Pokemon Shuffle Trademark Opposed By Playing Card Company


Cartamundi’s Shuffle has filed a trademark opposition against the Pokemon Company for the recently released mobile game Pokemon Shuffle. Cartamundi’s Shuffle, which is an application combined with playing cards, resents the Pokemon Company using the word Shuffle in their free to play mobile title and claims that it damages Cartamundi’s business. You can read all about the lawsuit, right here.


The Slowpoke Song Now Has English Lyrics

You may or may not remember the Japanese version of the Slowpoke song that was released on the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel a year ago – if you don’t recall it, it’s a song about how Slowpoke loves to eat and sleep and has a mouth like a ‘supermarket door’ mixed in with a cool reggae beat. It was originally released to mark the new release of the Slowpoke merchandise on PokemonCenter.com.

Today, the Pokemon YouTube Channel released an English version to sing along to and you can check it out here. Prepare to be hypnotised by Slowpoke going round in circles, Enjoy!

Japanese Artist Has Been Drawing One Pokemon A Day Since June


Karolin Gu, who is a talented Japanese designer, has been drawing one Pokemon once a day since June. Gu has posted the results so far on Instagram and has no plans of stopping yet. So far she is up to Pokemon number seventy-two, which is Tentacool, and she plans to get every other Pokemon sketched up. Be sure to check out her Instagram page, right here.

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More Pokemon Movies Have Been Added To iTunes, Amazon And Google Play

Good news for the Pokemon fans out there as Nintendo has announced that more Pokemon movies have been added to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You will be able to watch Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. These are currently only on the US stores, but they should hopefully appear soon in Europe.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew sees Ash unknowingly release a Lucario sealed in a staff once owned by Sir Aaron, at a time long before Poké Balls were made. Confused as to what happened, Lucario looks for answers with Ash joining such journey of discovery.

Temple of the Sea continues Ash, May, Max and Brock progress through the Battle Frontier. They encounter a travelling family circus who later reveal that they have all shared the same dream that May has, where they see a temple under the sea and with a mysterious Pokémon. That sparks an adventure to discover whether it holds any truth.

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Shinesparkers Announce Pokemon Arrangement Album

The talented folk over at Shinesparkers, who you may know as the creators of the Harmony of Heroes soundtrack, have announced that they are working on a Pokemon arrangement album. The soundtrack is set to celebrate the 20th anniversary for the Game Boy titles Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green, Harmony of a Champion is a story driven musical arrangement focusing on when Red leaves Pallet Town on a journey to become a Pokémon Champion. Harmony of a Champion will be dedicated to the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

The album is being directed and produced by Darren Kerwin, with the assistance of Stephan Wells, Laura Intravia and Bernardo Limon. New to the team this time round is Emmy-Award-Nominated Gina Zdanowicz, who is our lead Sound Designer for Harmony of a Champion.

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Investigation Continues Into The Boston Pokemon World Championships Shooting Plot

A serious scare at the Boston Pokemon World Championships was thankfully avoided last weekend after police apprehended the culprits hours before the event. According to recent reports, the two men – who allegedly plotted to shoot other competitors – were both experienced players of the franchise and had been invited to attend the tournament. Kevin Norton aged 18 and James Stumbo aged 27, both of whom are from Iowa, made threatening statements in a closed online Pokemon forum and on other social media sites before driving to Boston for the competition.

Prosecutors said the suspects posted photos of a high-powered rifle and shotgun in the trunk of a car stating they were “ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!” And in another instance, one suspect wrote: “I will just shoot him on Friday thanks”, after he was banned from a chatroom. Police were able to uncover the firearms, a hunting knife and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the vehicle. Neither of the men had a gun license. The suspects are not currently facing charges for the threats they allegedly made online, but a court hearing is scheduled for September 1. Police said the investigation is continuing.