” or whatever, so I guess the update is floating around here already too.

    1. Weird stuff, seems like I’m on 7.1.0-14E now, though I never saw the gauge fill, or a ”Update Complete” message or anything, but.. Oh well! XD

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