Nintendo Releases Introduction Video For Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Nintendo has released a Japanese introduction video for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. In addition to giving a glimpse at some the game’s all-new islands, the clip focuses on how Donkey Kong benefits from partnering up with another character. The game features a two-player co-op mode that allows one player to control Donkey Kong, while the other controls Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong or Cranky Kong. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze will launch February 21 for Wii U.


  1. The news coverages for this game is annoying me. They will never beat the original Donkey Kong Country Games. Bring back the Kremelings then we will talk.

    1. I like the kremlings a lot as well, but they don’t need to be in a game to make it better. Retro is giving their best to make a great platformer. If the kermlings were in the game would not make it better. I enjoy DKC returns, the level design felt great and unique like previous DKCs. That the one thing most people remember from DK is the difficulty, and level design. While the kermlings were cool, they wouldn’t have made the game. I didn’t like tikis in returns that much but the over all game was fun to play and thay didn’t hurt the game experience from me. Tropical freeze looks like huge leap from returns, so i can’t wait to play…Plus David Wise is returning

      1. Though I agree, it’s just like there’s no point in the villains. Tikis and these Artic creatures come over for what reason exactly? And yeah I heard the 5 tracks that were released for the game. They mostly sounded like Diddy Kong Racing. Not only that but the difficulty went lower from the original games.

      2. Ok what was the reason for the kermlings in dk 1? They stole Dks bananas but why? What did the kongs did to them. Tropical freeze the vikings are in a similar position as the kremlings. They don’t care for any one on the island they just want to expand their rule. The music fits the game find me and many other dkc fans agree the music is fantastic, it never reminded me of DKR. Also many DKC fans will say returns was hard, (the temples were pure madness) it was harder then DKC and DKC 3. DK2 is the hardest in the series. Tropical freeze looks just as challenging retro said they even adding a hard mode I doubt you even played the whole game so don’t talk about something you do not fully know

      3. I agree with Retrogaminglord. The baddies in this game look to serve more of a purpose than the Kremlings, actually maybe even the same purpose. To take control of DK island! That’s what it’s always been! Arguing that these villains serves no purpose means the Kremlings served no purpose. As much as I love the whole feud between Monkeys and Alligators, a new villain is NEVER a bad thing, it’s a welcome change! And you say the difficulty is lower than the original ones? SURE. WHATEVER. That doesn’t make DKCR any LESS of the BALLS HARD game that it is! It’s challenging and addictive! I feel like these new Donkey Kong games are everything a retro gamer could want! New gamers too! I know we all have opinions, but this game seems like it has everything you want, and you’re complaining about it! Why!?

      4. Steal the bananas to make them starve. And the only thing that I felt challenging in DKCR was the Golden Temple. I doubt DKCTF will be hard. Since it has 6 worlds in the main story and you have cranky which looks like he can get through any level with ease.

    2. I love how in video games the oldest shittiest graphics game is always better than the remake or sequal that always has better level design graphics and gameplay.. nostalgia is a bitter wastr of time. SmB3.. is not better than NSMBU
      More classic but not better.

      1. ^ This. NSMBU was the best 2d Mario game period. But those losers are all like ‘mah childhawdz’!!1 When it comes to older games.

      2. No it’s not, SMW is the best 2d Mario.
        The problem I have with NSMBU is that it didn’t feel like they put any effort in it, they just wanted money so they just used Mario.
        Another thing is that in SMW I had perfect control of Mario but not in any other 2d Mario.

      3. Right on.
        SMW controls are the best out of all the 2d Mario games. NSMB is slow and kinda sluggish. Playing the original SMB after spending time on the NSMB series makes you realise how insanely fast the original is. I was seriously wondering if my VC copy was broken or something.

      4. Effort… what was mario suppose to do.. fly through ur living room. No nsmbu is the best 2d game yet. Smw is old… nostalgia is bad for innovation

      5. My mario does whatever I comnand it to do with my gamepad. . Urs must he broke.

      6. Super Mario World is better imo.
        I grew up with the NES but never really played any SNES games (except Mario kart) until i bought few of them on the VC. Still free from any nostalgic feelings i am currently on my 4th 100% run on SMW while i haven´t touched NSMBU since i beat it last christmas.

        And orginality should be a factor, video game fans are always pushing the idea that video games should be considered art so video games should be judged by the time it came out just like any other artform.
        I mean it´s pretty much impossible to judge music without considering when it was released

      7. Really? A game that’s just New super mario bros Wii but with added elements and in HD? SMBW and SMB3 is much better than the NSMBgames


      I say forget about which one’s better and just fucking enjoy the fucking game! Or at least play it before you make childish nostalgia assumptions!

      1. Played ALTTP for the first time when i was around 30 after having played all the 3D ones and growing up playing the original. Still ALTTP is probably my favorite Zelda game.
        It´s never only nostalgia, if it were then we the NES generation would still be rooting for Bart vs the space mutants or Teenage mutant ninja turtles which back in the day were just as good as Contra or Punch out.

        If i were to make a best of NES list today it would be a very generic collection of Zelda,Mario1/3,Mega man2/3, Contra, Punch out, Metroid etc but the thing is these games are not the ones i loved the most as a kid. SMB2 blew the original out of the water when i was 10, i probably spent more time playing Rygar than Zelda and i thought the Ultimate stuntman was amazing.
        Still i have no interest in Rygar or Ultimate stuntman today and i though SMB2 is a fine game it´s probably the worst of the series

    4. With all due respect, why should the advertising bother you? It’s no different than how others have been advertised, such as, Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty Ghosts. I just wish Nintendo advertised the Wii U like they are doing with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

    1. Why should we?…

      Our empire only wants more of you slaves to buy the game and play it!

      Only our victory matters in the end…

  2. I never saw it til I saw the team up move, that hair animation on them is super tight, that is some nice animations right there

    1. Its nice details.
      FACT OF DA DAY!!!
      Did you know DK jungle beat was the inspiration for galaxy, they also used a similar graphic engine?

      1. Didn’t know that, I loved that game and even though Bongos were your controllers, you had better control of DK than in returns.

      2. Oh, I thought it used the Wind Waker engine because the Smoke effects looked exactly the same

  3. Good, it would not be a proper Retro Studios Donkey Kong game unless the entire levels became destroyed and ripped apart as you progress through them. Glad to see all the background madness happening.

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      2. no offence man but why do u call yourself a nintendo commander if u don’t even have a Wii U ?

    1. You should ask why 12 year old who troll and do roleplay are allowed here? Seriously, this is like some fantasy land for nerds and losers who live in their mom’s basement, it’s scary as fuck to see some of the comments that go on around here!

  5. I don’t mind “baby” games at all. Whenever Nintendo nails it, their games are pure art and up there among the best music and movies ever made. This game looks absolutely wonderful.

    1. I’m not targeting you or anything, but this game shows no signs of being a “Baby” game. Nintendo might have some childish looking graphics sometimes, but some of their games can be difficult. I hope this game is the perfect amount of difficulty.

  6. Terrible game and I will tell you why

    Outed Gameplay
    Outdated Music
    Outdated Sfx
    Outdated Graphics

    This game looks like how Knack would have been if I made it on PlayStation one

  7. I think Nintendo is overhyping their games. I like some surprise, so when these games are released, it will feel like I already know all there is to know, almost like I already played it.

    But what else can they do? Sit in silence as they scurry and bust the devs asses, reminding them the WiiU is on life support and games are like blood transfusions?

    I lose interest with every smash post and DK trailer.

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