Watch Dogs Is Still Coming To Wii U?

Ubisoft have apparently confirmed that its highly anticipated action adventure title Watch Dogs is still scheduled to be released on the Wii U. Earlier today Ubisoft commented on the state of Watch Dogs on Twitter and reconfirmed the game is still in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is currently being polished by the development team.

Last month, reports began circling of GameStop stores in Italy and the U.S. canceling pre-orders for Watch Dogs on Wii U. Ubisoft confirmed with Polygon at the time that the Wii U version had not been canceled, but Nintendo’s third quarter financial report published on Jan. 30 did not list Watch Dogs as a Wii U title coming this fiscal year. Ubisoft again confirmed that the game was slated to launch in the first quarter of Ubisoft and Nintendo’s fiscal year 2014-2015, which begins in April.

Thanks, Simply G, David and Emily R

Update: It should be noted that the original source which Polygon linked to, Reuters, doesn’t mention the Wii U version. Now Polygon admits that Ubisoft didn’t confirm the Wii U version of Watch Dogs



  1. ive had no doubts ubi soft is a great company and have impressed me with their use of the game pad so I don’t care of cosmetic appeal the wii u version is the 1 I want :) day 1 for me and I bet the game becomes a million seller right off.

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  2. Did you really think the Wii U version would be cancelled? After all the work they put into the port of course not. I’ll be getting this after I get a PS4, but this is great news to those who only play Nintendo systems.


  3. Yay, I’m glad it’s still coming to the wii u ^_^ . Hopefully it releases in April so there’s no game drought in between DKC:TF and Mario kart 8


  4. i can now breathe easy and once i get my checks deposited to my debit i can buy ac 4 then later in the year watch dogs for wii u. i gotta support nintendo and ubisoft for doing their best for wii u and to some its not enough and i agree, we need more 3rd party support like konami, square-enix and not ea, namco-bandai/bandai-namco or whatever they wanna be called

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  5. well im a full supporter of ubisoft but even if this wasnt coming to wiiU i would have picked it up on PC but hell yeah gamepad here i come


  6. And this is why the Wii U is failing, the news makes it sound like every games canceled, that is the worst system ever, and it will be abandoned at any minute.


  7. okay, why is it that earlier they “wouldn’t comment” on whether or not it was still being worked on if it was, in fact, still being made? Makes no sense since saying “no comment” kills hype even more and causes doubt… i don’t think you want gamers who are anticipating the game to doubt you… not hard to say the rumor is false, Ubisoft.


    1. seriously.. the people who don’t comment usually can’t comment simply because they don’t *know* about everything that’s going on within ubisoft
      they’ll have to get the clear from upstairs before they’re allowed to make comments… if you call ubisoft directly and get some dude on the line he won’t be able to comment on these things

      ubisoft is not a homogenous mass with some kind of hive mind


    2. No comment is a regular answer. If they confirm everything that’s true and no comment everything that’s wrong, you’d know the truth everytime..


  8. I would hope this game releases sometime after Mario kart 8…if nintendo is right and mario kart pushes sales I could see a lot of people picking this up as well. Watch dogs for wii u will be the definitive version of the three consoles…


  9. I was getting the deadSec edition for my WiiU but because of the state of the WiiU i’m getting a PS4 much earlier than i was going to, so i will get this for my PS4, if this had come out last year i would’ve got this for my WiiU.


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