Nintendo Considered Making Pikachu More Muscular To Appeal To Americans

Prior to Pokemon‘s 1998 debut in the West, Nintendo considered making Pokemon less cute in hopes that the American audience would be more interested in the creatures. For example, an early concept art of Pikachu presented a more muscular and monster-like version of the franchise mascot, but Hiroshi Yamauchi, who was the president of the company at the time, rejected the piece and ordered artists to retain initial designs of Pokemon.


      1. Pretty much the same anyway…

        Only the spot moved a little to the south…

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      3. Not a nation but Mexico has taken the fattest spot. Now we can’t even do that right….sigh.

      4. “Still America is among the fattest.” and so is the rest of the world… I’m pretty sure the UK is on the list as well at 24.9% of the population being obese. That is only a 6.9% difference.

  1. Old news indeed…

    But this is one of the countless of things wrong with the US…

    How about taking things as they are?…

    1. Wait.. people in Japan attempt to cater to a preconceived notion about Americans, which ends up being proven to be inaccurate by the massive sales numbers Pokemon has achieved in America with its original character designs intact, and somehow that means that there’s something wrong with Americans? Do you not see how completely flawed and thoughtless that statement is? If anything, it makes the Japanese look prejudiced and ignorant. But even that’s reading too much into it.

      1. Actually no, America does a lot of changing for its own. Nintendo of Japan has had their issues with cutesy appeal male characters for boys when it comes to Americans, so I’m sure they had them in mind or America possibly said something first. They change male characters who look female to becoming female because America doesn’t want to confuse them or even simply explain to them the possibilities of choices, sexuality or not. America is an disgusting place by trying to purify rights and wrongs and try to make things normal… coming from an actual American so I know what I’m saying.

      2. Wow, you seem illiterate, so deciphering the meaning of your post is enormously challenging. “trying to purify rights and wrongs…” seriously, what the hell does that even mean? And besides not making sense, everything else in your post is just based on your personal assumptions and oddly warped perceptions of what the US is really like, and it’s all wrong. Anyway, I’m also American, and one of the greatest problems with this country is its education system, which has clearly failed you. If you think this country is so “disgusting”, then feel free to leave it.

      3. What are you talking about man lately all tv in america shows is femanized men. Yes it is sickening but in a completely opposite way to what you’re saying. And before you all start attacking me I’m not specifically referring to homosexuals, I’m talking about all of the “supposed” men on tv who look more feminine than the girls. There was a sports illustrated thing on tv today and howie “man”dell came out in a bathing suit, somehow they managed to screw girls in swimsuits up, go back to doing bobbie’s world asshole (that was a good cartoon). Damn metrosexuals are a joke.

      4. Exactly. It’s all about perception. Turn on your tv and it’s nothing but neutered, self-effacing men, followed by flamboyant, femmy men. Come to a Nintendo fan site, and the dialogue would lead you to believe that one Pokemon drawing cancels all that out.

      5. Exactly I’m very tired of this whole “man acting like a bitch” being funny. It wasn’t funny the first time and it isn’t funny the tenth billion time either. Everytime it’s men crying, acting like pussies, getting bossed around by women. I can’t even imagine what our fathers and grandfathers think about this our generation.

      6. There are literally millions of people who would love to switch places with you. People who would love to practice their religion or even no religion freely without fear of death. People who might go to bed hungry tonight. Many who can’t even get clean water, many who can’t read or write, and many without access to hospitals. So instead of sitting in front of your computer in a temperature controlled room complaining that your anime boys don’t look feminine enough, you should show a little bit of gratitude. It may not be perfect but show me one country that is.

      7. Thank you. It’s good to see there’s at least one other person here who doesn’t have their head up their ass.

      8. Take it as how you want to read it, but I didn’t imply all Americans are like that. Lack of education? What does that have to do with America and how it treats men? Seriously? I’m not trying to bash you for your rights, but have you noticed how much of Nintendo’s characters get changed drastically from Japan’s neutral side of things to America’s clear cut heroes and damsels? Not saying Japan is any better when it’s all Link and Mario but why should we simply stand aside and let so many of our men in any culture be discriminated when young boys in our world won’t clearly have the freedom of choice if they can’t experience what Nintendo changes for them on an Americanized video game. As much as I hate America for many things, I do believe it’s one of the best countries. I won’t be leaving, and yet you, who is bullying someone for their “education” shouldn’t even be wasting their time on here. You’ve clearly don’t know how much someone has been bullied by the likes of you, intelligent or not, right or wrong, have to question every move America makes when it comes to Americanizing Nintendo video games. Look at the Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and possibly every series by Nintendo and let’s see how well “educated” you are to our video games to point out the problems. That’s a test if you would call it that, but I won’t be checking your answers. Jerk. :)

      9. Seriously, I can’t make sense of any of your posts. You’re trying to challenge me at something? I don’t know what you’re trying to say. Anyway, sounds like you have a sad life.

  2. Hey sickr, I just learned on another site that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze became one of the top five bestsellers on Amazon Canada. You might want to post an article on it :D

  3. I think it’s insane to change a character looks. I mean picachu looks cute and that’s it.

    That beast on there is one bad mofo. He’s the baddest of them all.

    Gotta catch the bad ass chub.

  4. hey this site is for entertainment, this might be news for some. no need to be relentless on your comments : )

    1. Actually it was Nintendo of America that wanted this to happen…

      So even if it’s a japanese company, it was the american part of it that wanted this because they felt Pokemon was too cute for western taste…

      I’m glad they ignored that plea…

      Pokemon is titanic because of what it is…

      1. Where are you getting that it was NOA who came up with this? I’ve read this story on a dozen different sites and not a single one says that. And Iwata never says that it was NOA when he tells the story, so far as I have found. In fact, the only mention of the origin of the muscular Pikachu that I can find specifically says that it was Game Freak’s own Japanese developers who made that design change. But it didn’t happen anyway, so it’s moot.

  5. Ok ! I know this doesn’t directly relate to the post. I love Nintendo, but mostly I live RPGS. I’ve played almost all if them. FFVI being my all time fave. As a 32 year old I’ve never tried Pokemon with it’s stigma of being a child’s game. It seems so simple with no party members. Some adult tell me otherwise, and I will buy it

    1. Well, the only way to find out is to play it. Theres a reason its the 2nd best selling video game franchise in the world.

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      1. Play pokemon xy, the game is less about plot and more about collecting and strategising. With hundreds of creatures to choose from each with a wide array of strategies, builds and items, the pokemon games can be considered the deepest rpgs for competitive players.

    2. I hope you have played Xenoblade aka the greatest rpg of all time. Pokemon is good although the story is pretty childish sometimes. You will easily sink 100 hours minimum into a pokemon game, they are very fun and very deep if you breed them.

      1. No, haven’t tried xenoblade, I will. It’s a wii title? Can I purchase it online? Downloading x right now, guess I will see

    3. I’m 22, pokemon is a great game just for the sake of variety. You can have 6 out if 700+ creatures and teach them 4 put of hundreds of attacks. Trust me. Get x and\or y

  6. No surprise, America is pretty rude and disgusting. It would rather have a manly figure for boys to like rather than cute, just like how they tried to color Kirby white or how they changed Birdo to male in America or Saharah and Gracie to male as well from the Animal Crossing series. Although gay marriage is slowly being approved state by state, being gay is still wrong in the “normal” world. Just ask Russia!

    1. I’d rather listen to myself and the few amount of modern humans that lives in 2014 than listening to the primitive barbaric majority of apes that has the mentality of the medieval age…

    2. First of all, some of those points are wrong. But that’s insignificant when compared to the mind-numbingly-stupid fact that you’re basing your view of an entire country on the petty details of video games. Seriously, get a clue.

      1. Who said the entire country? No one meant the whole thing, just most of the companies who run things, sadly no one can still take much gay men seriously. You’re the one who needs to get a clue, go play video games not be an ass.

      2. The common term here is “America”. This implies the entirety of the USA. So, literally everyone who’s discussing “America” in this thread said the entire country. And why do people keep coming back to sexuality here? What does that have to do with this story? Being masculine has nothing to do with being gay or straight. There are plenty of masculine gay men, so that’s another stereotype you need to abandon.

  7. HEY! This was already posted on My Nintendo News a LONG time ago. I even remember that picture.

    I’m glad they kept the cute Pikachu. However….it would be interesting if this muscular Pikachu became some sort of Mega Evolution.

  8. This is why Nintendo fails at marketing towards the U.S. They have no idea what to do, especially if they think simply adding “muscles” would make a game sell.

    But, I have to give them credit for NOT going through with it. They must have some brains at least to change their mind.

    1. You have to realize that character designs for video games, movies, cartoons, etc. go through countless changes most of the time before a final design is settled upon. This was one concept of the character that obviously didn’t get traction. There were probably dozens of other designs that also got scrapped. I’m amazed at the noise this story generates every time it pops up.

  9. North Americans who want everything to be muscular are a completely different market. USA is huge, and most the people who play pokemon prefer Pikachu how he is.

    1. Who are these mysterious North Americans who want EVERYTHING to be muscular? I’ve never encountered such a person, and I’ve known actual body builders and a couple of pro athletes.

  10. Eh… all this post brings up is America bashing comments and considerations. I don’t really care what pikachu looks like. and I doubt anyone would care if he’s muscular or not. Tons of people already like him how he is.

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