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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Download Size Revealed

Nintendo has revealed the download size for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The digital version of the upcoming Wii U platformer will require 11.4GB of free space to download from from the Nintendo eShop. Five music tracks from the title were uploaded to YouTube yesterday, and Nintendo recently detailed the game’s online leaderboards. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze launches February 21 in North America and Europe.


  1. There has to be more content then what reto and nintendo has been say there is. Mario 3d world has less download file size then this game and it had lots of content and detail. I’ve heard rumors, that hints at 8 worlds instead of six do to a twist. Plus retro said hard is going to be different then returns. Could we get hard enemies at the beginning and new obstacles for hard mode and have two hits like snes DKC? Can’t wait for this game?

    1. is this what you do? just sit around waiting for a new article to be posted so you can leave flamebait comments? dude, go out and find a hobby…

      1. That might be his hobby haha I’m with u tho, whys he on here if he don’t care for the game

    2. Can I ask you a question? Why do you think people care about anything you have to say? Seriously. Enlighten us…..

      1. SHHHHH. He has no beef to give he is yet beefy less again. His health is low, he needs beefy potion, maybe beef. HE HAS NO FURY!!! ONLY CURRY!!!!

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    4. This guy is nothing more than a complete and utter twat.

      What’s his aim in all if this trolling exactly? The game is going to be amazing. It isn’t shovelware and it is not a rehash of any kind.

      1. Reasons i will never buy Digital copies:

        unless there is a significant price difference

        If the game is download only ie Pheonix Wright Dual Destinies

        the download size is small, I mean 300mg to 1gig fine but 11.4!!?!?! thats like a 3rd of the Wii Us memory and i don’t trust the hard drives in my country

        or if the game is better when you play it often without having to switch cards every time like Animal Crossing New leaf…

    1. Well, the good news is that the game will probably have loads of content, given the download size. Mario 3D World was huge and amazing, but had much less size than this.

    2. What size would you have preferred?
      5GB with half the content?
      4MB 16bit style game?
      Or 60GB like PS4 game?

      If you are digital only, you know that internal HDD/storage will never be enough.

    1. U do know dk is one of few nintendo ips that offer a high level challenge then ones they’ve been making. You shouldn’t punish the game, its only a game, a good game that it will be.Nintendo is getting the message already. The wii u is hurting some of their 3ds sells, you know they aren’t going to allow that.They are going push themselves more now with the wii u. Will it happen, only time will tell

    2. What lesson? Make a new game in a series when you’re currently out of ideas and don’t make games in series you know you can take to the next level because of hardware? Game looks great, so buying it!

  2. LOOOOOOL is not the delux edition something like 32gig??

    So you can bassicly have like 2-3 games on you nextgen wii……

    1. Yeah, because if you’re going to download, just buy an external hard drive. Reasonably cheap, but no need to add that onto the cost of the console because not everyone will want it.

    2. I have +20 games on my “nextgen wii”
      And I can play any of them in mere seconds.
      Now on PS4, one game taking 25GB-50GB installs,
      So you could play less than 14 of those before needing to make more space to your HD

  3. I’ve got a newbie question (don’t shoot me down pls..)

    I have the basic 8 gb version but I’ve added an external 32 gb USB drive to my Wii U.
    When downloading the game from e-shop can I do it directly to the USB drive?


    1. USB drive might not be the best choice of storage though.
      I’d recommend external HDD (SSD would be overkill) with external power source.

  4. I’m sure this game will sell a good amount because I’m buying it as well as soon as I can…

  5. i have a 300 hdd with usb power source. bought a y splitter so i could use both usb ports to power thee hdd. it is vey small and even the same color as the wii u. sits right on top. loads games beautifully.

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