Mario Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals In The UK


McDonald’s have confirmed that Mario will be appearing in children’s Happy Meals in the United Kingdom. This is clearly a bid by Nintendo UK to expand and advertise the Mario franchise in the United Kingdom. Mario’s latest adventure Super Mario 3D World has performed poorly in the United Kingdom and has been outsold by the mediocre Knack each week. Whether this move by Nintendo UK will spread to the US remains to be seen.

Update: Nintendo previously ran a similar campaign with McDonald’s in Europe last year. Thanks, Bisylizzie.


  1. Millions of social degenerate adults will now be buying happy meals just to get the Mario toy … LOL

      1. im 20 too. i would be embarrassed if i ordered a happy meal just to to get a kids toy ..

      2. 29 here.. I believe mature and confident people don’t feel embarrassed for doing such things. They know what they want, what they like.. I am not into toys or figures of any kind, more of an outdoors guy myself BUT some people are. and that is totally fine. Why should they care what other people thinks?

        I am 100% sure that behind of all that “Nintendo games are for babies” or “I could not buy a happy meal to get a Mario figure” reflects the need of some immature individuals to desperately prove the world that they are BIG boys now.

        And personally, I do love those little moments every now and then where I feel like I’m a kid again.

    1. Meh, Im 27 and wouldn’t be embarrassed. Why care about what some strangers working at a fast food place think about you? Their eyes judging you about buying a happy meal for a toy/collectible? Give em eyes right back for settling on such an enviable career path.

    1. I mean, FIFA consistently tops the charts and its the same damn game year after year… Literally no new game mechanics. Maybe a new player or whatever, but literally the exact same game. I don’t get it, but whatever floats your boat. Too bad WiiU didnt get FIFA, the gamepad would be amazing with it.

      1. UK like the rest of Europe love their football (soccer if you are from US) and that does not surprise me. You may have the same thing happening in US with Madden or NBA games (that’s remind me how come they do not have the official baseball games).

        Now it’s true games like COD,FIFA, GTA V, Battlefield 4, Halo and assassin creed make looks like people in UK are serial killer and chav but we are not like this. Also those games are a representation of unemployed people on benefit and spoiled and bored teenager which is a paradox cause they are the one who cannot afford those type of game (that give you an insight of their priorities).

  2. Hopefully in the US as well. This makes for good advertising for the Wii U. Heck, they could pretty much append a little ad for the Wii U and SM3DW to every McD’s commercial.

      1. Who cares what a bunch of twelve year olds think. If Nintendo can convince parents to buy the Wii U, and kids grow up playing Nintendo again, there will be a generation of kids that desire to have Nintendo systems. Part of the problem is that Nintendo failed to get this to happen during the N64 era, so now we are seeing kids that grew up with PlayStation instead.

  3. Knack was actually pretty fun, I thought :( but either way, good publicity move on Nintendo’s part. They should get pokemon toys out there for the Z or XY2 release.

    1. I agree that it is not as bad as people want to make it look like. But compared to SM3DW it is just nothing at all…

      1. I thought 3D World was just OK, I never got the orgasmic appeal most people seemed to. I’d still just give the edge to 3D World as the better game though.

      1. Nintendo doesn’t sell in Poland though.:( im polish too.

        strange because there are a lot of wifi hotspots and the wii u and 3ds would be MASSSIVELY cheaper than the rest in the zl currency.

  4. NICE!!!! next time…….do it Globally and cal it “Nintendo” and include pit Zelda samus ect,……..or make a smah version and im going to mcdonalsds.

      1. So do loads of other people in different countries, and people here actually drink more coffee than tea, and i don’t know anyone who calls it supper, i never have. You my friend, watch way too much tv.

  5. Going by the negative attitude of the British press towards Nintendo and Mcdonald’s and Happy Meals, I’ll bet that they try to turn it into a scandal and make Nintendo look bad.

  6. lol where is all the stupid uk people saying that america is fat? you would think nintendo would be doing that in the us.

  7. hi friends. here in Portugal (quite forgotten country in europe :P) in december last year sells here in mc donalds too. i bought 3 times and my brother too. nice and beutifull toys

    1. I want them in switzerland too… It would be my first Happy Meal since 25 years… im old :o(

  8. They sold them in Tukey two months ago too which is odd because nintendo products is not being distrubited here. Please Nintendo come back.

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