Check Out The Sims: Pokémon Edition

The Sims and Pokémon are two WILDLY different types of role playing games. With that said, YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer didn’t let these differences stop him from combining the two . The crossover has the aesthetics of old-school GameBoy Pokémon game with the gameplay of The Sims. Would you play something like this? Check out the video below!

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Honest Game Trailers – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

The latest game that the talented team over at Smosh Games have tackled with Honest Games Trailers is Pokemon Diamond & Pearl for the Nintendo DS. Prepare for an honest and amusing take of the two fan favourites. It has been one of their most requested titles, so be sure to give it a watch!


Pokemon Company Has Withdrawn Settlement Offer For Pokemon Fan Party

I’m sure you are all now aware of Seattle cafe owner Ramar Larkin Jones who has been hit by a massive lawsuit by the Pokemon Company for throwing a fan enthused Pokemon party. Jones was only charging $2 for entry to the event which went towards things such as competitions, etc. Well, today it has emerged that the Pokemon Company has had their team of lawyers revoke the settlement.

“We had agreed to a settlement. Once the story broke on motherboard we got a email saying they were pulling the offer because I was bad mouthing them tho I was not. The lawyer I was working with is trying to get them to put the settlement back on the table so that we can be done with this entire thing. we should know by the end of the day. We have the emails going back and fourth where their lawyers say we have a deal.”

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Fan Who Tried To Throw A Pokemon Themed Party Fined $5,400 By Pokemon Company

A dedicated fan who attempted to throw a Pokemon party at PAX has been fined by the Pokemon Company, $5,4000, Ramar Larkin Jones has been throwing a fan Pokemon party for the last 5 years and it’s a $2 party which features Pokemon themed giveaways, Super Smash Brothers tournaments, and Pokemon themed music. Jones, who is a cafe manager, says that there’s no way he can afford to pay the Pokemon Company the fees and has set up a GoFundMe to try to pay the money.

“Once I canceled the event, I thought it would be over, thought it’d be dropped,” Jones told me. “I talked to a lawyer the Monday after PAX and thought everything was good. I thought the lawsuit was a scare tactic—people were making jokes about it at PAX.”

“I can’t pay it,” he said. “I manage a cafe, and cost of living is super expensive in Seattle. I am hoping I can try to pay it over the course of a year, because I simply want to be done with it.”

“The Pokémon Company International is willing to settle this lawsuit on the terms set forth in the enclosed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction … [which] includes a judgment in the amount of $5,400 for costs and attorney’s fees,” Stuart Dunwoody, a lawyer with the David Wright Tremaine law firm wrote. “These fees will increase if additional lawyer time is required to finalize this settlement.”

“It’s a part of my childhood, and you know that if you’re in the culture you can’t really get away from it,” Jones said. “But as far as them as a business, I’m done, yeah. For them, this money doesn’t matter at all.”


There’s A Working Version Of Pokemon Red Built In Minecraft

One extremely talented individual has been working on a playable version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft. Yes, it is pretty incredible and you can view a lovely gif of the game working within Minecraft at the top of this post. The individual behind this impressive feat is Magib1 who has detailed its making on Reddit.

“It is a rather ambitious project. I hope to get most of the core mechanics sorted out over the next 3 or 4 months.”

“All of the background textures are custom maps. In the spawn chunks there is a (very large) physical representation of the entire Pokemon Red overworld, with each block corresponding to a separate map texture. An armor stand moves along this physical map and, whenever the tries to move (by using inventory slots rebound to arrow keys) the blocks for the newly loaded maps are cloned behind the map display. The item frames loading the new tiles then “read” the block type and display the appropriate map, and the remaining frames get shifted up/down/left/right by a block.”

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The Official Pokemon Website Will Be Sharing Your Halloween Pictures All Month

The Pokémon Halloween celebrations are now well under way, yesterday the company launched their Halloween Merchandise on the Pokémon Center US website, and today the official Pokémon Twitter account has advised that they will be sharing people’s Halloween pictures throughout this month on their website.

All you have to do is Tweet a Pokémon related Halloween picture with the hash tag #PokemonHalloween to get yourself in on a chance to win “something special”. What the prizes will be have yet to be announced.

The Pokémon website has also added a mini-game named ‘Escape from Gengar’s Mansion’, and has uploaded some Pokémon-themed pumpkin patterns to download and print.


The North American Pokemon Center Has Added Halloween 2015 Merchandise

As September is almost coming to a close, the North American Pokémon Center has added the Pokémon Halloween 2015 merchandise ready for October. Here’s a quick look at some of the products that have been listed:

Shiny Mega Gengar Plush:
shiny mega gengar

Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist Minis:


Golbat Costume Pikachu Poké Plush:


And the Pumpkin Pikachu Poké Plush:


There’s also Pokémon Plush Pin sets, notebooks, and other Pikachu Costume plushes. You can check out the full range over on the Pokémon Center website.